The Tongtian Lake, located in the center of the Demon Realm, was not inferior to any  other in terms of land size.

If the continents of the Demon Realm were not connected, the divisions from the three rivers would be considered three separate continents.

If anyone wished to come near the Tongtian Tower in the center of Tongtian Lake, they must be at least 5th rank or higher in their base cultivation, otherwise, flying here would consume all of their True Yuan.

Therefore, each party would usually send masters of 7th rank or above to form the companions for the tournament. Until they reached the lake under the Tongtian Tower, they would stand on three floating wooden pieces carried by each party.

The three parties participating in the Grand Tournament could fight in sync while mid-air as well as in one-on-one combat. There was no limit to their battle formation.

As long as either party dies, admits defeat, or falls into the water, their results would automatically be announced as failure.

Therefore, the Tongtian Grand Tournament was not asking for deaths, but more. The rules are there to avoid mass casualties in the Demon Realm and to conduct an honorable and exciting tournament.

When Yang Chen followed Yu Xuening and more than a hundred of 7th ranked and above sky demons who were rushing to the Tongtian Tower, he never expected that the true appearance of the tower was... so huge! !


It was too big to be called a tower!


At the height of nearly a thousand feet above the center of Tongtian Lake, a huge array of magic circles continuously and slowly rotated.

The magic circles exuded purple-gold brilliance, and among the complex totems, there seemed to be countless fierce birds and beat totems, while a Bagua Diagram was seen in the center. 

From what Yang Chen could see, the magic circles formulation seemed to be endless, it could cover an area of ​​more than a 100 kilometers.

The Tongtian Tower was suspended further above and it's area almost covered the magic circles!

The tower body was light black and gold in colour, and it was full of avant garde yet simple decorations. The first floor was especially tall, with a tower door colored in black and red, which was tightly shut.

The Tongtian tower stood straight into the sky, and he couldn't see where it led to, let alone what the top of the tower looked like.

"Don't even think about it, your lord once personally flew into the air. There are countless array restrictions near the Tongtian Tower. In addition to breaking through the tower, it is difficult to reach the summit of the tower even with the cultivation level of my 9th ranked at its peak level.”

Yu Xuening sounded unwilling, "I am afraid that the strength of the Great Ancient Gods who discovered the Demon Realm and created the Tongtian Tower has far surpassed us right now. If you are lucky enough to break through the ‘Yu Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation’, maybe you have the opportunity to get a glimpse of its mystery. Now, you should take part in the Grand Tournament with peace of mind, and strive to get into this tower."

Yu Qing Heavenly Thunder Tribulation?

Yang Chen felt entangled in his heart, if he really had the ability, why would he stay here and be obediently by your side as a gunman?

"Palace Master, the people from the Demon Cultivator and the Dragon Clan, why haven't they arrived yet?" The question came from Huilin, as the girl stood on the floating island, looking around curiously.

Originally, with Huilin’s cultivation base, flying to the center of the Tongtian Lake was relatively difficult. However, Yang Chen knew that if he came out of the tower, he would also have to bring her with him so he simply helped her. Anyway, Long Huadan could quickly supplement the True Yuan, so he was not concerned.

While they were talking, dozens of cultivators flew over from the north, almost all of them were dressed in dark clothes and robes. The leading person was a handsome man wearing a purple robe with his purple hair fluttering, looking chic.

A long white jade flute was pinned to the man's waist, along with a huge wine gourd hanging down. Standing firmly, he looked quite calm and content.

Among this group of people, Yang Chen quickly noticed a special individual.

It was a black-haired man wearing a mask made of bamboo. Except for the fact that he had some qualities of an immortal, there weren’t anything else too special.

Yang Chen was surprised that this man's coercion was obviously different from the gloomy coercion of other cultivators. He seemed familiar yet confusing, it was hard to see through him.

As if he was deliberately hiding something.

"That person is Demon Emperor Zi Xiao, he is a good person, but he is a drunkard," Yu Xuening introduced him to Yang Chen.

Zi Xiao slowly landed in front of everyone, looked at Yang Chen weirdly, revealing a mysterious smile, "You are the one who will participate in the tournament on behalf of the Jade Fox Palace this time?"

"Unwillingly, but this is reality," Yang Chen always felt that there was something in his words.

Zi Xiao nodded, and turned to Yu Xuening, "It seems that your True Yuan has been weakened compared to last time. Is there anyone in this Demon Realm who could injure you?”

Yang Chen looked at Yu Xuening in surprise. Injured? It was probably because she fed Huilin with her blood essence?

She really hurt her vitality for Huilin and didn't recover, which was incredible.

The truth was, hurting one's vitality is much more dangerous than exhausting the True Yuan, because it creates a situation where the highest level of cultivation cannot be restored for a period of time.

The more skilled you were, the more you would pay attention to whether your highest strength could be used, as not to be taken advantage of by the enemy!

Yu Xuening glanced at Yang Chen, and said, "So what if it’s weakened by a little?"

"Haha, please don’t take it the wrong way, palace master. I know that I am not your opponent, but I am just a little curious, "Zi Xiao said casually.

At this moment, a somewhat familiar voice came from behind the demon cultivators.

"Brother Yang, how are you doing these days?"

A handsome young man with the same purple hair in a colorful robe landed on the floating island with some effort. It was Zi Mo that Yang Chen had saved when he first arrived in the Demon Realm.

Yang Chen and Huilin looked at each other, surprised at the appearance of this guy.

"Why are you..."

"Hehe", Zi Mo was a little proud, pointed at Zi Xiao, and said, "He is my elder brother."

Yang Chen was stunned, no wonder the first time seeing him, he seemed so arrogant that he didn't need help at all. It seemed like he hadn’t used his ultimate skill yet. It would be too unreasonable for the younger brother of one of the three masters in the Demon Realm to be finished by a few big demons.

"Little brat, why haven't you mentioned that you know Zi Xiao's younger brother?" Yu Xuening said, displeased.

Yang Chen spread his hands, "How am I supposed to know who he was?”

Zi Mo regretfully said, "Brother Yang, originally I wanted to take you to my brother's Purple Bamboo Forest, so that we can participate in this Tongtian Grand Tournament together, but you insist on approaching the road to the Tongtian Lake. I did not expect you to participate as a representative of the Jade Fox Palance, I can’t cheer for you anymore.”

When Yu Xuening heard this, she squinted her eyes and sneered, "Drunkard, is your brother trying to provoke the trust relationship between me and Yang Chen? Or is he… tired of living..."

Zi Xiao secretly moved Zi Mo to his back and smiled freely, "Palace Master, my brother only knows how to do some gardening, and his cultivation is very poor, but he likes to cause trouble. Let me take care of him as his elder brother."

Yu Xuening snorted, and glanced at the bamboo-faced man not far behind Zi Xiao. A strange color flashed in her eyes, and she said, "This person is the master you are going to send this time?”

"Oh, I forgot to introduce him. This is a cultivator that I’ve been getting along with recently. He is called Xing Tian and he will be helping me this time," Zi Xiao introduced.

Xing Tian? He even used the name of the legendary god of war? Yang Chen couldn't help feeling a little funny.

"Really? Why is your friend not showing his true appearance?" Yu Xuening said with disdain.

Zi Xiao said patiently, "Brother Xing Tian said it when he first came here, if his mask was damaged and taken off during the fight, his true appearance will then be revealed. If neither your party nor the experts in Dragon Valley can do anything, then there is no need to show his face."

“Haha! How arrogant!”

From the distant horizon, a loud noise came through, carrying a vindictive coercion from afar!

In a blink of an eye, a muscular black-haired and black-robed man was already standing in the air a few meters away!

"Qiu Wujiang, why do you always shout so loudly when you make your entrance? Are you afraid that we won’t know how loud your dragon clan is?" Yu Xuening sneered.

Qiu Wujiang glanced at Xing Tian with a triumphant look, and grinned, "If it wasn't for me who couldn't do anything during this period, I would’ve just tore this disrespectful guy! How dare he hide his true appearance in front of me, how hateful!”

Zi Xiao was obviously not as mild as before when facing Qiu Wujiang, and said with sarcasm, "Then I shall see if you really have the ability to."

Qiu Wujiang snorted coldly: "Zi Xiao, you know better than to provoke me, otherwise, this king doesn’t care about any rules. It’s easy to kill you."

"How boastful of you! I shall see how much you’ve improved in these hundred years!”