Zi Xiao was also irritated by these contemptuous words. It wasn't because he had a shallow heart, but in the presence of so many demon cultivator subordinates, how could he have the face to command the demons if he as the leader was being despised in such a way?

All of a sudden, Zi Xiao and Qiu Wujiang, the two 9th ranked demon and beast cultivators, burst out with surging True Yuan coercion!

The purple hair of Zi Xiao danced wildly with the wind, and the purple-black True Yuan bursted like raging magic flames!

Behind him, a large number of demonic cultivators also looked angry, exuding fierce True Yuan, as if they were on standby for combat at any time.

At this moment, dozens of giant dragons of different colors also rushed forward. The sound of the dragons burst through the sky and turned into the form of humans behind Qiu Wujiang.

"Surrounding the opponent with bigger manpower, seems like the demonic cultivators are getting useless now huh ? Why don't we join in as well!"

It was the wind dragon envoy in a green robe who spoke, together with several other demon dragon envoys, and a group of demon dragons who were 7th rank and above. There was a faint intent of fighting with the demonic cultivators.

Although the long-distance flight caused the beast cultivators and demonic cultivators present to lose a lot of True Yuan. If they really start a fight, none of them would show their weak sides.

Yang Chen was watching from not far away, and he couldn't help feeling a little depressed. Judging from the power of True Yuan, Zi Xiaoand Qiu Wujiang were more than a grade higher than himself. If they were not able to break through the Tongtian Tower, would he really have a chance? ?

Just as the two groups of people were about to engage in battle, a white silk splitted the intersection point of the True Yuan from both parties into half like a white electric dragon!

With just this attack alone, it demonstrated her extremely domineering skill!

"Why are you all so anxious, if you want to fight, wait until the tournament is over. If this continues, after the tower opens, you will still be unable to boast your victory to those who lost!"

Yu Xuening retracted her white silk, her phoenix eyes were filled with cold light.

Zi Xiao and Qiu Wujiang seemed to be quite obedient, and they snorted at each other coldly, disdained to look at each other.

"Qiu Wujiang, your Dragon Valley had won the Tongtian Grand Tournament the last two rounds and you went into the tower and grabbed many treasures. This time it won't be as easy, now won't you introduce the master to be dispatched this time?" Yu Xuening went straight to the point.

Qiu Wujiang gave a wicked smile, "Palace Master, this time, my Dragon Valley did not prepare any new masters to come."

As soon as these words came out, the demons from the Jade Fox Palace and the demonic cultivators were all feeling suspicious.

"Oh? So... are you going to give up?" Zi Xiao jokingly said, "When did the Dragon Valley die out like this."

"No, no, no..." Qiu Wujiang waved his hand and said, "Although I don't plan to send anyone to participate in the competition, but… I myself want to compete with the two of you..." 

The entire lake surface suddenly fell silent at this moment.

Everyone could hardly believe that the Dragon King actually said to fight Yu Xuening and Zi Xiao!

Although this was not something forbidden, everyone knew what it meant - the Dragon Valley was declaring war to the Jade Fox Palace and Purple Bamboo Forest at the same time!

Yu Xuening showed an icy cold face, "Qiu Wujiang, do you think that you will be able to overcome me because I’ve been slightly injured recently? You’re overestimating yourself."

Qiu Wujiang shook his head and laughed loudly, "Palace master, I just think that it’s too boring for every clan to only send subordinates to fight. We might as well come with an exception and do it ourselves... Just like the saying, life and death shall be determined by the heavens. I am getting more impatient as I live. If the palace master can give me a good fight, I shall have no complaint."

"Qiu Wujiang! Have you lost your mind when you came!" Zi Xiao said with a grimace, "You know it well enough, if the three of us fight, the death of any one person will cause chaos in the Demon Realm. What are you trying to do!?"

"Haha", Qiu Wujiang laughed, his gaze was like electricity, "Zi Xiao, don't worry too much. If this king survives at last, your demon cultivator clan shall be ruled by me..."

"What are you talking about!? Mere insect, I think you must be really bored with life huh!”

Zi Xiao no longer tolerated, a thick purple-black True Yuan suddenly burst out of his body, like a rising flame, he raised his palm high and slammed it down!

A lavender void knife shadow, like a blazing fire snake with countless beatings, danced wildly, with more than one hundred of them, they slashed through the ground!


Monstrous waves flipped over the sky.

The destructive power of the lavender void flame blade shadow was completely different compared to its wonderful appearance!

The Tongtian Lake was chopped so hard that the water of the lake jumped tens of meters high, and that piece of floating island was also chopped to pieces!

A golden 7th rank thunder dragon couldn't dodge in time, and was directly split into two pieces!

Just a random blow, as if destroying the dead, the power of the 9th ranked Demon         Emperor was finally revealed in front of Yang Chen and the others!

Qiu Wujiang avoided it on time, so he didn't suffer any injuries. In fact, Zi Xiao's action was more toward scaring him!

The demonic cultivators were passionate and excited, cheering for the mighty demon emperor, and looked at the beast cultivators of the dragon clan proudly.

"Brother Zi Xiao's Purple Flame Magic Knife is really invaluable," Qiu Wujiang grinned and said, "However, it's not that big of a deal to just slash an inconspicuous subordinate of mine."

"Don’t be anxious, the most luscious wine should always be kept till the end. Cutting off your stinky worm to make wine for myself would be great!"

Zi Xiao also no longer restrained, and wielded the Purple Flame Magic Knife twice in a row. The crisscrossing shadows of the knife were about to chop all the dragons in front of him!

But this time, Qiu Wujiang stood in front of the shadow early, and a black dragon claw phantom, staring at it, collided with it!


The bursting True Yuan powers created two violent shock waves, and shook the lake, causing the waters to splash out for more than hundreds of meters above!

When Yang Chen saw this scene, he couldn't help being shocked at the stability of the space in the Demon Realm.

The True Yuan collision just now was more than enough to tear the space in the outside world!

However, in the Demon Realm, this kind of True Yuan battle was not enough to affect the stability of this space.

It seemed that this space was indeed independent of the parallel space, which was almost unimaginable in Yang Chen's mind!

The alien space was just some space myth, while this Demon Realm was the real thing!

Yu Xuening's face was gloomy at the moment, and she silently passed the sound into Yang Chen's ears, saying, "This Qiu Wujiang is very weird today. I'm afraid the situation will change drastically. Please remember to take good care of Huilin later. Don’t get involved during my fight with the two.”

At this moment, Qiu Wujiang suddenly flashed and rushed into the demon cultivator's formation!

“Since you’ve killed one of my men, I shall take a life from yours too!”


Zi Xiao shouted angrily and pulled out the jade flute around his waist then slashed it down diagonally!

A violent purple glow burst out from the jade flute. The Purple Flame Magic Knife that was originally just a void knife shadow, after being continuously compressed by this jade flute, the beam that burst out was already looking like a purple dragon, and its power increased several times!

Obviously, Qiu Wujian taking the opportunity to kill his subordinates irritated Zi Xiao!

Qiu Wujiang didn't dare to be careless, and was finally able to dodge this powerful blade. However, he still waved his dragon claw, wanting to grab the head of a nearby 7th rank demon cultivator!

The shield that the cultivator hurriedly propped up was instantly crushed to pieces!

At that instant moment!

A faintly cold Xuan Ice shield formed on the head of that demon cultivator!


The Xuan Ice was caught and shattered, but the demon cultivator also took the opportunity to dodge the fatal blow!

“Kui Water!?”

Yang Chen shouted out aloud, he couldn't be more familiar with the power of Kui Water that condensed in that instant!

Suddenly looking at the mysterious man who used this hand, the black-haired man in the bamboo mask, at this time, he also looked at Yang Chen as if they shared the same mind.

The eyes of the two met together, and the degree of complexity was beyond words.

Yu Xuening didn't seem to be surprised, and glanced at the two thoughtfully.

"Haha, brother Xingtian, thank you for your move," Zi Xiao was overjoyed, and finally did not let Qiu Wujiang succeed because of his own carelessness.

But all the demonic cultivators were furious, with Zi Xiao supporting them in front, the rest fought hard!

"The dignified Dragon King sneaks attack on people huh! Since it’s not a fair fight, then we shall not back down as well!”

Demonic cultivators originally had a wild mind, and this oppression caused them to suddenly burst out a strong will to fight!

Qiu Wujiang looked at the bamboo-faced man with some doubts for a while, waved his hand, and said, "The four great dragon envoys, leading my dragon valley elites, will help the king!"


The four demon dragon envoys of wind, thunder, fire and earth, leading dozens of giant dragons behind, almost revealing their original forms at the same time, roaring and biting towards the demonic cultivator group!