Out of a sudden, the sky was full of mad dragon dances, and their voices were breaking through the sky!

The demon cultivators also unceremoniously summoned their own inner demons, their eyes were scorching and the True Yuan coercion increased sharply!

Evil shadows bursted out from the body of the demon cultivators, holding their weapons, they engaged in battle with a group of giant dragons. It was hard to distinguish them at an instance!

With the jade flute in his hand, Zi Xiao wielded the Purple Flame Demon Knife, like a purple beam of light sweeping the sky, with a force of destruction, slashing and killing among a group of dragons!

This 9th rank Demon Emperor was definitely not a vain name. It might sound just a rank higher, but the violent demon knife that had been displayed made it difficult for the four major demon dragon envoys to parry!

However, Qiu Wujiang didn't show his original form. After tearing up two 7th rank demon cultivators, he rushed to the camp of the beast clan of the Jade Fox Palace!

"Isn’t it a shame that the Jade Fox Palace didn't participate in such a big battle!?"

Qiu Wujiang, like a madman, condensed a giant black dragon claw, squeezing a 7th grade beast cultivator who could not dodge in time into a pile of crushed meat!

Yu Xuening was furious, her eyebrows erected and her face turned icy cold.

"Qiu Wujiang, I’ve ignored you all these while and you are seeking for your own death now!!" 

The Nine-Tailed Sky Fox was really angered by this lunatics behavior, and two snowy white silk flew out of both her sleeves. The silk was as though a white snake was coming out of a hole, agile yet fierce!

The black dragon claw was blown to pieces by the white silk before it entered the beast cultivators crowd!

"What are you all doing in a daze!? Come and kill all these monster dragons!!" Yu Xuening reprimanded.

Only then did a group of sky beasts react, how would they dare not to follow after being yelled at. They carried along streams of anger and frustration, and rushed to the fighting sky!

At this moment, in mid-air, the sky beasts, demon cultivators, and the big demon dragons, were fighting like a raging fire, fierce and brutal to the extreme!

The colorful True Yuan beam bursted and flickered in the air, forming a dazzling firework under the Tongtian Tower!

Constantly, dragon scales, beast feathers, demon cultivators’ heads, and the flesh and blood of various demon clans all fell from mid-air, causing countless numbers of deaths and injuries!

Yang Chen didn't rush into the warzone. What he cared most about was whether Huilin was safe, so he took her and stood silently from afar.

The waves of the True Yuan from the extremely strong impact made Huilin feel quite nauseous as she was only in the Soul Forming Stage so Yang Chen opened a shield to make her feel better.

He looked at the blood bathed battlefield, but he was very puzzled. This Qiu Wujiang didn't seem to have the capacity to win Yu Xuening. What gave him the confidence to provoke the two clans of the Jade Fox Palace and the Purple Bamboo Forest, how crazy.

However, it was the bamboo-faced freak that made him tremble.

The bamboo-faced man was working with Zi Xiao to kill the demon dragons near him, and at the same time, he was able to protect Zi Xiao's younger brother, Zi Mo, with ease.

Since he used the Kui Water just now, Yang Chen became more and more aware that the techniques used by this bamboo-faced man...seemed...very similar to himself! ?

Could it be that he also practiced the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture"? How was this possible!?

In this world, apart from his daughter Lanlan that he taught, it stood to reason that there was only one person who could still use this practice...

Could it be...

Just as Yang Chen was thinking about it, the battle between Qiu Wujiang and Yu Xuening gradually entered the climax stage!

Qiu Wujiang's whole body was full of True Yuan that was exuding melancholy in the form of a black mist. After continuously colliding with Yu Xuening's white silk in the air, he suddenly let out a loud roar!

A black True Yuan ran across Qiu Wujiang's body and his physique suddenly soared!


Several dragons chanted almost at the same time!

A nine-headed black dragon appeared in the air!

Each huge dragon head did not belong to any demon dragon. The body was covered with black metal-like dragon scales. Two huge fleshy wings made Qiu Wujiang look extraordinarily different from other dragons!

"Qiu Wujiang, you think you can win me by revealing the ugly face of your hybrid dragon species!?"

Yu Xuening sneered disdainfully, and finally revealed her nine tails behind her white skirt!

The foxtail was agile and swift like an electric snake, flying staggered in the air, bewildering those who see it!

Several unfortunate demon dragons were hit in the waist by this foxtail, and they were cut directly in the middle!!

Yang Chen's heart was shivering. This Yu Xuening was in a weaker state after hurting her vitality, and she could still have such a terrifying True Yuan Coercion, it was terrifying!

The original form of the Qiu Wujiang Nine-headed Dragon, who had just appeared extremely arrogant, was suddenly beaten by Yu Xuening's eruption!

Yang Chen was guessing that if Yu Xuening hadn't been used to frolicking and having fun on normal days, the Demon Realm would have long belonged to this woman!

The nine-headed dragon roared, and was not afraid. The three dragon heads ejected a large black dragon's fire breath. Although this kind of abnormal fire couldn’t defeat the heavenly fire, its destructive power would not be inferior to it. A normal 7th ranked beast cultivator would’ve gotten festered and burned to death if they came into contact with the fire even by just a bit!

However, Yu Xuening was not afraid at all. The white fox's snow tail flashed with silky white True Yuan, and all the black flames got beaten away!

But Qiu Wujiang didn't just attack Yu Xuening, the remaining dragon heads sprayed fire breaths in all directions!

The dragon's breath formed by the 9th Ranked True Essence couldn’t be easily resisted by ordinary beast cultivators and demon cultivators and the number of casualties skyrocketed not long after!

For instance, the dragon clan who was suppressed just now gained the advantage again!

The Devil Emperor Zi Xiao was furious, waving the Purple Flame Magic Knife bursting out of the jade flute in his hand, and slashing down wildly!


The dragon's blood splattered around, and a boundless dragon head was cut off in a blink of an eye!

But after a while, a black light flickered around the dragon's neck, and another brand-new dragon head grew out in no time! !

"Drunkard! If the heads of these nine long worms were not cut off, they will never stop growing. If you want to attack, attack his dragon heart! That is the source of life for his hybrid dragons Yu Xuening reminded him.

Zi Xiao then came to realization. With an eerie grin, he rushed to Qiu Wujiang's back, raised the jade flute magic knife in his hand, and stabbed it down!!

The nine dragon heads of Qiu Wujiang shouted loudly, and their backs flickered with black True Yuan, and those black gold-like dragon scales were all strengthened dozens of times!

"Bang bang bang!!!" 

With the continuous explosions, the collision of the Purple Flame Magic Knife with the black gold dragon scales shocked Zi Xiao's body away! !

"Roar! How can you easily break through this king’s dragon heart!?"

Qiu Wujiang's voice seemed to come from the underworld, deep and solemn, with incomparable arrogance.

"Your master hasn't done much, what are you so proud of, nine headed worm?"

Yu Xuening seemed to have run out of patience. Somehow, the silky white True Yuan around her body had thickened several times!

The nine flying tails of celestial foxes were condensed in mid-air, entangled and contracted!

When the nine white tails converged into one strand, the tip of the sharp foxtail seemed to extend infinitely and rushed towards Qiu Wujiang's chest!

There seemed to be a white lightning piercing the void on the horizon. In an instant, the shock of the True Yuan made Yang Chen, who was watching from a distance, tremble!

Even Zi Xiao, who was about to continue his attack, was struck by the sudden attack and stunned in the same place!

The black gold dragon scale on Qiu Wujiang's body came into contact with the nine tails, and after the black mist faded, a hole was revealed!


Several screams sounded at the same time, and the nine dragon heads wailed, twisting and twitching constantly!

The nine white tails penetrated into the dragon's body, and then protruded from the dragon's back! !

The dragon blood gushed out desperately, falling into the Tongtian Lake, mixing with the flesh and blood of the demonic cultivators who had died in battle, and staining the center of the Tongtian Lake into a lake of blood! !

 "Your Majesty!!"

“Our King!”

The remaining Demon Dragon Envoys and other high-strength dragons roared in horror. They were waiting for Qiu Wujiang to take out the Blood Demon Dragon Bone Knife but instead, they saw his body being penetrated!

Qiu Wujiang was a powerful hybrid dragon when he was born, and he had nine heads. Although he was despised in the clan at first, he defeated the last dragon king after he grew up and was still an undisputed dragon king in the dragon clan.

He was different from other dragon races. Even if his head was decapitated, he could be reborn. The reason was that his physical body was extremely powerful, and his only lifeline was the dragon heart!

And Yu Xuening obviously knew the life gate of Qiu Wujiang long ago, and she unceremoniously penetrated his dragon heart!

Zi Xiao and others were all shocked. He thought that although he and Qiu Wujiang were not as powerful as Yu Xuening's 9th ranked peak level of the Full Cycle, they would not be too different. But in this scene, Zi Xiao was surprised to discover— both of them had overestimated themselves!

Yu Xuening's real strength was long before they knew it, but this woman never really took them seriously!