On the Tongtian Lake, the situation changed drastically!

The nine headed dragon was dying, the pair of fleshy wings could no longer keep flapping, and its entire huge body fell down!


The water waves splashed high. In fact, the lake was already red, with large tracts of internal organs from the demonic and beast cultivators floating.

Seeing that Qiu Wujiang was killed by the nine-tailed celestial fox, the rest of the dragon clan were in shock, but at the same time, a sense of fear arose!

With this fear, the remaining masters of the dragon clan had their fighting spirit falter, and their offenses were no longer sharp and fierce.

Soon, Zi Xiao and Yu Xuening led the group of demonic cultivators and beast cultivators and smashed the remnants of the dragon clan to pieces one by one!

The massacre like a sea of ​​blood filled the air with a pungent smell!

Almost all the beast cultivators in the Jade Fox Palace were excited. They never knew that the true strength of their Palace Master had reached such a shocking level.

Everyone could foresee that in the future, the entire Demon Realm would be dominated by the Jade Fox Palace, and the Demon Emperor of the Purple Bamboo Forest had the same strength as Qiu Wujiang, so naturally he would no longer dare to compete with Yu Xuening.

And Dragon Valley, without Qiu Wujiang, even if there were any hidden masters, it would be difficult to resurrect their name! 

The manifestation of Yu Xuening's strength was also forced by Qiu Wujiang's sudden violent madness, and it could only be regarded as his own blame.

When all the demon dragons had blood stained the Tongtian Lake and fell into the lake, there were only dozens of demonic cultivators and beast cultivators left under Yu Xuening and Zi Xiao.

The rest of these were all masters of the 8th rank or higher, but they had exhausted most of their True Yuan, and it was impossible for them to make a big fuss again.

In the whole scene, apart from Yu Xuening and Zi Xiao's profound skills, which seemed to be more than enough, only Yang Chen and the bamboo-faced man did not spend much True Yuan

"It seems that after today, the three-legged history of the Demon Realm will be rewritten," Zi Xiao looked at Yu Xuening, who had an indifferent face, and smiled bitterly.

Yu Xuening retracted her nine silky white foxtails, and there were suspicious clouds flowing in her eyes. Looking at the nine-headed dragon corpse floating on the lake, she seemed to be thinking about something.

"Palace Master, now that the Dragon King is dead, why don't I lead the clan and go to the Dragon Valley for a bloodbath and take the territory for the palace master?" Qing Luan came up to ask for orders.

Yu Xuening shook her head, "This still looks suspicious to me, Qiu Wujiang is not a reckless guy. Besides, the Tongtian Tower is about to open, let's get the business done first."

"Naturally, the Tongtian Tower should be occupied by our Jade Fox Palace. It is no longer necessary for the Tongtian Great Tournament to continue now, right?" Qing Luan glanced at a crowd of demonic cultivators.

The demon cultivators were filled with righteous indignation, but most of them exhausted a lot of True Yuan, daring not to speak. They knew that their leader Zi Xiao would not be Yu Xuening's opponent, so they had to let these beast cultivators be overwhelmed.

However, Yu Xuening showed a charming smile that was secretive. "How can we do that? The competition is still needed.  I'm not an arbitrary character, it has nothing to do with me or anyone in the Demon Realm to fight for supremacy, as long as you don’t provoke me. There is still some time before the opening of the Tongtian Tower. Now that the long worms in Dragon Valley are all dead, it is up to Yang Chen to compete with Brother Xing Tian. Whoever wins, whoever will get the right to enter the Tongtian Tower"

Everyone didn't understand what kind of plan Yu Xuening had, but since she said that, they could only obey. 

Yang Chen probably guessed that she might be aware about Xing Tian having the possibility to practice the “Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture” just like him.

On the opposite side, Xing Tian did not shirk, and stood up in the air, his eyes fixed on Yang Chen.

Yang Chen saw a bit of expectation in his eyes, but he still flew up and confronted Xing Tian despite feeling suspicious.

As both parties held their breath, the two gradually gathered a large amount of True Yuan, and the various coercive auras... were very similar!


A group of scarlet Nanming Li Fire rose from Yang Chen's hand, and the scorching heat caused many nearby beast cultivators to retreat.

Xing Tian was unmoved, and bursts of azure blue halo appeared in his hands, which was the power of the Kui Water.

The two remained silent, and after staring at each other for a long time, they suddenly launched an attack! !


A violent explosion shook in the air. In the blink of an eye, the two had already fought in the sky and couldn’t be distinguished nor separated!

The scarlet Li Fire and the azure blue Kui Water lingered around the two of them. As the red and blue interlaced, the fists and feet of the two also collided, causing a violent tremor!

Neither of them wanted to spend too much True Yuan, so they simply used the most primitive and direct offensive method, using the Heavenly Fire and Xuan Water True Yuan’s protection and using their fists and kicks.

When your strength reaches a certain level, facing opponents who are almost the same, absolute hand-to-hand combat would be the easiest way to distinguish between who is inferior or superior.

The beast cultivators and the demonic cultivators were fascinated, and secretly startled. What kind of practices did these two use? How could they even control the heavenly fire and the Xuan water?

Yang Chen took a swing kick, and a white golden Samadhi True Fire appeared!

Xing Tian blocked it with his arms, he then opened a black and blue Ming Water shield, and while extinguishing the Samadhi True Fire, he swung his fist and bursted out another ball of Samadhi True Fire!

The fierce and domineering True Fire flicked across Yang Chen's ears, he then threw a True Fire whip and drew it towards Xing Tian's waist!


A circle of True Fire gushed out from Xing Tian, ​​shattering the long whip in Yang Chen's hand, and at the same time, a rush brought a punch to Yang Chen's side!

Yang Chen didn't bother to dodge at all, a bloody flame suddenly ignited all over his body, like a blood red lotus blooming in the air!

"Ye Fire!?"

Xing Tian avoided it anxiously, and shouted out loud behind Yang Chen.

If he attacked again, he would inevitably suffer from the burning of his soul, so he must stop as soon as possible.

When he heard this voice, Yang Chen suddenly returned to his senses, his eyes turned red as if he was about to tear up...

"This voice...is...is it really you!? Uncle!?"

Yang Chen exclaimed. His heart was beating wildly, and he could hardly believe his ears!

"Xing Tian" finally showed a cheerful laugh, and silently took off the mask, revealing a slightly rough but gentle face.

Yang Chen felt as if he got an electric shock. He hadn't seen this face for more than ten years since he was nine years old, but even so, it was engraved in his heart forever, with infinite gratitude.

Before returning to China, if anyone could make Yang Chen respect a person as an elder, it was only this man in front of him - Song Tianxing!

"Xing Tian... Tianxing... Haha... Haha..." Yang Chen laughed stupidly, unreservedly, like a child with candy, "Uncle...you...really..." 

His black hair swayed in the air, Song Tianxing's eyes also revealed the kind of paternal love he had never shown. Seeing the young man who had grown up into an adult, although without any status as a teacher or apprentice, he was still the person who received all his teachings back then.

"Little kid, you’ve been doing very well..." Song Tianxing said ‘very well’ several times, and only he himself knew the various meanings best. The demonic cultivators and beast cultivators around them all showed a surprised expression. These two human cultivators actually recognized each other, and seemed to have a deep friendship, no wonder the techniques used were so similar and weird.

Zi Xiao and Yu Xuening had expected it a long time ago, and did not interrupt the conversation between the two old friends.

Qing Luan on the side asked Yu Xuening, "Palace Master, who is the winner?"

Yu Xuening glanced at her helplessly, “Xing Tian only understood the power of Ming Water but Yang Chen had reached the Ye Fire that was a level higher. Naturally, we won."

“Oh..." Qing Luan and the others were relieved, they were very concerned about the ownership of the Tongtian Tower.

At this moment, Yang Chen was excited and quickly called Huilin over and introduced him to her, "Girl, this is your grandmother’s senior, your uncle Song Tianxing. You finally get to meet him in person, come say hello.”

“Huh?" Huilin opened her mouth in surprise, but Yang Chen naturally wouldn't lie to her, so she bowed respectfully, "Hello Uncle Song!"

Song Tianxing reached out and patted Huilin's shoulder gently, gratifyingly, "It's not easy for Yunmiao. Your parents died early and she raised you and you look beautiful now... It was your uncle who was so obsessed that it made Shushan withered. If you have a chance to talk to leave here together with Yang Chen, do apologize to your grandmother on behalf of me."

"Uncle...what...what do you mean by this?" After Yang Chen was happy at the moment, but his mind was full of questions, and he didn’t know where to start.

Song Tianxing stopped Yang Chen from talking and whispered, "Don't ask for now. I shall explain to you why I disappeared and appeared here…”