The two of them reminisced about the past. After all, the Tongtian Tower had not been opened yet, and the demonic cultivators and beast cultivators used this time to slowly recover their True Yuan.

Song Tianxing was never a talkative person at all. Even when he was talking about the past and the suspicious points, he didn’t beat around the bush.

At the beginning, there were rumours in ZERO that Song Tianxing died of poisoning, which wasn’t exactly wrong.

Song Tianxing felt that his existence was getting more and more boring, and he had passed the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" down, so that the practice wouldn’t be lost in future generations. That’s why he thought of ending his life. 

Unexpectedly, it was precisely because of this poisoning suicide that Song Tianxing had a sudden realization of the "life and death" level of practice, and the enlightenment from the ninth level "resurrection" was also quite deep.

Yang Chen realized the eighth level because he felt the separation from Seventeen. Song Tianxing was more direct and found a breakthrough at the moment of his own death.

After the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" reached the eighth level, the poison that had been taken before lost its power. Song Tianxing had been thrown into the wilderness by some people inside ZERO, waiting to be eaten by the wolf, but he somehow survived.

This also gave Song Tianxing a perfect curtain call, and smoothly left ZERO, in the uninhabited desert, to comprehend the ninth level.

After all, Song Tianxing was a rare genius in Shushan for hundreds of years. Once he broke through the shackles, the subsequent cultivation seemed like a piece of cake!

After feeling the great changes brought about by his cultivation, Song Tianxing recovered his desire to live, and he became more insightful about the way of heaven and earth.

When his state of mind had reached a whole new level, Song Tianxing no longer cared about all the ups and downs of life in the past.

In addition to cultivation, Song Tianxing occasionally monitored Yang Chen's growth trajectory, but he also knew that if Yang Chen wanted to succeed, he must rely on himself.

Everything was meant to be, he had the will of his own. He only occasionally watched from afar and neither made a move nor appeared in front of Yang Chen.

As long as Yang Chen didn't use the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" to destroy the foundation of China, Song Tianxing didn't mind how many lives he had slaughtered.

Since Song Tianxing has also stayed peacefully abroad, and figured out a method that could greatly conceal his cultivation base and breath, he hadn't attracted the attention of the gods for more than ten years.

"Uncle, when did you come back to China? Why didn't you come to me?" Yang Chen couldn't help asking.

Song Tianxing smiled gently, "What makes you say that? You are too careless to be aware and missed the opportunity. I have spent a lot of thought to send your baby girl back to you."


It was as if a thunder exploded directly in Yang Chen's mind!


Yang Chen almost fell out of the air out of control, stunned and trembling all over!

Huilin on the side was also dumbfounded, with her little cherry lips open, looking innocently cute.

When Song Tianxing saw that Yang Chen’s expression, he couldn't help frowning with suspicion, "What's wrong with you, didn't Lanlan go to your house? Don't you know!?"


Yang Chen's felt as if his heart was about to pop out of his throat. This kind of heart-shocking stimulation made him crazy!

"Uncle! What did you say!? Lan Lan is my daughter!?" Yang Chen grabbed Song Tianxing's shoulder uncontrollably and asked loudly.

Song Tianxing nodded and said without hesitation, "She is your daughter that Seventeen gave birth to.”

"Seventeen? You said... Lan Lan is the child that Seventeen was pregnant with!?" Yang Chen's eyes turned crimson and he couldn’t help but to tear up as he couldn’t resist this kind of human joy!

Seventeen left a daughter for himself!? Yang Chen couldn't believe his ears, and the sudden happiness drowned him like a tsunami!

Huilin was also shocked by the content, but she didn't know who Seventeen was, only that Lanlan turned out to be Yang Chen's biological daughter?!

"This is weird...Before I left, I obviously handed a letter and a token of Seventeen to Minjuan and asked her to give it to you at that time. Did Minjuan forget?" Song Tianxing muttered.

Yang Chen was breathing very fast at the moment. He didn’t bother anymore and grabbed Song Tianxing's hand and urged, "Uncle, tell me! What the hell is going on!? Is Lanlan really my daughter!? Then how about Seventeen?”

Yang Chen couldn’t calm down at all when it involved his children and lover!

Song Tianxing sighed and told her what exactly happened...

Back in the days, in the battle at the sea, Yang Chen watched Seventeen fall into the sea and disappeared. However, she didn’t actually vanish.

The undercurrent in the sea sent Seventeen to an extremely distant sea area. Although she was seriously injured, she survived.

All of these were learned by Song Tianxing when he accidentally encountered Seventeen in a tropical rainforest in South Asia.

Song Tianxing recognized Seventeen, and she vaguely knew the origin of this man in her memories, after all, she was also a member of ZERO.

At that time, she had already given birth to Lanlan, but she hadn’t fully recovered from her injuries yet when she was still at the Wind Tower and at the merchant ship that came to South Asia. Additionally, she gave birth to Lanlan in the wild and lost a huge amount of blood, so her body was extremely weak.

She had already planned to send Lanlan to the local indigenous people to see if Lanlan could survive, but she happened to meet Song Tianxing who was practicing there.

Knowing that her body was already relying solely on willpower, with her last breath hanging, it was really difficult to sustain her consciousness from slipping away. She then immediately decided to entrust her daughter to Song Tianxing.

In addition, she also gave Song Tianxing a delicate dagger that she carried with her, to prove to Yang Chen that this was their daughter.

Song Tianxing tried to use the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" to treat Seventeen, but her body was too severely damaged, and she had almost exhausted all her vitality. After entrusting Lanlan to him, she had no more concerns left and passed away.

In order not to make Lanlan sad, Seventeen lied to her daughter that she had gone to a far place and asked her to call Song Tianxing grandfather.

Hearing this, Yang Chen subconsciously asked, " could it happen? If Lanlan is my daughter, wouldn't she be about two years old? Why…”

"Why does she look like four or five years old huh?” Song Tianxing smiled bitterly, “I guess it’s destiny. When I saw Lanlan, she was only born a few days ago, but she is already the size of a two-year-old child. She seems to have your special genes and grew very fast after birth, not only in the body but also in the development of the brain. In less than two years, she was already more mature than a five or six-year-old child. Seventeen couldn’t understand this when she left, but as long as Lanlan is healthy, this kind of growth will only help her, and she will not lose her life in the rainforest because of being too fragile and ignorant. Later on, Lanlan’s growth went back to normal, just like an ordinary four-year-old child who grew slowly, so I am also relieved. After all, she had a strong physique ever since birth along with a smart brain, so I guess it’s reasonable for her to be a little abnormal.”

Yang Chen wasn’t too surprised about all of these. From the perspective of biological evolution, after being irradiated by divine light, his genes were indeed much stronger than ordinary humans.

If Lanlan was his own daughter, it was understandable that she had carried out a lot of development and evolution of the body and brain in order to adapt to the difficult environment. However, these were all unknown factors.

Yang Chen finally understood why Lanlan would say things like riding elephants, there were indeed many elephants in the forests of South Asia.

And when Lanlan appeared in the orphanage, he had vaguely sensed that there was some weird aura nearby, but he didn't pay much attention to it. If he rushed over, he would have found Song Tianxing.

After recalling the past, Yang Chen felt ridiculous and sad. Again and again, he missed the opportunity to meet his daughter.

Fortunately, he finally knew the truth!

When he thought of the chubby little girl who was very close to him being of his own flesh and blood, a warm emotion that was countless times stronger than before flowed through his limbs and his eyes were full of gentleness.

Naturally, the emotion of wanting to break out of the Demon Realm and return to his daughter's side became stronger!

Huilin, who was on the side, was puzzled and asked, "Uncle, since you knew that Lanlan was the daughter of Brother Yang, why didn't you send her back directly?"