When Huilin mentioned this, Yang Chen came back to his senses and looked at Song Tianxing in wonder.

Song Tianxing sighed, he stayed silent for a moment and said helplessly, "A sudden appearance of a child can have a huge impact on your newly formed family... Besides, letting a child be by your side at that time, I don’t think it's a safe move.”

Yang Chen was taken aback, as if he understood something.

"I took Lanlan to travel around China for more than half a year. Firstly, I didn’t know how to mention this to you, saying that Seventeen had left forever. Secondly, I wanted to see how Lanlan’s physical condition would progress as I was worried about it. Besides, judging from your cultivation base at that time, you wouldn't be able to do much, on the contrary, it could cause you more confusion, increasing your burden. Moreover, all kinds of women appeared one after another around you, and what surprised me was that you got married. I can sense that you want to live a peaceful life... I know that if you realised  that you have a daughter, you will definitely value your daughter more than anything else. In that case, it is very likely that the stable home you just got will be gone…”

Yang Chen couldn't help being moved, Song Tianxing silently thought about him far more than he had imagined.

Indeed, Lin Ruoxi once thought that he regarded her as a substitute for Seventeen. If Lanlan were to appear at that time, Yang Chen might not be able to ease her heart, and it would be difficult for Lin Ruoxi to accept it.

As far as he was now, both his wife and children were inseparable.

"Uncle, I know you are being considerate toward me, but Lanlan is my own child. Isn’t it also cruel to not let me acknowledge her as my own?”

"That's the thing," Song Tianxing sighed, "I also know that sooner or later, you would still have to recognize one another as father and daughter, that’s why I hesitated and took Lanlan to live near Zhonghai in the beginning… However, I also encountered my own set of problems, which then I started to worry if Lanlan would be in more danger staying with you…”

"What sort of problem?" Yang Chen frowned and asked.

Song Tianxing's face sank slightly, "I shall start from the reason I entered the Demon Realm…”

It turned out, when Song Tianxing entered the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Stage, he found a quiet place overseas, but because of the area's great momentum, it had attracted the attention of some undiscovered people as well as people who wanted to snatch the “Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture” from the hands of Song Tianxing. 

He discovered that the opponent's cultivation was far beyond his imagination. Although he tried to hide his cultivation, he was often chased and led into dangerous situations.

Song Tianxing gradually lost his vigour, and carrying Lanlan became tough to handle. At the same time, he was worried about the other party finding out that Yang Chen was also practicing the “Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture", so he had to leave.

In order to let Yang Chen know the truth, Song Tianxing wrote a letter and gave Minjuan the dagger left by Seventeen, and asked her to take Lanlan to Yang Chen.

If he didn't return to Zhonghai on time, then leaving everything to Yang Chen would be the best he could do. 

"What I can be sure of is that it’s a woman, and her cultivation level should have reached the peak level of Weak Waters stage, or even higher. Although my Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning Tribulation was nothing lower than her in terms of stage, you should know that the strength of True Yuan is not purely comparable according to stages. She has obviously entered the Weak Waters stage for many years, and her strength is unfathomable. According to the principles, despite taking different paths, cultivators will still be led towards the same goal. Even if a cultivation method cannot go through the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Stage for the first time, there’s still the possibility that through acquired efforts, from the level of Three Yang Fire Tribulation and Six Frost Water Tribulation, one could break through and enter the NIne Heavenly Lightning Thunder Tribulation. 

The woman had her face covered, and I couldn't see her true appearance from the beginning till the end. I only know that her cultivation technique is filled with extremely advanced Gengjin True Yuan which are sharp and brutal. After entrusting Lanlan to you, I was luring the woman as I fled to different places in China. Her cultivation base was higher than mine and I was forced to escape in certain directions everytime I ran. Until one late night, when I passed over Shushan, I accidentally alarmed the Demon Lock Tower in the center of Shushan... Oh, you should know now, it’s the Tongtian Tower. It stands to reason that we are all human cultivators and should not inspire the power of the Tongtian Tower, but the woman does not seem to be purely human as well. After being detected as a foreign race by the Tongtian Tower, she was sucked into this Demon Realm with me. I couldn’t resist the power of the Tongtian Tower, but the woman somehow used an unknown method. After throwing a small golden object, a golden phantom was formed, which was absorbed by the Tongtian Tower. And she herself, relying on that virtual shadow that was used as a stand-in, she escaped. Perhaps that was some mysterious magic weapon...Although I entered the Demon Realm to avoid being captured by her, I couldn’t find a way out. However, I was fortunate enough to meet Brother Zi Xiao outside of the Purple Bamboo Forest, and here we are now.”

Yang Chen heard this and couldn't help but smile wryly, "It was a woman who captured you, but it was a man who tried to snatch the practice from me… It seems that there are more than just a few people who are eyeing us.”

Song Tianxing then only knew that Yang Chen had also been targeted, and he didn’t know to laugh or cry, it was indeed relatable.

"Now you should understand my initial intentions. I didn’t want Lanlan to be in a crisis and to be used by others as a threat to you, not to mention I didn’t want her to follow me and suffer. You might also recall that I’ve met your wife, Lin Ruoxi before and asked her if she would divorce you and she can bring Lanlan with her, but she refused. Although my original idea was a bit absurd, I really feel that if there is a woman who really likes Lanlan to be her mother, she can make sure to keep a distance from you and me, this could give her a truly stable growth environment."

Naturally, Yang Chen would not forget this incident. Back then, he still slandered "Lanlan’s grandfather" with a brain problem. Who was he to interfere with one's marriage? However, he didn’t know there was such a stake.

"It's good for you to know these things now. What made me confused was how Minjuan did not follow what I said and gave the token to you after a month… Minjuan was an honest peasant woman who I’ve known for quite some time. It stands to reason that she won't go against my instructions," Song Tianxing was quite confused and he frowned.

Yang Chen didn't say anything but he wondered if Minjuan was a potential threat. Then again, if he didn’t manage to notice anything despite seeing her often, this would indicate that she had been hiding deep.

Thinking of this, Yang Chen was extremely eager to get out of this Demon Realm.

"Uncle, when the Tongtian Tower opens, why don't you leave with me, otherwise you will have to wait for another 60 years. By then, it would be too late,” Yang Chen said.

Without waiting for Song Tianxing’s answer, Zi Xiao not far away interrupted them, "Little Brother Yang, I don’t think so it’s a good idea for you and Brother Song to be overly aggressive. The Ninety-nine Purple Green Heavenly Lightning in the Tongtian Tower is not a joke. I don’t know how many ancestors of the Demon Realm are ruined there. Even you guys are no exceptions."

"Never try never know? If I were to die because of that, I’d rather be struck to death by lightning," Yang Chen said firmly.

Zi Mo came up now, and snorted, "Brother, just let him be. Anyways, according to the rules, Brother Yang Chen has won and the people from the Jade Fox Palance are qualified to enter the Tongtian Tower. Just let him go since he wishes to try, he is too stubborn to convince anyways.”

"I won’t stop Yang Chen if he really wants to go. But, Brother Song, you mustn't go there to seek for your own death. I’ve waited for more than a thousand years to get such a confidant. How can I see him just die such a useless death?" Zi Xiao said displeased.

Song Tianxing smiled freely, "Brother Zi Xiao, even if you don't stop me, I won't go to the tower..."

Yang Chen and Huilin were both stunned, looking at Song Tianxing incredulously.

"Don't be surprised," Song Tianxing shrugged and said, "Think about it carefully. Let alone that I am going to be hunted and killed outside, I'm a loner without any entanglement, why should I go out? At least I can spend my time with Brother Zi Xiao in this Demon Realm and live a leisure life.”

Yang Chen saw that Song Tianxing didn’t seem to be joking, and his heart was inevitably entangled, "Uncle... don't you miss Lanlan?"

"Lanlan is your daughter. If you are lucky enough to go out, that's enough...I have been very open to these things," Song Tianxing shook his head and smiled.

Just as Yang Chen was thinking of persuading further, he suddenly felt a chill behind him!

Yu Xuening, who had been silent for a long time, bursted out with a bitter killing intent!

The peerless beauty in the fluttering white skirt, staring at the bloody lake with bright eyes, seemed to have noticed something incredible!