"Yang Chen...you...are you hiding the corpses of those dragons secretly?" Yu Xuening asked abruptly.

Yang Chen was stunned, and said in doubt, "How could that be, there are still a lot of dragon body materials in my ring, and I can't hold anything else at all."

"So it seems that the evil animals in this lake are fooling around," Yu Xuening sneered, and a slender white silk sprang out from the sleeves. After taking a round in the air, it spiraled toward the Tongtian Lake!

Suddenly, the white silk was over a thousand feet tall, with a terrifying coercion, before she even touched the lake water, she had already caused a roaring wave!


A whirlpool formed upon the entry of her white silk. As it was stirring like a mad dragon, the fragmented flesh and blood corpses on the Tongtian Lake were swept up in the air along with the lake water!

The beast cultivators and the demon cultivators were greatly eclipsed, and they didn't understand what Yu Xuening was doing that she even refused to let go of the limbs of the dead dragon clan!

Just when everyone was shocked, a silver-gray beam suddenly shot out under the Tongtian Lake!

"Puff puff puff!!!——"

Countless light beams, with crushing impact, shot and killed several beast and demonic cultivators that had exhausted their True Yuan and didn’t manage to dodge in time.

And on the lake, a large number of corpses that were originally scattered were all covered by these silver-gray energy, as if they were melted, turning into silver-gray trickles, digging into the depths of the lake!

At this time, the beast cultivators and the demon cultivators were shocked to discover that the nine-headed dragon corpse was gone!?

Yu Xuening's white silk once again rushed straight into the depths of the center of the lake from midair, but as soon as she touched it, it was eroded and counterattacked by a silver-gray energy!

Yuxue Ning Liu frowned, and immediately cut off part of her white silk, looking at the opponent who was about to come out of the lake with a bit of inconceivability.

“Antimatter energy!? Wen Tao!?”

Yang Chen could obviously notice who was causing the trouble, and he sighed bitterly in his heart. It was really meant to be, no wonder the cripple had been missing, it seemed like he had fallen into his trap again!

"Palace Master, be careful of this guy, he uses a kind of antimatter energy from the universe, and he has the skills of an expert. It can erode and swallow other life forms, occupy the body and various abilities, and it is difficult to be destroyed," Yang Chen couldn't help but remind Yu Xuening.

"I knew that this Qiu Wujiang is not so stupid. No wonder, it turns out that he is not Qiu Wujiang!" Yu Xuening’s apricot eyes furiously widened and she felt that she had been tricked!

Wen Tao's laughter came from the lake, triumphantly!

"Haha! It's too late to know now! The blood essence of these dead demon dragons and demonic cultivators are now all mine! You idiots! You can't even stand firmly now, so what makes you think that you can fight me!!!”

Amidst the frantic laughter, Wen Tao had transformed back to his own appearance. His weak and delicate face and his thin body were incompatible with the frenzied words.

Seeing the strange Wen Tao suddenly appearing in front of everyone, all the living beast cultivators and demonic cultivators felt unprecedented pressure!

"This coercion has already surpassed Qiu Wujiang…but it’s not from True Yuan, what is it? I have never felt this feeling before," Zi Xiao also took out his Jade Flute cautiously, getting ready to battle anytime.

Wen Tao glanced over all the people present and locked onto Yang Chen with a grin and said, "Yang Chen, how is it this time? You satirized me before and said that I didn't dare to show my face. This time, I am standing right in front of you! But look at you, I don’t even bother to see you as my opponent now, can’t you see the difference between us?!”

Yang Chen silently blocked Huilin behind him, and chuckled, "You still care about my impression about you so much huh? This indicated that you have such a humble and petty state of mind, I guess people don’t change after all.”

Seeing Yang Chen's indifferent expression, Wen Tao’s face was flushed, but soon he turned stale and sneered, “Say whatever you want, god knows wherever your confidence came from. I shall allow you to be pretentious for a while before I kill you all and swallow everything in this Demon Realm! I’ll even ruin this Tongtian Tower and we shall see who dares to underestimate me in this universe!”

That being said, Wen Tao's whole body transformed into a silvery gray antimatter energy body and expanded rapidly!


The fierce roaring sounds resounded through the clouds, and Wen Tao turned into the nine-headed dragon body like Qiu Wujiang before!

It's just that this time the nine-headed dragon was made up of antimatter energy, and because it had absorbed the flesh and blood of the beasts, dragons, and demons who died in battle, it was much more powerful and mighty than Qiu Wujiang!

Yu Xuening and Zi Xiao had been angry for some time, how could they not when they were being said to be eaten by some guy who appeared out of nowhere?

"Seeking for your own death!"

Yu Xuening's face was frosty, and her nine snow-white fox tails flew out again from behind, turning into nine swords, rushing straight to Wen Tao's heart!

Zi Xiao didn’t hesitate to wield the Purple Flame Magic Knife and slashed at the three dragon heads of the nine-headed dragon!

Wen Tao didn’t evade, and after he stubbornly took the attack from the two, his pierced heart recovered in an instance. As soon as the three dragon heads were chopped off, they reconnected perfectly and seamlessly, as if they had never been broken!

Not only that, a large amount of antimatter energy began to fly back and forth, rushing towards Yu Xuening and Zi Xiao!

Fortunately, the two of them had a high level of cultivation, and they used powerful True Yuan energy to repel the antimatter energy, hence they didn’t suffer any injuries.

However, such an immortal physique made Yu Xuening and Zi Xiao dumbfounded!

"You think that Qiu Wujiang’s body who has a dragon heart will make me afraid of you piercing my heart? I don’t have a heart so don’t even think about killing me! I shall be the only one torturing you all!"

Wen Tao laughed frantically, the nine dragon heads suddenly started spraying the dragon's breath of antimatter energy in all directions!

"Boom... boom boom..." 

When the large number of silver-gray dragon's breath light beams swept across the sky, like countless thick meteor showers, covering those beast cultivators and demonic cultivators in a weak state like a net!

The crowd couldn't avoid it perfectly and after being entangled by these antimatter energy, relying on their only remaining True Yuan, they soon lost the ability to move!

The silver-gray formed a circle, corroding the mind and body of these masters, and their screams and cries could be heard.

Yang Chen took Huilin, and Song Tianxing hurriedly avoided. Fortunately, the Longhua Pills recovered his True Yuan quickly, so he was not as strenuously unable to deal with it compared to the other people.

But Yu Xuening and Zi Xiao were very upset. The remaining subordinates with higher cultivation bases were wrapped in the antimatter energy, and they were gradually losing their energy, starting to decompose!

Wen Tao unceremoniously "digested" these remaining masters, and supplemented his own body with the antimatter energy that he recalled, and further strengthened his own body!

"Little brat! What kind of monster did you bring into this Demon Realm!?" Yu Xuening became anxious to the extent that she had forgotten about her elegant appearance!

Yang Chen secretly cursed Wen Tao. He’s getting more and more insane, and said, "What are you afraid of! Just kill him!”

That being said, Yang Chen handed Huilin to Song Tianxing and rushed to the nine-headed dragon that Wen Tao had incarnate!

"Chaotic Cauldron!" 

 A thought arose in Yang Chen's heart and the clumsy giant cauldron flew out of his core again!

In this scenario, Yang Chen didn't hesitate at all. Even if he was going to take the risk of being backlashed, he didn't dare to retain its power. To deal with this Wen Tao, perhaps his only chance of winning would be using the chaotic cauldron!

Zi Xiao and Song Tianxing both looked at the giant cauldron that Yang Chen summoned in shock. The surging and profound power from that cauldron made them stunned and astonished!

The giant cauldron was bullish against the wind, in a blink of an eye, it was as wide as a pool of more than a 100 square feet!

The shadow of the chaotic beast emerged from the top of the cauldron, and the ancient inscriptions around the giant cauldron gradually became clear. The crimson color and grayish aura lingered, the chaotic beast moved its pair of fleshy wings, and opened its mouth at the nine-headed dragon to devour it!

Yang Chen bulged the whole body's True Yuan, drove the chaotic beast and collided with the behemoth Wen Tao!

In an instance, half of the sky seemed to be covered by this gloomy tone, dark clouds billowing, thunder bursting, and the roar of giant beasts deafening the crowd!

In the stalemate fight, probably because the huge movement below affected the Tongtian Tower, at the moment of this collision, the entire formation under the tower was spinning rapidly and bursts of dazzling golden light appeared!

"Oh no, the Tongtian Tower is about to open!" Zi Xiao exclaimed immediately.