The opening time of the Tongtian Tower was limited. Although it wasn’t exactly short, time was still of essence. Yang Chen was impatient but it was almost impossible to get over Wen Tao quickly and decisively.

The chaotic beast frantically tried to swallow the huge antimatter energy nine-headed dragon, but the current Wen Tao was no longer the same as his previous self. The chaotic beast that Yang Chen's True Yuan could drive at the beginning was no longer able to suppress Wen Tao as easily as before!

After Wen Tao resisted the offensive energy, his antimatter energy turned into countless sharp arrows, poking the phantom of the chaotic beast to pieces!

Yang Chen was shocked and flew back hundreds of feet before he could stop, and looked at the wild nine-headed dragon with a violent tremor in his heart.

"It's useless, you don't have enough True Yuan and you won’t be able to release the power of the Chaos Cauldron by even a bit, not to mention swallow that beast!" 

Yu Xuening wasn’t fazed and she bursted out her True Yuan fiercely again. At this moment, she who was at the peak level of the 9th Rank finally became serious.

Her nine white fox tails had extended by hundreds of feet at some point, like nine flying dragons, and the silver-gray nine-headed dragon swords were drawn fiercely at each other.

Yang Chen’s eyes were flushed and he grinned, "Either way, I won’t sit here and wait for my death, I was the one who left this scourge roaming. If I don’t kill him today, I won’t be able to get out in peace.”

At this moment, Wen Tao was already taking the initiative to attack again, using his almost invincible body to consume everyone's True Yuan and swallow everyone, a large number of antimatter energy beamed blasting like explosions in the battlefield!

Consuming a large number of dragons and beast corpses made Wen Tao feel invisible!

Song Tianxing opened the two shields of Ming Water and Kui Water, and was barely able to protect himself along with Huilin. However, he was frowning and it seemed that he was reaching his limit.

In fact, although both were in the Nine Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Stage, Song Tianxing neither had Yang Chen's special physique, nor his deep cultivation base also without having magic weapons such as the Chaos Cauldron, it was already difficult enough to protect himself and Huilin. 

Although he was regarded as his master, Yang Chen's enchanting experience and promotion had already surpassed him as a master.

Yu Xuening and Zi Xiao were working hard to protect their subordinates, especially You Xuening's nine fox tails, which were filled with her surging True Yuan, blocking all the antimatter energy strongly!

However, anyone could feel that Yu Xuening would gradually use up her True Yuan if she continued like this, but Wen Tao was still far from his limits!

In an instance, white silk danced wildly in the sky, silver lights flickered, and violent blasting sounds one after another, as if attempting to tear the entire sky apart!

Yang Chen swallowed two Longhua Pills, and he didn't bother to recover fully and was planning to take advantage of this mess to fight his way out, but he heard Yu Xuening's warning in his divine sense!

"Don't be impulsive!"

Yang Chen paused and looked at Yu Xuening incomprehensibly. This woman was calmly dealing with Wen Tao's turbulent attack, but she could still use voice transmission spells to talk to himself.

"Don't forget, the Tongtian Tower is already open. Fighting with this guy might cause you  to miss the chance to enter the tower. If you want to attack the tower again, you have to wait for another 60 years! This bastard clearly intends to waste our True Yuan so that he could consume us and strengthen himself. Maybe he doesn’t mind waiting for the next time for the Tongtian Tower to open, but you don’t want to wait.”

Yang Chen was startled, his zealous fighting spirit was reduced by at least half. Right, why am I fighting so hard? My main purpose should be getting out of this tower.

Yu Xuening continued to transmit her voice "Originally, I wanted to wait for you to win and enter the Tongtian Pagoda together. Only then, I would’ve told you more, but now this situation has exceeded my expectations. You must bring Huilin into the tower by yourself and see if you could get out of this tower.”

Yang Chen had an indifferent face, but he was awe-inspired. This woman actually planned to help him and Hui Lin out of the tower? Reminiscent of Yu Xuening's various actions helping him\ and Huilin before, he didn't doubt her intentions. After all, it would be easy for him to die in her hands.

Soon, Yu Xuening transmitted some of her thoughts to Yang Chen. At the end of her words, Yang Chen couldn't help showing a touch of surprise, wondering why he didn’t think of this!

Wen Tao over there had sensed something fishy and said in a deep voice, "Yang Chen, why are you acting like a tortoise with a shrunken head? Come on! Are you going to keep hiding behind this fox!?"

Yang Chen gritted his teeth and flew straight to Song Tianxing, hugged Huilin, and solemnly said, "Uncle, I know you really want to stay here, but I can't accompany you more, I must bring Huilin with me!"

Song Tianxing seemed to have expected this long ago. With a faint smile, he took out a string of Buddhist beads and gave it to Yang Chen.

"This string of Buddhist beads is for me to accompany Lanlan all these years. It is not good for me to drink and be crazy, so I wear it with me. Although it is a mortal thing, Lanlan recognizes it. If you can go out, bring it to Lanlan so she will remember me and not forget her ‘grandpa’ when she grows old.”

After all, he was the grandfather who had been taking care of the child for more than 1 year. Song Tianxing's love for Lanlan was still deep and difficult to give up on, but he really didn’t want to go out and be stained with blood and tears, let alone leave Zi Xiao with the dangers he is facing here, so he chose to stay.

Yang Chen put the Buddha beads in the storage ring, grateful and reluctant, he nodded to Song Tianxing with a complicated expression and then carried Huilin and rushed to the tower above the big formation!

"Trying to escape? Not so fast!!"

Wen Tao had expected that Yang Chen might not want to fight, and suddenly kept the nine-headed dragon's body and turned it into its original form, rushing towards the Tongtian Tower like a silver-gray stream!

Yu Xuening followed without hesitation, but at the same time signaled Zi Xiao and Song Tianxing not to follow.

Zi Xiao and Song Tianxing looked at each other, and suddenly thought of something, Could it be...Yu Xuening and Yang Chen deliberately lured Wentao into the Tongtian Tower?

Both of them knew that Yu Xuening's cultivation base was more advanced than the two combined, and since she stopped the two from going, they wouldn’t want to cause trouble.

Yang Chen on the other hand felt as if he was in immediate danger, holding Huilin's soft and delicate body, her faint body piercing into his nostrils, but he wasn’t in the mood to enjoy it.

Wen Tao’s speed was overwhelming, and the gate of the Tongtian Tower was open to anyone. Even if he entered the tower, it doesn't necessarily mean that he would be safe.

Seeing the gate with white light shining close at hand, Yang Chen unreservedly used his True Yuan to bring Huilin into the tower!

On the first floor of the Tongtian Tower, nothing could be seen except for a thick layer of cloud and mist, giving the chills.

You could only see the tower walls on both sides, which were all made of jet black peculiar materials without any gaps in between. They were many complicated and changeable characters, which were like Taoist ghost paintings, but they were completely natural and not man made.

Those words were shining with pale golden brilliance, which was exactly the same as the formation below, stabilizing the space of the Tongtian Tower.

And on the ground of the first floor, as Yu Xuening mentioned, there were some colorful spirit grass and fruits. Although they don't recognize them, they were really full of spiritual aura.

However, as soon as the door of the Tongtian Tower was closed, the purple and blue 

heavenly lightning would once again land on the first floor, so it was impossible to collect too much.

In fact, at this moment, Yang Chen was not in the mood to pay attention to these spirit grasses, because Wen Tao behind had already caught up!

Fortunately, Yu Xuening's speed was also extremely fast, and her nine fox tails formed an encirclement to intercept Wen Tao.

Wen Tao sneered, a bloody rainbow flashed in his hand, and a keel long knife appeared and slashed Yu Xuening's fox tail!

"Slash! ——" 

Her fox tails were cut off three segments, gold and red blood splashed and scattered around!

Yu Xuening couldn't help but tremble. Her nine fox tails were connected to her, although they would grow again after being cut off, she would still suffer the pain!

At the same time, she looked at the dragon bone long knife incredulously, and screamed regardless of manners, "What an evil knife! Is this the knife Qiu Wujiang made using the blood essence of the elite masters in the Demon Realm!?”

She had long suspected that the masters who died in the previous years were deliberately caused by Qiu Wujiang, but she didn't expect that he was so cruel that he would even kill his own clan just for refining his knife!

"So what! That stupid dragon thought I would not know that he wanted to kill me! I deliberately made him suspect me and came to confront me alone so that I could eat him up without anyone knowing! Hmph, 9th ranked master?! No matter how hard he struggled, I still managed to eat him up! Now this Blood Demon Dragon Bone Knife is mine, I will slaughter all of you here today and stab a big hole on this tower!”