Yu Xuening was trembling with anger. The woman cherished her body and appearance more than her life!

Although transformed into a human body, Yu Xuening still had the beauty of a nine-tailed fox in her bones. Her nine white, fluffy and bright fox tails were her pride and lifeline. Wen Tao, using a dirty and evil knife made from blood sacrifices to cut off three pieces of her foxtail made her crazy!

"Beast, you're done, I’ll finish you up today!"

Yu Xuening, who completely let go of her restraint and desperately trying to kill Wen Tao, was more than crazy. She actually gave up using the nine-tailed attack, but rushed forward with domineering True Yuan condensing in her hands and she played a close hand-to-hand battle with Wen Tao!

The Longhua Pills that Yang Chen gave her before played a key role. After swallowing two of them, Yu Xuening was filled with True Yuan and she fought at the same level as the Blood Demon Dragon Bone Knife in Wen Tao's hand!

However, this Blood Demon Dragon Bone Knife was more of a cursed weapon rather than an immortal weapon, it was so evil as it carried a lot of dragon souls, which made it difficult forYu Xuening.

But it was precisely the collision of the True Yuan like the mountains whirring and the tsunamis that made the Tongtian Tower manifested its strength.

No matter how the two shook the tower, the Tongtian Tower didn't seem to have felt anything, just like a giant watching two little caterpillars collide and tickling itself.

After Wen Tao realized this, he couldn't help being slightly surprised by the strength of the Tongtian Tower. It seemed unrealistic to use the Blood Demon Dragon Bone Knife to destroy this tower.

In fact, he wasn’t in a hurry right now. He believed that as long as he consumed all the sentient beings in the Demon Realm, he would definitely grow to an unprecedented level!

At that point, Wen Tao's body was able to quickly reunite and merge no matter how he was destroyed, leaving Yu Xuening clenching her teeth with hatred. Even if his fighting skills were inadequate, he was completely unkillable.

Seeing Yang Chen was yet to take Huilin to the tower, Yu Xuening said angrily: "Little brat! What are you looking at!? Leave now! I shall be playing with this bastard today!”

Yang Chen knew that he was not an indecisive person, but he also knew that if Yu Xuening kept dragging on, she would be drained out. This was because Wen Tao was currently in a state of immortality, and he even has that magic weapon!

He never liked to owe favors, but if he left like this, it would be a big favor that he couldn’t repay.

Why on earth did Yu Xuening spend so much thought for the two of them, even dragging Wen Tao for them to be in safety, this gave Yang Chen mixed feelings.

Wen Tao didn't seem worried. While attacking Yu Xuening, he grinned with his bright red lips, and said with an eerie smile, "Yang Chen, are you trying to break through the Tongtian Tower? You can't even fight me, are you seeking for your own death!"

Yang Chen clenched his fists, as if he had made up his mind, and finally placed the Chaos Cauldron in front of him, swallowed another Longhua Pill quickly, as if it was just normal popcorn.

“Who knows? Some people are destined to be struck by lightning, maybe this Tongtian Tower likes to strike you and let me go," Yang Chen suddenly turned around and pinched Huilin's trembling little mouth, and instantly plugged in a Longhua Pill and Longshou Pill, as they could restore their true essence and strengthen their physique at the same time.

Just as Huilin was wondering, Yang Chen had already hugged her tightly and jumped!

Instead of leaping to other places, they precisely went into the cauldron!

The size of the Chaos Cauldron was under Yang Chen's control, and at this time it was just the size that could accommodate two people.

Wen Tao couldn't help being stunned seeing this, and Yu Xuening got to smash his head and chest twice because of this.

The shattered body was quickly repaired, but he frowned, not understanding why Yang Chen stuffed himself and Huilin into the cauldron.

But he finally understood right after!!

The Chaos Cauldron hovered with layers of gray chaotic power, slowly vacated into the air, and began to circulate slowly...

Yang Chen and Huilin stayed inside, actually treating the Chaos Cauldron as a "shield" to take in the impact from the Tongtian Tower. 

Yang Chen also felt uneasy staying in the cauldron at this moment, holding Huilin tightly to make the girl feel at ease, but his heart was jumping to his throat.

This was also a plan Yu Xuening had prepared for him. The reason why she didn’t say it yet was because she was worried that if Yang Chen got defeated in the Tongtian competition, but forcibly used this method to break through the tower, then he shall become everyone’s target.

Unexpectedly, the Tongtian competition this time brought out the monster Wen Tao, so Yu Xuening had to secretly tell Yang Chen this method, and then dragged Wen Tao herself to give Yang Chen room  for the plan.

This method seemed weird and even absurd, but it was very simple and reasonable.

According to Yu Xuening's idea, as one of the four ancient great beasts, the most powerful and domineering aspect of the Chaos was "immortality"!

From the ancient times, the great immortals couldn't kill the immortal with their combined forces, and could only seal its soul in the Chaos Cauldron, and it could be seen that the vitality of the Chaos was incredible.

Since the Chaos could survive even those ancient great immortals on their own, then dealing with these ninety-nine layers of purple and blue heavenly lightning, even if it would be exhausted, it wouldn’t actually suffer the threat of losing its life.

Currently, Yang Chen has tamed the Chaos Cauldron, and the immortal weapon recognizes its master. As long as Yang Chen managed to control the Chaos Cauldron, the chaotic beast soul in it could only help Yang Chen to resist the damage.

Moreover, the Chaos certainly didn't want to stay trapped in the Tongtian Tower, nor would it hope that the master who it had a chance to occupy would be killed by the heavenly lightning. 

Therefore, if nothing happens, using the Chaos Cauldron to resist those purple and blue heavenly lightning, even if it was injured badly, as long as it could sustain, they would still have a chance to leave the tower alive!

Ever since the Demon Realm was discovered, most of the ones who came in here were either demonic or beast cultivators, be it absorbed or imprisoned. Even when there were human cultivators who got sucked in, they weren’t any strong subjects. 

None of these people had magic weapons of the immortal level, let alone the rare ancient treasures like the Chaos Cauldron.

That’s why only until today in the Demon Realm, someone like Yang Chen who could come up with a magic weapon would get the opportunity to break through the tower.

Logically speaking, this Chaos Cauldron could also be turned into a big one to accommodate a large number of people to attack together. However, it was the first time for him to use such a method and entering the Chaos Cauldron.

So even if the other demonic cultivators knew, they might not dare to put their lives in this chaotic blood basin.

Only Yang Chen and Huilin who had to follow him entered together.

Seeing the Chaos Cauldron rising high, flying rapidly to the second floor, to break through a light curtain, Wen Tao grit his teeth!

"Yang Chen! You coward! Don't run!!"

Wen Tao rushed forward, slashing towards the Chaos Cauldron, but Yu Xuening who was closely following grabbed his neck and twisted it severely!

In mid-air, the antimatter energy quickly repaired Wen Tao's body, but he had no time to chase after them.

"Hmmph, your lady said that she would tear you up today! You shall stay here obediently and fight with me, I’ll kill you for sure!”

"Crazy bitch!" Wen Tao was also annoyed and swung his knife at Yu Xuening angrily!

The two were inextricably fighting again, and inside the Tongtian Tower on the first floor, there were endless blasts here and there.

At the same time, in the dimly lit Chaos Cauldron, Yang Chen hugged Huilin tightly and stroked the girl's soft hair, constantly stabilizing the girl's emotions.

"Don't be afraid, I am here."

Huilin now probably understood what Yang Chen was going to do. She shook her head slightly and leaned against his chest, "I’m not afraid... I’ll be with Brother Yang even if I die..."

Yang Chen really wanted to pinch the girl’s cherry lips. What are you even talking about? I don't want to die! I still want to go out and hug my daughter!

However, he felt guilty for Yu Xuening who had entangled Wen Tao below.

But without waiting for him to think about what to do next, a violent thunderbolt suddenly rang in his ears!


As if it struck his head, he felt that he was about to explode. His soul was trembling, and the True Yuan in his core was churning!

Huilin couldn't resist this sudden shock, couldn't help but cough up a mouthful of blood, which stained Yang Chen's chest!

From outside of the Chaos Cauldron, after breaking through the light curtains of the first and second layers, there was an electric dragon of tens of meters in purple and blue forming quickly through a light spot flashing out of thin air from the light curtain on the higher level. It then immediately fell right on the Chaos Cauldron!

It was just the first purple and blue heavenly lightning, but it was already terrifying! !