According to the rumored calculation, there were at least more than a hundred floors of the Tongtian Tower. Thinking of this, Yang Chen’s head felt numb.

Feeling Huilin's anxious, painful panting and disordered meridians, he knew that this level of trauma was too difficult for her to resist!

He had already foreseen this happening and told her to consume one Longshou Pill earlier, otherwise her injuries might’ve been more serious.

It was impossible to abandon Huilin here and go up alone, but how could he give up? That was not acceptable!

He felt his head bulging, and he didn't know what to do.

While thinking, the Chaos Cauldron had broken through the second layer of the light curtain and entered the third layer!

On the third layer of light curtain, after another light spot was condensed, a purple blue thunder dragon that was stronger than before blasted the Chaos Cauldron in between the sound of thunderbolt blasting.

Yang Chen instinctively urged the Chaos to open its huge mouth, and tried to swallow the purple and blue heavenly lightning!

This method was extremely risky, but he had no other alternatives!


The Chaos roared, and its phantom rushed towards the purple blue heavenly lightning. In a blink of an eye, it swallowed the lightning! 

This Chaos Cauldron could indeed withstand the Purple Blue Heavenly Lightning, but it couldn’t swallow it 100%. There was still some thunder light jumping and falling on Yang Chen and Huilin.

However, he could resist and protect Huilin from such a level of heavenly lightning by relying on his own cultivation base.

Yang Chen was overjoyed in his heart, he didn't expect that the Chaos could really swallow this purple blue heavenly lightning. Although it was not absolutely swallowed, it was more than enough!

However, the happiness didn’t last long as Yang Chen noticed something strange...

The Chaos seemed to be a little stronger after swallowing one round of purple blue heavenly lightning, and its vitality was obviously strengthened, especially its beast phantom, it got thicker...

Yang Chen's heart sank for a bit, this is bad!

This Chaos was clearly taking advantage of this opportunity to regain its vitality by devouring the Purple Blue Heavenly Lightning!

Although the Purple Blue Heavenly Lightning was powerful, it was the Nine Heavenly Lightning after all, so it was not surprising that it could be swallowed by the Chaos.

Then again, a little of the Purple Blue Heavenly Lightning would transform into his own cultivation base as he was the current owner of the Chaos Cauldron. However, the Chaos obviously took in way more than him!

If this continued, it would be hard to guarantee that after it had grown to a certain extent, it wouldn't bite back at him!

But, if they didn’t rely on the Chaos to swallow the heavenly lightning, him and Huilin wouldn’t be able to survive the purple blue heavenly lightning that was getting more and more intense!

Even if he struggled to fight against the Chaos, Huilin couldn't bear it, and he couldn't abandon Huilin just to have a chance to not be bitten by the Chaos Cauldron.

Although he wasn’t exactly a good man, as long as the woman belonged to him, he wouldn’t hesitate to use his life to protect them!

The struggle in his heart caused his expression to change constantly. Looking at Huilin in his arms, who had just recovered slightly, her watery eyes were full of stubborn innocence. She kept quiet despite enduring the pain. He really couldn’t bear seeing her getting hit once again.

He clenched his teeth and placed a bet that he could control the Chaos before leaving the tower. At least it would be better than waiting for his death here!

As the Chaos Cauldron broke through layer by layer, the phantom of the Chaos became clearer and clearer. The behemoth beast vibrated its fleshy wings, and a pair of deep evil eyes revealed a somewhat humane yet gloomy and cunning aura...


In the Shushan Sect, the tranquility amidst the doors in the mountain had been broken since half a month ago.

Ever since Yang Chen and Huilin disappeared near the Demon Lock Tower, Abbess Yun Miao had been asked by Cai Yuncheng to take the members of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade and stayed in the sect for fear of missing something.

After all, there was no clue to Yang Chen and Huilin in other places except the Shushan Sect. These days, they could only use scientific instruments to detect the Demon Lock Tower passed down from ancient times, yet they got nothing.

Several times, experts from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade suggested that the Demon Lock Tower should be dug up from the ground to see if there was any mystery in it, but Abbess Yun Miao sternly stopped it.

This was something handed down by the ancestors to overlook the sect. In case it gets destroyed without getting any clues, how should she face the ancestors of the Shushan after her passing?

Let alone the fact that Yun Miao was uncertain about the outcome. Even if they really wanted to destroy the Demon Lock Tower, they couldn't do it by themselves. Furthermore, she didn't expect to find any clues from the Demon Lock Tower either.

Because this tower looked nothing special from the outside, if it really could take someone away, the Shushan Sect had been established here for so many years, why haven't they heard of it?

Therefore, Yun Miao still asked Cai Yuncheng to send people to inquire in Sichuan Province, and even sent people to the underground world abroad to inquire if there were any clues.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, but they were yet to retrieve any information, which made Yun Miao more and more anxious. Not only was she worried about the safety of Yang Chen and her granddaughter, but the conditions in Beijing were getting shaky without him being there to suppress the situation… 

She even heard that some foreign forces had also learned about the news of Yang Chen's disappearance, and they had begun to take actions.

When this seemingly messy, innocent young man disappeared from life, many people clearly realized how much the network of interests and powers centered on him and how he was needed as a stabilizer!

It was the early morning of another day, and the sky was barely bright, Yun Miao was already in the center of the martial arts training ground at the mountain gate, finishing a few sets of Shushan Sword Practices.

Her cultivation level had reached the stage of eternal beauty, and she aged very slowly. In addition, she came from a big family and with proper care and maintenance, she looked like a charming and elegant woman in her thirties or forties.

Her silky black hair danced with the wind, a few sweat droplets resting on her forehead and her firm and curvy chest moved up and down alongside her breathing.

Without being unsmiling and stern in front of others, Yun Miao looked like a gentle and graceful lady, no wonder Song Tianxing was head over heels for her back in the days.

Wearing a white robe, with a light footstep, she passed by a row of houses and landed gently beside the Demon Lock Tower in the center of the sect.

At this time, the others were still asleep, and the center of the sect was quiet. She was the only one who quietly looked at the tower that seemed to be eternally silent.

After staring at the Demon Lock Tower for a long time, she sighed, "Yang Chen, Yang Chen, how many lifetimes did my Hui’Er owe you? Falling for you is already hard enough, and now she’s missing together with you, if you dare to show up in front of me… I’ll…”

She wanted to say something cruel, but Yun Miao felt that it was meaningless again. Her granddaughter was gone, and it was useless to curse Yang Chen.

As soon as the conversation turned, she murmured with a bitter smile, "If you can bring Hui'Er back to my family and protect my Lin family's only descendant, I won’t hold you accountable, even if Hui’Er can’t be your official wife, it’s fine…”

She also had completely lost her temper after her granddaughter went missing. From the initial anxiousness, until now, she was hoping every single god in this world to show their abilities even if she had to make brutal swearings. 

But at this moment, Yun Miao was shocked by the explosion of lightning!

She only felt a purple blue light flashing at the Demon Lock Tower in front of her and suddenly two familiar figures sank from mid-air!

"Hui'Er! Yang Chen!?"

Yun Miao thought that she was dazing but after looking carefully, it was indeed Yang Chen and her granddaughter in her Taoist robe. It was so shocking until she almost forgot to react!

After a long pause, she finally remembered to call the others. She then rushed forward, picking up the unconscious Huilin first to see how she was doing.

During the examination, she was shocked to find that the strength of the meridians in Huilin's body was far different from the past!

What made her even more shocked was that her own innate True Qi could not gain access into her body at all. The strong energy in her, not surprisingly, was the True Yuan that could only be available in the Soul Forming Stage!

How did they actually come out from the Demon Lock Tower after missing for so many days inexplicably? Moreover, what exactly did Huilin experience? How did she directly cross the Xiantian Stage and enter the Soul Forming Stage?

Could it be that Yang Chen did something for her?

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with her granddaughter, she sighed with relief and was a little bit delighted. Yun Miao then remembered Yang Chen lying on the side, and quickly put Huilin down and went over to check.

It was at that moment Yun Miao felt her heart sinking suddenly!

Yang Chen seemed to be enduring a fierce torture, lying on the ground, his body constantly curled up and stretched. His entire body was faintly exuding dark gray treacherous energy, his eyes were closed tightly, and his throat made a hoarse sound like gear rubbing...

When he seemed to have reached a limit, he finally couldn't help it, and opened his eyes screaming angrily!

A pair of scarlet eyes gleam with gloom, decayed like a demon, completely unlike human pupils, scaring Yun Miao to the core!