Just as Yun Miao didn't know what to do, she saw Yang Chen who seemed to have exhausted all his energy after his shout. He then passed out right after!

At this time, a large crowd of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade members and Shushan disciples who heard the scream also ran out. Seeing Yun Miao with the man and woman on the ground by the Demon Lock Tower, they all showed a look of surprise.

Yun Miao clutched her violently jumping chest, she spoke with flickering eyes, "Help Young Master Yang and Huilin to rest in the rooms, inform the general and say that they are back..."

Several executives of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade didn’t hesitate and nodded. Even if they were confused, they didn’t dare to ask further.

Yun Miao squinted her eyes and looked up and down at the Demon Lock Tower, how suspicious....


However, no one knew, at this moment, Yang Chen was undergoing a stalemate battle in his sea of divine sense.

In a chaotic void, he once again saw the Chaos that turned into his own appearance, and this time, the image of it was particularly clear and substantial. It was way stronger than the previous time!

Yang Chen felt that his figure was constantly being pulled towards the Chaos, and if this continued, there was no doubt that he would be merged, in other words, swallowed!

"Little kid, this is unexpected huh! Although the ninety-nine layers of the Purple Blue Heavenly Lightning is different from normal lightning, it is transformed by the purest Heaven and Earth Energy. Now more than half of it has been swallowed by me, we shall see how you are going to fight against me!" Chaos said with a wide grin.

Yang Chen relied on his steel-like willpower to control his soul, and his heart was tickled with hatred.

When he came out of the tower, in order to avoid the Purple Blue Heavenly Lightning from causing a devastating blow to himself and Huilin, in desperation, he had no choice but to let the Chaos swallow the heavenly lightning.

Unexpectedly, as far as Chaos was concerned, these purple blue heavenly lightning were not just harmless, but also its favorite nutrient!

The purple blue heavenly lightning was the essence of the heaven and earth spiritual aura gathered by the Demon Realm, and it was more than precious. The Chaos was definitely lucky enough to catch it on the spot!

That way, the vitality of the Chaos recovered rapidly in the process of exiting the tower, and now it had grown to an extremely dangerous level.

Yang Chen felt that he could no longer completely suppress the Chaos. As long as he gave it a slight chance, it would be difficult to guarantee the possibility of him regaining the control of his own body!

By that time, his soul will be swallowed by the Chaos, and he would no longer be his true self!

This was definitely something Yang Chen couldn't let happen, and it was also unacceptable to him, but sadly...what’s done is done, he couldn’t do anything else.

"What is it boy, are you still unwilling to subdue... Contributing the body of a mortal to your supremacy is your privilege," the Chaos grinned evilly.

Yang Chen sneered, "Nonsense! You are just a sealed beast yet you are trying to occupy your master’s body instead of being my slave obediently, what a joke!”

The Chaos felt provoked and laughed in anger, "Okay... I shall see how long you can sustain! Now that your supremacy has recovered quite an amount of vitality, as soon as you use a little True Yuan, I can turn it upside down and drive you crazy then naturally your body will still be controlled by me. Kid, I dare you to not use your cultivation base and we shall see if you can survive! Hehe, I know that there are many ones who wish to drink your blood and eat your flesh in this world. If you are smart enough, let me take possession of your body obediently, then no one shall touch you..."

Yang Chen knew that it was telling the truth, once it recovers to a certain level, it could control his core as soon as he uses his True Yuan. 

He was currently regretting secretly for touching the Chaos Cauldron back then, or else he wouldn’t have to deal with this one right here.

Then again, without this Chaos Cauldron, he probably would not be able to live till now.

The Chaos seemed to be satisfied, waiting for Yang Chen to reluctantly surrender control, waiting to be swallowed by it, so without saying a few words, he stopped struggling with Yang Chen and silently withdrew its divine sense.

Yang Chen finally defended his soul, and after calming down his mind, he felt his meridians clearly.

He slowly opened his eyes and took a few breaths of fresh air.

What appeared before him was a pretty face with happy tears because of excitement and joy.

"Brother Yang, you finally woke up," Huilin wiped her tears from her slightly swollen eyes.

The girl was still wearing a simple and elegant green robe, her silky black hair placed behind her back and she hasn't managed herself much yet.

"Huilin..." Yang Chen chuckled lightly, "Fortunately, you are fine..."

Slowly sitting up, Yang Chen looked around and found that he was in a room. Subconsciously using his cultivation base, thinking of dispersing his divine sense to check around...

As soon as he used the True Yuan in his core, he felt a tingling pain in his head!

His soul trembled and his mind went blank instantly, he nearly lost his own mind!

Yang Chen hurriedly stopped using the True Yuan, but instead brought up the exercises of the "Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture" and performed a rational suppression before he recovered.

But this time, it also caused him to break into a cold sweat, and his face went pale.

Huilin was so shocked that she stretched out her bare hand and touched Yang Chen's forehead, "Big Brother Yang, are you okay? You don’t look good all of a sudden."

Yang Chen didn't dare to tell the girl that if he hadn't reacted just now, he would’ve almost let the Chaos take advantage of him. He then smiled and said, "I still have lingering fears when I think of the situation in the tower just now.”

Huilin simply believed that it was true and nodded in agreement. However, thinking that she and Yang Chen flew out so close to each other, experiencing a test of life and death, she blushed sweetly.

Yang Chen didn't notice the girl's charming and shy gesture at the moment, as he was still depressed about his own condition.

It seems that the Chaos was not bluffing. Let alone fighting wildly, the usage of a little bit of True Yuan would give it a chance to "rebel."

In this way, wouldn't it be necessary for me to be restrained in the future?

Although his physical fitness and fighting skills were as brutal as in the past, it was as though "returning to a state before liberation overnight" when compared with the cultivation base during the Tribulation Passing Stage!

Fortunately, he was out of the tower and the Space Laws could be used again. Maybe he should spend some time thinking about the unique knowledge of the gods. If he could master it until Athena’s level, Tribulation Passing Stage cultivation base would be nothing.

Of course, Yang Chen didn't have such a good mentality to give up the hard-won cultivation base, but for the time being, he couldn't think of a way to suppress the Chaos safely, so he had to take his time.

He had seen many disasters and been through more than one or two setbacks, so he wouldn’t feel defeated because of this. Things would eventually go back on track in time, every problem has a solution. 

Despite the solemness and unhappiness, Yang Chen asked Huilin where this place was and what was the situation.

It turned out that after Yun Miao found the two of them, he asked them to bring us back to one of the rooms in Shushan to rest.

Huilin didn’t take long to wake up but Yang Chen showed no sign of waking up, and he always showed a hideous expression.

Yun Miao knew that this was not something external forces could help with, so she planned to wait and observe the situation.

After a day and night, Yang Chen finally woke up.

"Big Brother Yang, it's February 8th now. We have been in the Demon Realm for more than half a month, and the time inside and the outside are indeed synchronized," Hui Lin said happily.

Yang Chen muttered silently for a while, "On the eighth, isn't Chinese New Year in two days?"

"Yes, that’s why grandma said that we came back in time, saying that when you wake up, we will return to Beijing for the New Year," Huilin had forgotten all her sorrows at this moment, and she was full of energy.

Yang Chen smiled and nodded, remembering something, and asked, "You told your grandma about what happened to us in the Demon Realm?"

"Well, grandma asked me, so I told her. This... should be fine right?" Huilin said carefully.

Yang Chen knew that Huilin's knowledge was limited, and signaled that it was fine, so that the girl was at ease.

For the people of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, the Demon Realm was too far away from them, and it might only be recorded in a confidential, but they wouldn’t investigate further.

However, this demon lock tower might have to be enclosed particularly tightly in the future to avoid any further accidents.

Abbess Yun Miao was relieved to see Yang Chen wake up, but she couldn't detect his current awkward situation. Instead, she just urged Yang Chen to return to Beijing, as to stabilize the situation over there.

Yang Chen couldn't use True Yuan to fly anymore, so he could only choose to take a helicopter to the nearest airport and fly back to Beijing. This made Yun Miao and Huilin feel baffled, since when was he so down to earth.