Yang Chen, who was in the helicopter returning to Beijing couldn't help wondering how far Yu Xuening, who was on the first floor of the Tongtian Tower, had hit the cripple.

He assumed that she wasn’t the kind of hot-blooded and reckless woman, she should have her own plans, so he tried his best to think positively.

At least, it now seemed that Wen Tao didn't come out with him. This was good news, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to him.

Yun Miao had already reported the news of Yang Chen's return to Beijing earlier, and the Yang family had naturally received the notice. It was indeed joyous news for the family.

The initially tense atmosphere was settled down now with Yang Chen's return.

Many of the Beijing families, political circles, and military forces who were paying close attention to them had lost their ravenous eyes, and layed low once again.

There were also many who were about to puke with hatred. This chaotic demon made people happy in vain. Sure enough, it was not so easy for him to die...

Seems like the heavens didn’t want to destroy the Yang family yet, so the rest should continue to endure...

However,  some people were curious about where Yang Chen went and why he disappeared for so long.

Anyways, New Year's Eve was just around the corner. The entire Yang Residence was full of colourful and brilliant lights in preparation to welcome the New Year, now with Yang Chen's return it could be described as double the happiness.

The entire Yang family's guards had been relieved of their duties at this moment because of the tension before, and they seemed extremely energetic. Two columns lined up neatly outside the compound, clearly telling the entirety of Beijing that they were awaiting for someone’s return.

Knowing that her son had returned safely, Guo Xuehua ran to the ancestral hall, burned incense and kowtowed to the ancestors of the Yang family, dragging Yang Pojun along.

Seeing the few strands of silver hair on his wife's temples, Yang Pojun couldn't bring himself to laugh.

The news of Yang Lie's death was too shocking for Guo Xuehua. She gave birth to two sons. If none of them stayed and she had to send both her children off, the woman in her fifties would probably break down.

Therefore, Yang Pojun didn’t know what to feel about Yang Chen's return. He was happy that this kid was safe, but he was annoyed about the fact that he disappeared for half a month in such a situation?!

Yang Gongming finally stopped frowning after all these days. He smiled and instructed his servants to slaughter many sheeps and cattles, and waited for Yang Chen to come back to have a good meal. Although in the end, Lanlan is the one who will wipe out most of the food.

The old man had always been in good spirits, but he had inevitably become a little haggard under the burden these days.

The maid at home was instructed to run to the back wing to inform the young lady about the news. When Lin Ruoxi heard the news, she was in the middle of giving Lanlan a hot bath in the early morning, and the shower gel bottle in her hand immediately fell into the bathtub.

The little fat girl picked up the bottle, but saw her mother's eyes flushed as if she was about to cry. She cleverly rubbed Lin Ruoxi's arm with her fat and tender face, to please her and to show her comfort.

Lin Ruoxi looked at her daughter with complicated eyes. Although her expression seemed normal, her heart was completely messed up. In addition to the expressions of ecstasy, excitement, and anticipation, she also had a trace of anxiety.

Soon, the news also reached Tang Wan and the other women in Beijing, giving them relief. As for the women in Zhonghai, they didn't know that the man they loved had walked through the doors of hell within the past two weeks.

Yang Chen returned to Beijing using a helicopter, and Yuan Ye drove to pick him up again.

Yang Jieyu and his husband stayed in Beijing with Yuan Ye to celebrate Chinese New Year before returning to Zhonghai. They thought that it was a happy and harmonious time of the year, but they were frightened.

Yuan Ye inevitably asked about what happened to Yang Chen recently. Yang Chen rolled his eyes at him to indicate that he should stop asking.

When he returned to the Yang family compound, near noon, the vast parking lot in front of the door was full of luxurious cars. Obviously, many people came to visit after hearing the news, but in actuality, they wanted to confirm if he was really back.

After the black Mercedes-Benz S600 stopped in front of the house, the two took their time getting down.

"Hey, Brother Chen, it seems that many people are eager for you not to come back," Yuan Ye had been in the Beijing circle with his parents these days, and had matured a lot.

Yang Chen looked at the mirror in the car, touched the scum on his chin, and said vaguely, "Cigarettes?"

Although Yuan Ye didn't smoke, he still had a box of Yellow Crane in the car for his guests. He then opened it and passed Yang Chen a stick.

Yang Chen grabbed the entire bag and stared, "You brat, you have one whole box and you are only giving me one stick? How petty of you…”

Yuan Ye was in tears, you didn’t make yourself clear...

He hadn't smoked for many days. Now that he finally returned to his world, how could he not let himself loose, so he got addicted to smoking again.

It's just that this high-end cigarette wasn’t exciting enough, which made Yang Chen quite unsatisfied.

After holding it in his mouth, Yang Chen subconsciously wanted to use some True Yuan to light the cigarette butt, but he immediately realized his mistake and he had to ‘borrow’ a lighter from Yuan Ye.

It was really inconvenient to be unable to use his cultivation base, Yang Chen thought uncomfortably.

After fixing his hair, Yang Chen looked at his clothes again. Because he hadn't changed for a long time, he had been put on a plain gray sweater and black trousers on Shushan, and he was even wearing a pair of cloth shoes.

He couldn't help but glanced at Yuan Ye's black Giorgio Armani suit in front of him. He grinned and revealed his yellow teeth, almost showing his gums, making Yuan Ye smile with chills.

"Kid, take off your clothes."

"Why, Brother Chen...I'm not into that..." Yuan Ye said nervously.

"What nonsense? Leave your white ass to the girl Tangtang. Your outfit seemed decent, why don’t you lend it to me? Don’t you see that those people are waiting for my gorgeous return, shouldn’t I appear extravagantly?” Yang Chen had already ignored Yuan Ye's resistance, and rushed forward to pull it off by himself.

Yuan Ye sighed bitterly that his kindness was not rewarded. He wouldn’t have picked him up if he knew that this was going to happen. He was indeed a robber's cousin, he even robbed his own younger brother!

At this moment, in the large living room of the front hall of the Yang Residence, Yang Gongming was sitting in the owner's seat, holding a teacup silently waiting.

The other members of the Yang family were eagerly looking forward to it, while Lin Ruoxi was holding Lanlan and standing beside Guo Xuehua.

The chubby little girl was completely disinterested in the fact that so many people got attracted by her father’s return. She held a pack of beef jerky that somebody had stuffed in her hand, chewing it with relish.

On both sides of the living room, there were some clan chiefs from the Yang family's collateral line, as well as some other family representatives in Beijing, even the cadres and military generals above the ministerial level.

Among them, the most eye-catching one was undoubtedly Ning Guangyao, who rushed to put down his work immediately after receiving the report.

But what made them puzzled was that behind Ning Guangyao stood a handsome man in a white suit with long hair and arrogant eyes. He seemed to be too lazy to talk to anyone.

A guard entered the lobby and reported, “Marshal, Young Master Yang Chen’s car is already outside, but I don’t know why he hasn’t gotten off.”

“Go and remind him, so many people who care about him are waiting,” Yang Gongming waved his hand, and his words seemed to have meant something else as well.

Guo Xuehua, who was standing behind, was anxious to go there and open the door for her son in person, and she craned her neck anxiously.

After a while, there was finally movement at the gate, and the moment a familiar figure stepped into the door, most of them gasped and held their breath.

Yang Chen’s messy hair was very flirtatious and there were a few hairs curling up. Wearing a pair of big sunglasses taken from Yuan Ye, covering half of his face, biting the root of the cigarette butt, and spitting out white smoke.

His gray sweater was replaced by the striped shirt worn by Yuan Ye. With the black suit jacket with a pair of leather shoes as slippers because it didn’t fit, he walked into the living room with the ‘tip-tap’ sound.

The serious and unpredictable expressions on everyone's faces all fell apart at this moment, mostly with weird expressions that couldn't help but laugh.

Even Guo Xuehua, who was very excited, stood there blankly when she saw the appearance of her son, not knowing what to say.

"Haha, so many people are waiting for me to eat? My popularity seems to be good, my comrades have worked hard! Haha...Oh, isn't this Minister Wang? Oh, General Li is here too..."

Yang Chen took off his sunglasses as he entered the door, shaking hands with these officials and representatives who he only knew of their existence, just like a leader condoning the masses.