In fact, these people didn't even want to shake hands with this evil star, but Yang Chen was so affectionate, as if they had been close to each other for many years. 

Coupled with the fact that they didn't dare to refute Yang Chen's status, the crowd still showed a welcoming expression.

After a while, these people shook hands with Yang Chen one by one, as if they were really good brothers.

When it was Ning Guangyao’s turn, Yang Chen blinked at Ning Zhengchun who was behind. The others didn’t know but he knew very well that this was one of the figures behind the Ning family. Although his cultivation level was as good, it would still be difficult to deal with him as he had a layer of ‘restriction’.

But because of this, Yang Chen had to look extraordinarily relaxed so as to not show any weaknesses and cause trouble.

Ning Zhengchun was indeed here to see what happened. Yang Chen was already a figure gradually becoming famous in the illusion realm, and the Ning family regarded him as a key target.

It's just that in that moment, Ning Zhengchun felt a strange feeling from Yang Chen, it seemed...his cultivation base was somewhat different from before.

He couldn't feel the obvious cultivation level from Yang Chen! ? It's not the feeling of the cultivation base being abolished, instead it's like a cloud of mist urging him to find out...

He couldn't control his curiosity so Ning Zhengchun disseminated his divine senses, trying to explore more carefully, and slowly approached Yang Chen...

But just as soon as he got closer, he felt an overwhelming madness crushing his own divine sense!

Immediately afterwards, it seemed as if an evil demon had invaded him and there was a force of destruction, trying to hit his own soul, as if he was going to get swallowed!

Thanks to his vigilance, he hurriedly cut off the exploration of the divine sense, where it left Ning Zhengchun with a lingering fear of misfortunes.

Looking at Yang Chen with his smiling face, not to mention how terrible!

Ning Zhengchun's face was pale, and cold sweat broke out behind his back. This was almost impossible for a cultivator who had passed through the Tribulation Passing Stage.

How frightening! This kid is so harmful!

Obviously it was a cultivation base that was even stronger than in the past, but it deliberately hid itself so deeply, waiting for others to explore it, and then secretly backlashes!

What kind of adventure did he have, and how did his cultivation grow so fast?!

If this continued, it could be assumed that only those super masters in the illusion realm who had been famous for more than a hundred years could fight him. It really made Ning Zhengchun feel quite unwilling.

He looked at Yang Chen nervously and seriously, for fear of what Yang Chen would do to him.

But he didn't know that Yang Chen didn't participate in this at all!

Yang Chen didn’t dare to use his cultivation base at this moment, but it didn’t mean that his strength was gone. On the contrary, because the Chaos and Yang Chen had become one, the pure innate spiritual aura obtained by the ninety-nine layers of purple blue heavenly lightning had become a part of Yang Chen's cultivation, but it wasn’t used by him.

As far as his cultivation base was concerned, it had already risen a lot compared to when he was in the Demon Realm. But even he himself didn’t realize that his experience of going out of the tower this time had contra off five hundred years of cultivation.

That being said, it was a big step forward from the arrival of the Shang Qing Heavenly Lightning, but it was a pity that his cultivation base was out of control.

All this happened in the electric flint, which was very natural.

"Premier Ning, I am so flattered with your presence here," Yang Chen said with a faint smile.

"Hehe, of course, you are Ruoxi's husband after all," Ning Guangyao looked at Lin Ruoxi either intentionally or unintentionally as he spoke.

Yang Chen secretly cursed the old fox for not letting go of it at any time. He turned around and walked to Yang Gongming with a smile, "Old man, I was caught up in some trouble these days, is everything okay back home?”

As he spoke, he glanced at the people present here and there which caused most of them to feel chills down their spine.

Yang Gongming squinted his eyes and said with a smile, "The New Year is coming, even if something did happen, it’s a good thing. So many people care about you, and they have all come to see you when they heard about your return, you should also show your gratitude too."

In that moment Yang Chen thought in his heart, I have no desire to take care of them. He then turned around in a pretentious manner and asked everyone if they wanted to stay for lunch.

He asked them to stay, but his facial expression was impatient, and the meaning was obvious - get lost!

These people were all veterans, and they just wanted to see if this bastard got injured or something. However, the result was disappointing. Not only was he safe and sound, he was also even less decent than before!

As a result, the crowd got up to pay a New Year's greeting to Yang Gongming and left one after another.

After all the irrelevant people disappeared, Yang Chen restrained his temper and walked to Yang Gongming and said, "I'm sorry, old man, I couldn't help myself."

Yang Gongming waved his hand, "General Cai has already told me, I understand...Go to the back hall first, don't starve Lanlan."

Yang Chen finally had the time to take a good look at his daughter.

Although he had been with Lanlan for a period of time, seeing this chubby little girl again, he couldn’t help but to tear up a little, as if he had something stuck in his throat and his muscles were trembling.

Yang Chen's strange reaction caused everyone to be confused. It was rare to see him showing such a complicated and deep expression, unlike the ruffian just now.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Chen squeezed out a smile as natural as possible, walked to the side of the mother and daughter, and stretched out his hand at Lin Ruoxi.

"Come, let me hug her."

Yang Chen's voice trembled.

For some reason, Lin Ruoxi felt an inexplicable loss in her heart.

She thought that the first thing he cared about would be herself, but she didn't expect that he wanted to hug the child.

Could it be said that after more than half a month of leaving, it was the child who the man missed so much?

However she kept quiet. After all, there was nothing wrong with it, so she handed Lanlan to him.

Yang Chen carried the heavy girl, Lanlan was looking at him with her round, black eyes, her plump face bulging as she was chewing beef jerky.

He didn't even realize that his eyes were already moistened.

Why hadn’t he noticed previously that except for her chubby body, her facial features when she was young were quite similar to Seventeen as well.

"Daddy, are you crying?" Lanlan asked innocently, "Do you miss Lanlan?"

"Well, yeah, daddy missed Lanlan so much..." Yang Chen wiped his eyes and grinned at his daughter. 

Lanlan also smiled sweetly, "I miss daddy too. Let's go to dinner!"

"Okay, okay, haha", Yang Chen kissed his daughter's cheek, and ignored the beef scraps on it. He showed a satisfied look and he couldn’t even speak properly but smile like an idiot.

This scene made everyone in the Yang family puzzled, and made Lin Ruoxi feel particularly confused and uneasy.

When the group returned to the back hall, Guo Xuehua finally had the opportunity to examine her son from head to toe, touching him for fear of him missing a piece of meat, asking where Yang Chen had gone.

But because the affairs in the Demon Realm were still a secret to the world, Yang Gongming stopped her from asking too many questions. Guo Xuehua also knew what he meant so she didn’t insist as long as her son was fine.

As Yang Chen sat across the table seeing Lanlan clutching a lamb leg and began to bite it, he then withdrew his gaze and turned around. Seeing his wife beside him with a slightly upset expression, his heart thumped...

This was bad, because he was so excited, he left Lin Ruoxi in the cold.

After all, it was the flesh and blood left to him after the death of Seventeen, and Yang Chen couldn't resist this kind of joy that was lost and regained.

After regaining consciousness, he saw Lin Ruoxi wearing a bright red woolen short skirt, black stockings underneath, a white top with fashionable patterns on top, and a light gray knitted long coat.

She set off her plump and bumpy figure exquisitely, yet graceful and gentle.

Although she had a plain face, she had her hair tied up, and her long bangs matched with her outfit perfectly. She was really a stunningly beautiful young woman who attracts people's attention, charming indeed.

Dressing up like this was inconsistent with Lin Ruoxi's low-key appearance as much as possible on weekdays. It was obvious that it was designed to welcome her husband back.

But unfortunately, he focused his attention on Lanlan, and didn't put much attention on her, no wonder the woman was silent and looked down.

Yang Chen smiled and moved to Lin Ruoxi's side, "My dear Ruoxi, you are really getting more and more beautiful, I almost didn't recognize you just now. Did you miss me these days?”