Unexpectedly, Lin Ruoxi glanced at him expressionlessly, picked up a vegetable with her chopsticks and put it in Lanlan’s bowl as if she hadn’t heard Yang Chen’s words, and said to her daughter, “Don’t always eat meat, eat more vegetables.”

Lanlan raised up her greasy little round face, and without using chopsticks, she directly sucked the vegetables in the small bowl into her mouth like noodles, and took a few bites then swallowed it.

As if she had completed the task, the chubby little girl continued to gnaw on the lamb leg in her hands with relish.

Lin Ruoxi reluctantly touched her daughter's head and asked her to eat slowly. She then started to eat gradually, ignoring Yang Chen.

Seeing that this woman didn't pay attention to what he said, Yang Chen hummed and ate a few mouthfuls, wondering how he could make up for his mistake.

In fact, Yang Chen's psychological burden was not small at this moment, and Lanlan's identity couldn’t be kept forever. Sooner or later, he would have to let Lin Ruoxi know.

Seventeen was not like other women. She was the one who almost caused him and Ruoxi to separate in the beginning. If Lin Ruoxi knew that her beloved adopted daughter was actually the bloodline of Seventeen, no matter how magnanimous she was, she would feel grievous. 

What's more, Yang Chen didn't think Lin Ruoxi was that generous.

Thinking of this, Yang Chen couldn't help feeling uneasy, especially wanting to curry favor with his wife.

After the family dinner, Guo Xuehua asked Lin Ruoxi to accompany Yang Chen to the room to rest. Although his body shape had not changed at all, Guo Xuehua was saying that her son got skinnier, which made him a little bit dumbfounded.

Lanlan fell fast asleep after she finished her food. Guo Xuehua took her granddaughter to rest in the backyard, not wanting to disturb the reunion of Yang Chen and his wife.

Although the elderly’s didn't say anything, they all noticed that Lin Ruoxi was very upset with Yang Chen's actions. Although it was a bit strange, since when was he so affectionate towards his daughter? Then again, they all kept quiet.

While walking back to their room and locked the door as soon as he entered, Yang Chen hugged Lin Ruoxi's waist as she didn’t resist

Lin Ruoxi looked at Yang Chen silently, standing coldly, like an expressionless ceramic doll.

They looked into each other’s eyes calmly for a moment, and they could hear each other's breathing.

Yang Chen gulped and rushed forward, hugging the ice beauty tightly, lifting her head with one hand, and kissed the woman's delicate cherry lips heavily.

Lin Ruoxi groaned softly, closing her teeth tightly, seeming to be resisting the man's sudden offensive as the sullen and grieve feeling in her heart was still fighting back.

Yang Chen knew that it would be more useful to invade her body and soften her heart rather than talking it out when she stays silent.

He slipped his hand into her white collar, touching down, and gradually along the delicate chest, rubbing against the silky bra, supporting half of her mountains.

Her skin that was as tender as a newborn baby, under the slight touch of Yang Chen, exuded a faint pink halo.

Lin Ruoxi's delicate body trembled slightly, every inch of soft flesh was tingling, her lips were ravaged into various shapes, and she finally couldn't hold her back, causing Yang Chen's tongue to drive straight in.

The luscious juice made Yang Chen hum in enjoyment, and the movements of his hands didn't stop. He slid his hand down on the beautiful woman's hips, gently pinching her soft flesh.

But somehow, Yang Chen felt the hot liquid falling on his cheeks, and it was gradually being ground away. When there was more of it, it fell to the corner of his mouth and he noticed a hint of salty taste.

Yang Chen raised his head blankly, parted his lips and tongue, looking at the pitiful woman who was weeping, he felt like a child who did something wrong and felt embarrassed.

"Honey, you... why are you crying? Hey, just tell me if you don't want to, don't cry!”

Yang Chen withdrew his hand that was still doing evil on the woman's chest, bringing out an elegant milky fragrance, and wanted to wipe the tears off for Lin Ruoxi.

But Lin Ruoxi pushed Yang Chen’s hand away, she said angrily with reddish eyes, "Do I look that easy to you?! Am I so easily bullied!? You rushed forward without asking anything, do you think that you can heal wounds just like that? Do you know that for so many days I can’t sleep well at night, I kept on having nightmares, and I worry about it during the day. My head was full of voices about what’s going on with you, for fear of what’s wrong with you. Yet I have to pretend to be at ease and take care of Lanlan. And there’s you who left us for half a month without any notice, do you know that we were kidnapped!? Do you know that Lanlan was beaten by someone? Do you know!? You didn’t bother to ask anything and you didn’t even say a word to me when you entered the door. How cruel of you…”

Yang Chen felt as if he got hit by a hammer in the head. After a while, fire began to burst into his eyes, and he asked fiercely, "Who did it..."

Lin Ruoxi choked on her tears, "They say it’s the Liang family, knowing that you are no longer here, so they are trying to take revenge on us. They even asked us for your practices. They all have the strength of the peak level in the Houtian Stage, Lanlan was thrown on the ground by them and got kicked around, but she chose to keep quiet…”

"What happened later..." Yang Chen felt that his heart was about to be crushed into pieces, why didn’t anyone tell him about it?!

Lin Ruoxi wiped her eyes and told what happened afterwards, "Lanlan said that I killed those people, but I don't remember what I did. I passed out at the time, and General Cai and the others didn't know what’s going on."

Yang Chen's clenched fists trembled for a long time before slowly letting go. He didn't expect that after leaving for such a short time, his family nearly collapsed. Sure enough, he was cutting the grass without getting rid of the roots, and there were endless troubles.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi's haggard and sad face, Yang Chen felt sympathy for her. As for whether Lin Ruoxi had killed those people, he didn't bother to ask more questions even though he was puzzled.

Since so many people couldn’t find out the reason, asking more would only give his lover a headache. As long as the mother and daughter were fine, the rest was nothing.

As a father, Yang Chen was also relieved that Lan Lan was able to keep the secret. She really deserved to be his own flesh and blood, and she already had the fierceness to not fear life and death at such a young age.

Yang Chen sighed, helped Lin Ruoxi sit on the bed, and grabbed the woman's hand and said, "I know that you have been wronged these days, and no one mentioned that so many things have happened. You didn’t know that I was risking my life this time as well, I thought that I’d never be able to see you all again…”

That being said, Lin Ruoxi’s cry was stopped. After all, she still cared about Yang Chen’s safety and stared at him blankly. 

Yang Chen let out a sigh of relief. It would be easier to deal with her when she didn’t cry, and he said with earnestness,"I don't say much to outsiders, but you are my wife and we should share the same mind. Of course, I will tell you where I was and what happened…”

This made Lin Ruoxi feel happy. After all, even Guo Xuehua and the others didn't know about it, but Yang Chen wanted to tell her alone.

No matter how smart a woman was, she also liked to be special in the mind of her lover. She knew that he was deliberately coaxing her, but she still accepted it nicely. Given that the man was someone she liked.

Yang Chen tried to tell the story of the Demon Realm as simply as possible. As for the ambiguity with Huilin and the acceptance of Huilin, he didn't dare to say a word as he didn’t want to agitate Lin Ruoxi again.

Moreover, Yang Chen didn't mention that he could no longer use his cultivation base, lest Lin Ruoxi worry.

But when she heard the story, she was shocked and she felt less resentful towards Yang Chen. But her exquisite mind would obviously not believe his words completely and immediately said suspiciously, "That Yu Xuening should be big beauty right, did she fall for you that’s why she helped you this much?”

Yang Chen was embarrassed and touched his nose, “What kind of nonsense is this, am I the kind of man who touches beasts?”

Lin Ruoxi frowned and thought about it, no matter how beautiful they were still foxes. Human and foxes? It's disgusting to think about it.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Ruoxi asked again, "What about Huilin? You and her..."

"Stop!" Yang Chen hurriedly refused to let the woman continue to ask, and said sincerely, "My dear, how can you doubt your husband so much? I wanted to come back desperately to meet you. If you keep on saying that, I will be heartbroken."

Lin Ruoxi's moist eyes flowed with a few strands of thoughts, and her eyes turned cold, “The more you act this way, the more I feel that there is a problem, Yang Chen, honestly, wouldn't you really get along with Huilin again..."