Yang Chen's scalp was numb as he was always a little afraid of his wife, especially when he did something bad. Knowing that he would be defeated if he didn't use his final weapon, he took something out from his space ring.

Although his cultivation base can't be arbitrarily moved, the space ring and other props that could be used without the need of True Yuan, it still wouldn’t interfere.

Lin Ruoxi had a change in expression, she couldn't help covering her small cherry mouth with her two hands subconsciously, looking at what Yang Chen suddenly took out with her beautiful eyes.

It was a huge gem shining with rosy brilliance. The gem had not been polished before, but the original nature of beauty gave amorous feelings, which was already fascinating.

It's not that Lin Ruoxi was ignorant, but the woman had never seen such a big gem, and she never doubted that it could break the world record!

Even if it was held in both her hands, this ruby ​​was still much larger in size, and she couldn’t imagine how many ladies would covet it if it’s placed outside!

Lin Ruoxi was not a saint, her resistance to jewelry was similar to that of most women, but she had a higher taste. However, no matter how rich she was, she had never dreamed of getting such a huge gem as a gift!

Yang Chen was secretly proud inside. This was the biggest ruby ​​he found, and it was useless to keep it to himself, it was to make his women happy.

"Honey, I killed a very powerful dragon and found this from its dragon nest. At that time, I wanted to get out of that broken place and give you the gems. Now I can finally grant my wish," Yang Chen said while putting the gem on Lin Ruoxi's hands.

Feeling the density of the gem, Lin Ruoxi was convinced that she was not dreaming. Yang Chen had said before that he would give her a gemstone with the size of a bull’s eye, but she never had it. Instead, he gave Mo Qianni a precious pink diamond, and she was furious!

This time, after finally giving herself a gem that was big enough, Lin Ruoxi felt that she had restored her status as the main lady.

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah..." Lin Ruoxi looked at it lovingly and nodded gently.

Yang Chen let out a sigh of relief as she finally stopped asking about Huilin. He smiled and said, "I’ll ask Ron to find a better gemstone craftsman. This gem is too big and it can be cut into a whole set of ruby ​​jewelry, and then platinum will be used for you. It should match you very well."

Lin Ruoxi clung to the big gem and shook her head, "No, I don’t feel safe handing it to others. Besides, I’ll just look at it myself. If you bring it out and the other women see it, you’ll have to give it to them as well.”

Yang Chen's facial muscles twitched, and he looked at the woman who was ‘protecting her food’, had she thought so far already? "Baby, is it possible for you to just keep it hiding under the box like this?"

Lin Ruoxi nodded her head as it should be, and she was delighted to treat this gem as a private collection, and no one shall touch it.

Yang Chen didn't dare to say that he still had a lot of these colorful gems in his ring, for fear that Lin Ruoxi would take it all out, how would he deal with the other women in the future.

"Hey, my dear Ruoxi, you can now believe that I am sincere for you right?" Yang Chen took the opportunity to smile and cling onto her, just like an evil wolf.

Lin Ruoxi didn't want him to be too smug, but it was really hard to conceal her joy, and she proactively kissed the man's face, "I suppose you do have it for me, but don't let me find out that you are giving it to some other women.”

"Why would I?!" Yang Chen spoke righteously, but he broke a cold sweat behind him. This woman was too comprehensive in her thinking, he would need to hand the rest out secretly.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi holding the gem in her hand, she was more beautiful than any flower in the world and her charming smile was amazing. Yang Chen finally couldn’t resist his hunger and thirst for so many days and the tiger threw the woman down on the big bed!

The ruby ​​in Lin Ruoxi's hand fell out and onto the pillow, and there was no time to take care of it. The man's big hand was already pulling on herself, teasing every sensitive part of her.

"Ah...you...why are you so desperate...take a bath first..."

Yang Chen's head was already buried in the center of the two jade peaks, and he greedily kissed that spot passionately, sucking the fragrance of women, "Can't wait... I’ve been holding back for too long..."

"It's been so many days, a while wouldn’t..."

 "Why don't we shower together."

"Hmph, you definitely want to do it in the bathtub, I'm not fooled..."

"Then behave, oh woman, what kind of skirt are you wearing, where are the buttons..."

Yang Chen touched everywhere randomly, without knowing if he was looking for a button or pinching her buttocks. He went inside to find the button without hesitation…

 Lin Ruoxi was helpless toward him and holding his hand between her legs would only be boring. She was also turned on by him now so she just let him in and did whatever he wanted.

Tenderness and sweetness, lingering, hormonal stimulation, they were already instinctively squirming.

After a while, Yang Chen had already hugged her two slender and beautiful legs. Her tall and curled feet, and her round toes like lotus root curled up cutely, showing her tension.

But after a tactful cry, what was left was endless harmony... 

For more than two hours, the battle died down before the evening, and two maids were sent by Guo Xuehua in the middle, thinking to tell the couple that Lanlan was awake, but after hearing some movement inside, the maids blushed and hurriedly ran away.

Guo Xuehua had been through all these and she knew what separation meant for newlyweds. She was so happy that she hoped that the young couple would have a child soon, and she simply took her granddaughter to the Children's Palace to study, which was initially Lin Ruoxi’s job.

In the bedroom, the curtains were drawn and the bedside lamps were lit.

On the comfortable big bed, Lin Ruoxi, with her two slender legs, was clinging half of her fair body lazily on Yang Chen's chest. Her hazy eyes were half opened, her eyelashes trembling, and she was full of afterthoughts.

Some women would probably never experience this kind of pinnacle enjoyment in their entire lives, but her husband could easily do it. This was indeed a major advantage of this lustful bad man.

Yang Chen was also quite comfortable. He put his arms around the woman's scented shoulders, with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He didn’t even bother to cover up, the big guy down there was still standing nicely.

Satisfied Lin Ruoxi also recovered her strength in a short while, after all, her cultivation these days were not in vain, and after standing up gracefully, she gave Yang Chen a peck on the face.

"Honey, I have an idea about Huilin," Lin Ruoxi said suddenly.

Yang Chen was still relaxed just now, and he blinked and asked, "What?"

"The movie "Sword Fairy" invested by Yulei Entertainment took up almost 2.5 billion including the pre-production and post-production. The amount of investment made this time is definitely one of the best in China, and this is a play that Yulei Entertainment intends to be the fulcrum. It can only succeed but not fail and it is not an exaggeration..."

"Wait," Yang Chen frowned. "What does this have to do with Huilin?"

Lin Ruoxi said with a smile, "Huilin is the female lead for this. She was the biggest gimmick that attracted so many advertisers to join the movie and promoted it to the European and American markets. After all, she was the superstar to be as anticipated by Christine. It’s just that the mess previously got her too many negative effects, but in the entertainment industry, this kind of news report came like a scourge, and it will be gone in no time… Also, there's 2 days until the movie premieres on the Spring Festival file. Now, because of the uncertainty of Huilin’s appearance,there are already many reports on the Internet. If Huilin does not appear, I am afraid the movie might lose a large number of fans who watch the movie just to see Huilin. It would be a huge blow to Yulei Entertainment and a huge loss to the company."

Yang Chen showed a hint of comprehension, and suddenly slapped Lin Ruoxi's beautiful buttocks with a wicked smile with one hand, with a crisp sound, full of elasticity!

"Lin Ruoxi, don’t think that your husband is a fool. There are different opinions? Can you show me the evidence? Huilin has been out of the entertainment circle for so many days. If no one is behind the scenes, which media will help propagandize like this? You want Huilin to come back don’t you!?” 

Lin Ruoxi gently touched the place where she was beaten, he indeed slapped her hard.

"So what, I can't just watch the company's big investment go down the drain. With this movie as a springboard, the scale of the entire Yulei Entertainment industry chain will expand rapidly. We only need to operate properly and spend a little money to open up the relationship between various mainstream media, Huilin's image can be restored through the premiere of this film. This is also a good thing for Huilin, to let her continue to do what she likes."