Yang Chen took a puff of his cigarette and threw the cigarette butt away before huffing on Lin Ruoxi’s face.

Lin Ruoxi coughed at his surprise attack and pinched his waist. Although she knew he wouldn’t feel a thing from it, she still insisted on punishing him to relieve her anger.

“Why did you do that?!”

“To knock some sense into you,” Yang Chen was displeased, “Lin Ruoxi, aren’t you being too materialistic? It’s just a branch, let it go bankrupt. Why must you pull Hui Lin back from Mount Emei? Do you really want her to put up an act to restore her reputation so that you can earn money? It's not like you’re desperate for money, why would you trouble your sister?”

Lin Ruoxi tightened her jaw and glared at him, “What? Are you the only one who cares for her? Grandma taught me how to be a businessman ever since I was young. Shouldn’t I care about money as a businessman? Am I supposed to only care about women like you? I’m not desperate for money but what about my employees? What about those on the production team? Who’s gonna pay for their bills? They have families, careers and dreams! They’ve been working hard for the movie and Hui Lin went missing because of her reasons. Everything is a mess now. Is it fair for them? Is this only about money? I’m sure that Hui Lin will consider my suggestion and agree to it. I’m not forcing her to work, I just want her to get back to her beloved stage and perform for everyone else.”

Yang Chen turned silent. She was right, Hui Lin did burden those people and he was partly responsible for it.

“Are you sure? I don’t want her to be in the centre of the attention only to be bashed by everyone else. Old lady Yun Miao would kill me.” Yang Chen muttered.

Lin Ruoxi gave him a side-eye, “Is something going on between the both of you? It seems like you really don’t want her to have a comeback. Are you hiding something from me?”

Yang Chen feigned calm, “No way, I’m her brother-in-law.”

Lin Ruoxi didn’t think much about it and she nodded, “I suppose you wouldn’t be that reckless to lay your hands on Hui Lin. That’d make you a beast!”

Yang Chen was filled with regret. He was already worse than a beast.

He was a disappointment but he didn’t have a choice. Hui Lin was head over heels for him and he had rejected her many times but after that near-death experience, he succumbed to his desires. 

Now that Hui Lin knew about his true feelings, she couldn’t possibly let him go. She might be innocent, but she was serious about her feelings. There was no way she would back down.

Seeing how Lin Ruoxi was planning on restoring the movie and Hui Lin’s reputation, Yang Chen sighed internally. How should he tell her the truth without making her upset?

Right at this moment, Lin Ruoxi’s eyes brightened as if she was reminded of something.

“Is Hui Lin’s phone still working?” She asked.

“Uh…should be turned off.”

“Then I will contact her through Abbess Yun Miao. I’ve come up with a plan, it’ll definitely work.” While saying so, Lin Ruoxi jumped off the bed and started putting on her clothes.

Yang Chen forced a smile, “Do you need to be in a hurry? Besides, you’re not the President anymore.”

“Yeah, but Xue Minghe can’t handle this well so I’ll have to do this myself,” Lin Ruoxi said while tidying her hair, “There’s only two more days left, I have to bring Hui Lin back as soon as possible.”

Yang Chen’s heart skipped a beat. Their relationship would be revealed if Hui Lin came back. This was bad timing.

Suddenly, Yang Chen slapped his thigh as though he remembered something, “Ah, Ruoxi, we’re in trouble!”

“What’s wrong?” Lin Ruoxi turned around.

Yang Chen furrowed his brows, “Remember I told you that Hui Lin ascended to the Soul Forming stage with Yu Xuening’s help? She will be brought to Hongmeng by the Absolute Sword Taoist. How can she be an artist then?”

Lin Ruoxi was startled for a short moment but she immediately came up with a plan, “How about this? Isn’t the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade a link to Hongmeng in the mundane world? If Hui Lin was part of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade and a popular worldwide superstar, would Hongmeng make an exception for her? Since she can’t disappear from the public eye.”

Yang Chen’s jaw dropped and he looked at his wife in awe.

“Would it work?”

“I think it will since you managed to bribe that Hongmeng Messenger with medicinal pills last time. I don’t think they’re that strict. Hui Lin would have to fly overseas often if she continues to work. We could just bribe them again. Besides, with Hui Lin’s relationship with Abbess Yun Miao, it’d make sense to say that Hui Lin is part of the government?” Lin Ruoxi analysed the situation. 

Yang Chen was almost brought to tears. He thought he had come up with the perfect plan to stop Hui Lin from making a comeback but Lin Ruoxi made it sound like it was no big deal.

Indeed, with a grandfather who was the previous General of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, Hui Lin could probably get an exception from Hong Meng. It would be almost similar to how the descendants of the four major clans were exempted from it. 

Hongmeng cared about their loyalty towards the country. As long as the society doesn’t get harmed, they wouldn’t be too strict about it or else Yan Feiyu wouldn’t have been allowed to build a nunnery for cultivation.

“Talk to General Cai about this. I’m sure he can contact the Hongmeng Messenger. I’m looking forward to hearing some good news.” Lin Ruoxi winked at him before walking out of the room with light steps. With her mobile phone in hand, she started making calls to take care of other matters.

Yang Chen laid dead on the bed, knocked down by her comebacks. Lin Ruoxi was obviously doing this to keep Hui Lin away from him but she sounded so rational.

Having left with no choice, Yang Chen could only call Cai Yuncheng. Cai Yuncheng was delighted to hear this and even though he wasn’t expecting to make use of Hui Lin’s cultivation, it would be helpful to gain approval from Hongmeng.

Ever since that incident with Lin Zhiguo, Hongmeng had a better impression on the General of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade so they gave him a contact number.

Cai Yuncheng was meaning to inform the Absolute Sword Taoist about the Ten Thousand Demon Realm and he could also mention Hui Lin to him.

Other than that, Yang Chen also asked him about the incident when Lin Ruoxi and Lanlan were kidnapped.

He didn’t believe that they were after his cultivation technique and he was more sceptical about the hidden clan or some other people in Hongmeng.

Unfortunately, Cai Yuncheng didn’t really know what exactly happened and he got nothing from the investigation so there was no way of knowing if Lin Ruoxi really killed those people.

Yang Chen was slightly disappointed, doubtful of his father-in-law’s capability but he didn’t dare to make any comments as he was dating two of his daughters.

After taking care of that, Yang Chen calmed down and combed through his thoughts. 

Firstly, he had to think of a way to control his cultivation and deal with Lanlan’s matter. Minjuan was still in Zhonghai and he had to talk to her.

At the same time, he couldn’t forget about Yu Xuening who was still in the Ten Thousand Demon Realm. Although she told him to leave her to settle everything, Yang Chen couldn’t possibly do so.

After all, he and Hui Lin could only leave the realm because of her help.

Yang Chen could only think on the bright side, hoping that she could protect herself.

Having thought about all this, Yang Chen picked up his mobile phone once again and dialled Jane’s number. He should inform Jane about how he lost control of his cultivation, at least she could do a check-up on him.

The call went through quickly and Jane’s excited voice was heard, “My dear Yang Chen! Is it really you? Are you really back?!”

Yang Chen could hear her excitement through the phone, “Did you know about my disappearance too?”

“Of course, I’m always thinking about you but I was too far away so I didn’t know much about your whereabouts,” Jane grumbled.

Her words made Yang Chen smile. It always felt good to have someone care about him, “Little Jane, how’s your cultivation going?”

Jane didn’t hate the way he called her with the nickname from Catherine.

“It’s going slowly, I’m still at the Houtian stage. China kungfu is perplexing, it could actually elevate my organ function and increase the vitality of my cells. There is no scientific explanation to this!” Jane the scientist was troubled.

Yang Chen chuckled, she always had such interesting thoughts but his laugh quickly turned to a sigh, “Let’s not talk about this first. I’m in trouble now and I need you to do a check up on me.”

Jane turned anxious, “Dear, are you having migraines again?”

“It’s not migraines, it’s something worse than that. I can’t use my cultivation now.” Yang Chen reiterated the whole incident.  

Jane was quiet for a moment and she replied in a cool-headed manner, “If that’s the case, you don’t have to fly to London, I’ll go to Beijing and treat it as  though I’m there for Chinese New Year. This way I won’t attract others attention and it’ll be safer.”