Yang Chen was impressed with her meticulousness. It seemed like a fairly simple matter but they did have to consider some things. Yang Chen agreed to it immediately, as others shouldn’t know about his situation.

However, now that Yang Chen and Jane shared an intimate relationship, he hoped that he wouldn’t be busted by Lin Ruoxi soon.

Yang Chen felt as though he could no longer keep his chin up in front of Lin Ruoxi. Although his heart was touched by all the love he had been receiving from his lovers, the pressure from Lin Ruoxi was too much to bear.

At the thought of his lovers, Yang Chen was reminded of Rose and Cai Ning who were still on the Mediterranean Sea. Would they blame him for not contacting them for a long time? 

Another thought entered Yang Chen’s mind which made him slap himself on the forehead. He was such a fool! If they could have Hui Lin exempted from going to Hongmeng, could they do the same for Cai Ning? After all, she was an official member of the Group of Eight.

With that in mind, Yang Chen immediately contacted Cai Ning.

Cai Ning answered the call with a cheerful tone, knowing that Yang Chen had returned safely but she was feeling down and resentful before this since Yang Chen hadn’t called her for days.

Yang Chen coaxed her with sweet words before discussing with her about the exemption.

Cai Ning giggled at this, “Hubby, have you forgotten that the General is my father? He asked me this a long time ago.”

Yang Chen was startled, “Then why didn’t you tell me about this? Were you rejected?”

“No, I don't want my dad to break the rules, I can’t have him breaking the rules just for me. Plus, I’m the same as Rose, it doesn’t really matter where I’m at. The island has a good environment and it's peaceful. The people here are friendly and respectful, we have no reason to request this.” Cai Ning replied.

Yang Chen sounded gloomy, “The two of you don’t want to be by my side?”

“We can go back if Ruoxi is fine with it.” Cai Ning teased him.

Yang Chen was immediately out of wits. That was impossible.

“Alright, pass the phone to Rose. I’d like to talk to her. What is she up to?”

“She's fishing now cause she said she wants seafood barbecue for lunch. Mister Ron brought us a chef but she insisted on cooking it herself. I couldn’t stop her.” 

Yang Chen was now convinced that they were having the best time of their lives and was also relieved to hear that.

While they were talking, Rose was sitting on a giant rock by the sea with a fishing rod in hand.

She was wearing a big pair of purple sunglasses, pursing her lips as she waited attentively for the fishes to take the bait.

The Hawaiian styled bikini accentuated her figure which flaunted all her curves.

Cai Ning came next to her with a few leaps and handed the phone to her, “A call from hubby.”

Rose was still focused on the sea. She didn’t pick up the phone, nonchalantly asking Cai Ning, “He’s back? Is he alright?”

”Yeah, he’s fine…aren’t you going to answer the call?”

“Well, he’s fine…wait…ah! Ning’er, look! I’ve got a fish! A fish!!” Rose yelped excitedly and started to spin the reels.

For someone who hardly spent time overseas or had any vacation, everything on the island was intriguing to her. Be it picking wild fruits, fishing, collecting seashells or even scuba diving.

Cai Ning shook her head with a smile and told Yang Chen, “Hubby, why don’t you talk to her next time? She’s busy now.”

Yang Chen heard Rose’s cheerful voice and it really tempted him to spend some leisure time with them on the island.

Unfortunately, he had a lot of things to deal with and this was no time for vacations.

Yang Chen hung up the phone after telling them to have fun and that he would visit them soon.

The next thing on his checklist was to book a flight back to Zhonghai for tonight. There was still time left until Hui Lin’s movie premiere so he could accompany Mo Qianni and the others and interrogate Min Juan about the item.

On that night, Yang Chen told the others that he was leaving for Zhonghai to settle some things while Lin Ruoxi was busy perfecting Hui Lin’s comeback plan. She just assumed he was lusting over the other women and even though it bothered her, she didn’t have time to care about him.

At the same time, back at the Ning clan’s study.

Ning Zhengchun was sitting on a chair while looking at a tablet on the table. 

Although he was part of the hidden clan, that didn’t mean that they were completely disconnected from the mundane world. On the contrary, they would send people out to study and be updated with new technologies. This was why they had no difficulties in using computers or tablets.

“These are the information you got about Yang Chen? That’s all?” Ning Zhengchun asked.

Ning Guangyao stood aside and replied respectfully, “Yes, Fourth Master, other than those related to international underground organizations.”

Ning Zhengchun grunted, “This Yang Chen, he’s a wild one. He’s only in his twenties and he has gotten pretty big achievements overseas…”

“Indeed. It would be the hardest to deal with him overseas. All the governments are wary of him and because of his connection, military and arms companies, he basically built an independent underground kingdom. Apparently, he has a territory in the Mediterranean Sea, given to him by the Queen of Wales. It’s called the Forgotten Realms. That’s his base camp. A lot of the ex-convicts seek refuge from him and now they’re living in that place. Unfortunately, no satellite signals could be detected so we can’t get information on that place.” Ning Guangyao said.

“Hmph, he’s a tough character. No wonder he’s so cocky. It’s unfortunate that he can’t work for us…” Ning Zhengchun squinted his eyes, reminded of the time when he tried to analyse Yang Chen’s cultivation.

“His cultivation is unimaginable. Our clan sent me over to try to obtain his cultivation techniques and get him to become one of us. But it won’t be easy unless we’ve found some dirt on him.” Ning Zhengchun continued to read the document grudgingly.

Ning Guangyao hesitated about telling him something and in the end, he tightened his jaw and said, “Fourth Master, actually…some time before this, I mean after the fight at Liyuan, First Senior Official…he asked to meet me.”

Ning Zhengchun’s eyes glinted, “Number One requested for a private meeting?”

Ning Guangyao nodded anxiously, “Yeah, it’s been a long time since he last did that.”

“What did he say?” Ning Zhengchun paid  

“Senior Official wanted us to keep a low profile. A lot of people have come out of the realm and it’s starting to disturb the citizens. He says that we’re almost crossing the line…”

Ning Zhengchun’s face darkened and he sighed.

“Ever since the new China was founded, the four major clans have been taking charge. The First Senior Official hardly intervenes with these matters. I didn’t expect him to speak up this time.”

Beads of sweat formed on Ning Guangyao’s forehead, “Fourth Master, is his background that terrifying?”

Ning Guangyao had been the clan leader for twenty years and his elderlies showed utmost respect to Number One. No matter how much power was in their hands, they could never disrespect him

Even so, their lives had never crossed paths and First Senior Official hardly interacted with the elderlies from the other three clans so Ning Guangyao didn’t know him well.

Ning Zhengchun‘s gaze sharpened and he warned Ning Guangyao, “I’m warning you, Ning Guangyao. If Number One said we’re crossing the line it means that we’re being watched. Someone with your status could never surmise him. Use your brain and think about it, why hasn’t there been any other First Senior Official when the four major clans have been governing the country for decades?!”

Ning Guangyao turned ghastly pale, realising that the superior whom he had always ignored was far more mysterious than he had ever thought.