Ning Zhengchun chuckled and patted Ning Guangyao’s shoulder when he saw his pale face.

“Don’t be too anxious, the First Senior Official is just being careful. The power will still be in the hands of the four major clans unless we end up in an extremely dire situation. You’re still the Premier of the Ning clan leader, meaning that the situation isn’t that bad yet…”

Ning Guangyao wiped his forehead and smiled as a reply but he was still curious about the First Senior Official’s background. Why would the hidden clans be so wary of him?

Even the representative of Hongmeng, the Gods’ Island were of the same status as the Hidden clans. 

Could it be that there was another profound force superior to Hongmeng and the hidden clans?

This guess made Ning Guangyao shudder. He felt resentful from being a replaceable puppet in the eyes of some people when he had always been looked up to in the mundane world.

But if the core of China was in the hands of someone with such a profound identity, he should be cautious or else he wouldn’t be able to live on.

While Ning Guangyao was thinking about that, Ning Zhengchun continued to flip through Yang Chen’s information, hoping to find a breakthrough. 

Suddenly, he flipped to a woman’s photo and his pupils constricted. His voice was gloomy when he pointed at the woman with a beautiful smile.

“This woman…she’s Yang Chen’s lover too?” There was a hint of disbelief in his voice.

Ning Guangyao glanced at the photo and smiled, “Yes, her name is Xiao Zhiqing. According to the latest information, her mother, Wang Yulan was a maid of the Lin clan and she gave birth to Xiao Zhiqing with a gardener called Mo Zheng but he disappeared soon after. Xiao Zhiqing returned to China from the United States. For some unknown reason, she came to be associated with Yang Chen and now she’s living in Xijiao Villas at Zhonghai with her mother.”

“Mo Zheng? Haha, you mean Xiao Mozheng…it’s her…Xiao Zhiqing…haha, this is interesting. How bold of Yang Chen!” Ning Zhengchun snickered.

Ning Guangyao couldn’t understand him and he was still lost after some pondering, “Fourth Master, is there something else to Xiao Zhiqing‘s background?”

“Hmph, there’s nothing significant about her background but she’s a treasure to pill concocters. You won’t understand. We should pass this information to someone who wishes to find her…Yang Chen, you might need our help when the time comes, heh…” Ning Zhengchun’s eyes glinted wickedly.

The moon seemed especially bright in the starry night of Zhonghai.

The city was filled with celebration spirits from Chinese New Year.

Most of the mansions had red lanterns in the yard as rich people cared more about the traditions for a good year ahead. After all, the decorations wouldn’t cost them a fortune. 

Yang Chen had got off the plane and immediately hailed a taxi to Xijiao Villa. The guards hadn’t seen Yang Chen for ages and if it wasn’t for his identity card, they wouldn’t have permitted him entrance.


The fact that Yang Chen couldn’t use his cultivation made him feel as though he was a normal person once again. Although he was still physically fit, it was impossible to get around untraced.

Yang Chen’s heart was tingling, excited to see his lovers. He looked up to realise that only the lights in Mo Qianni’s house were on.

On the bright side, it saved him from making choices. Yang Chen ran towards the front yard and made sure no one was around before climbing onto the balcony.

The skills of a thief had become second nature to him. Back when he was young, he was used to visiting other women in secret so it wasn’t a big deal for him to surprise Mo Qianni this way.

Yang Chen pushed open the glass door silently and tiptoed into the corridor.

He stood in front of Mo Qianni’s room and the sound of running water made his heart thump. Almost immediately, the image of his lover standing under the showerhead while running her hands along her curves appeared in his mind.

Yang Chen’s heart skipped a bit and he got hard.

With a gulp, Yang Chen picked the lock and breached into her room without making a single sound.

The moment he swung the door open, Yang Chen was greeted with the sweet scent of Mo Qianni. Pink lace underwear was seen sprawled across the bed and he was about to close the door and when his sixth sense urged him to reach behind his head!

“Who are you?!”

Right when he grabbed onto a cold gun barrel, a sharp dagger went straight for his throat!

Someone was hiding behind the door?!

Yang Chen almost fell for the sneak attack as he wasn’t paying attention from losing his divine sense. Even if he wouldn’t be hurt by the bullets, it’d still be an embarrassment to fall for the ambush.

Fortunately, Yang Chen was faster and stronger than that person. Before the dagger even got close to his face, Yang Chen pulled with his left hand and the attacker was pressed against the door!


Yang Chen was startled to see the attacker’s face.

Mo Qianni wasn’t in the shower. She was fully dressed in a checkered suit, a fashionable attire for a corporate worker.

Except for the silver handgun and military dagger in her hands, those did not look appropriate.


Mo Qianni was startled at first but she immediately brightened at the sight of Yang Chen. 

“Why did you come back late at night? I thought someone was going to assault me!”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly, “Who taught you this? You even know how to let the shower run and put your underwear as a distraction.”

“I learned them by myself. I thought cultivation wouldn’t be enough so I learned these by watching spy movies. It might be useful one day.”

“Seriously, you should be able to make a proper judgement first. You’re lucky that I’m skilled, other people would’ve pissed their pants!”

“How would I know that you’ll sneak in like a thief late at night?” Mo Qianni pouted, “Let go of me, you’re hurting me!”

Only then Yang Chen realised that he was still grasping her slim wrists. Instead of letting her go, he still pressed her against the door with a smirk on his face.

Mo Qianni sensed an odd feeling and she whispered, “You...what are you doing?”

“Dear, I’ve not seen you for a long time, let me pamper you tonight.” Yang Chen’s breath quickened and he rubbed his nose against her cheek.

Mo Qianni blushed when she understood his intention, “I just got back from overtime...let me take a shower first…”

“No need, I think this is pretty nice. We’ll do a role play tonight. A single woman returned and got assaulted by a rapist.”

Mo Qianni chuckled and gave him a side-eye, “That’s a shitty script, I don’t want to do it…”

“Don't laugh! You’re in the hands of a rapist, you should scream for help.” Yang Chen directed the role play.

Mo Qianni couldn’t say no. People said that men would like a child in front of their lover and if they seemed mature in front of you, it meant that they didn’t love you. Mo Qianni was pretty satisfied with his childish behaviour.

After taking a deep breath, Mo Qianni looked at Yang Chen with an amorous gaze, prepared to play along. 

She opened her mouth to yell for help but she was interrupted by Yang Chen’s kiss. He pressed his lips against hers and gave her a French kiss.

Mo Qianni panted and was about to lose her breath when Yang Chen finally let her go.

The moment their lips separated, a string of saliva was connected between them. The room seemed to be heated up by their passionate lust for each other.

Mo Qianni looked at her beloved with an amorous gaze. She was getting high on his passionate feelings for her.

“Meanie…you’re bullying me as soon as you’re back. Do you really want me to be raped? Wouldn’t that mean that I’m cheating on you?”

Yang Chen licked and nibbled on her earlobe which made Mo Qianni’s legs go soft. She could feel something moist in between her thigh.

“Silly, you can fall in love with this rapist.”

Mo Qianni was about to giggle when Yang Chen carried her up. With a gasp, the handgun and dagger fell onto the floor.

Yang Chen strode towards the bed with Mo Qianni in her arms and he threw her onto the bed before pressing her down.

“Babe, you surrendered so quickly. Looks like you’re up for it?” Yang Chen’s voice was muffled as he was busy laying sloppy kisses on her neck.

Mo Qianni moaned, “It's because my man is never around. Any man would work…let’s hope that you’ll be able to satisfy me…”

Yang Chen lifted his head abruptly and saw her naught expression. He suddenly realised that she had a knack for acting as her performance fuelled his lust for her!