Yang Chen was extremely motivated throughout the night to have such a cooperative actress. It was as if a powerful motor was built within him and he thrust into Mo Qianni tirelessly.

Mo Qianni paid the price for provoking him and even though she had been cultivating with plenty of medicinal pills, her physique was still weaker compared to Yang Chen.

She could barely feel her lower body as dawn came close. 

Her legs were wrapped around Yang Chen and she had lost track of her orgasms. Although she was indulged in pleasure, Mo Qianni feared that Yang Chen would drain all of her energy.

Fortunately, Yang Chen cared about her. Back when he was still fooling around with his senior, he would’ve made love to her until she passed out if she ever dared to doubt his abilities.

Things have changed now, so when Mo Qianni pleaded, Yang Chen let her go and had her lie on top of his chest. Yang Chen dozed off eventually, getting as much sleep as possible before daybreak.

Morning came and Yang Chen woke up to realize that Mo Qianni had gone downstairs.

The bed was quite damp, which was strong evidence that he had pleasured his lover plenty of times.

A smirk appeared on Yang Chen’s face as he lit a cigarette.

While smoking, Yang Chen thought it’d be nice if his life could always be this peaceful.

After a hot shower, Yang Chen strode downstairs and a delicious scent of food hit him before he even got to the dining table.

Mo Qianni was focused on cooking breakfast. For someone who wasn’t well off during childhood, Mo Qianni was well versed in household chores compared to other women who lived in the city.

Her hair was tied up and a blue checkered apron was tied around her slim waist. She was only dressed in a loose white T-shirt and nothing else.

It felt as if they were a warm and ordinary family.

Yang Chen was suddenly reminded of the night they spent in the suburbs. She was also exhausted at that time but she still managed to wake up earlier than him to get dressed.

A traditional woman like Mo Qianni who grew up in the village wouldn’t spend the morning lazing around.

Her hardworking and traditional values prompted her to wake up early and cook breakfast for her beloved even if he didn’t really need it.

Mo Qianni turned around and smiled at Yang Chen when she noticed his appearance, “You’re here, hold on a second, I’ll fry two more eggs for you.”

Yang Chen’s heart warmed at her gesture. Even though he had plenty of lovers, Mo Qianni gave him the strongest sense of belonging. Sometimes he would feel sorry towards Lin Ruoxi for thinking that he might have married Mo Qianni if he had met her first.

At the thought of this, his feelings for Mo Qianni grew stronger and he went up to hug her waist.

Yang Chen smirked and breathed into her neck, “I don’t want fried eggs, I want buns.” 

Mo Qianni blushed and her limbs stiffened, “But I don’t have buns at home…should I go buy some?”

She was pitifully innocent as she failed to understand his hidden intention.

Yang Chen’s smirk grew bigger and his hand slid into her collar to grope her breast!

“I want your buns, white buns with jujubes!”

Mo Qianni dropped the spatula into the pan, shuddering from his touch, “Hubby, don’t do this…I…I still need to go to work later.”

“It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow, don’t you have the day off?” Yang Chen didn’t stop caressing her breast.

Mo Qianni moaned.

“I…I’m the vice president…Ruoxi is in charge again. I was planning to quit and focus on my cultivation but she pulled me back to work...I have a lot of things to do…”

Yang Chen thought to himself, What the heck is Lin Ruoxi doing? She said she wanted to focus on Lanlan. Did she realise that taking care of a child is easy so she’s itching to get back to work again? 

At times Lin Ruoxi seemed like an innocent angel but there were also times where she was like a scheming devil. It was never easy to predict her actions but Yang Chen was too lazy to think about it now.

Nothing else mattered when he had a beautiful chef in front of him.

“Anything is fine for breakfast as long as I can have you as my main course!”

Mo Qianni felt a gust of cold air and that was when she realized that Yang Chen had pulled up her T-shirt and pulled down her underwear.

His shaft thrusted into her once again!

Mo Qianni shuddered from being filled up once again and she pressed her hands against the kitchen counter for another round of lovemaking.

An hour went by and Yang Chen was finally satisfied.

Mo Qianni went upstairs to shower while Yang Chen sat down on the chair like a king. 

He was eating congee when Mo Qianni came downstairs dressed in a red suit and red scarf. Her outfit was gorgeous but her posture was a bit off from their intense lovemaking sessions.

Yang Chen was pleased with his work which earned an eye roll from her.

“Oh ya, dear, where’s mother-in-law?” Yang Chen was reminded of Ma Guifang.

Mo Qianni picked up a slice of bed from the table and took a bite before replying, “Mom went back to the hometown for Chinese New Year. She hadn’t been home for a while and she misses her mother. I didn’t stop her since she looked pretty healthy these days. I was planning on accompanying her but Ruoxi gave me some work and I had to handle them personally. I don’t feel at ease letting someone else handle it so I chose to stay in Zhonghai as of now.”

Yang Chen nodded and hesitated for a while before deciding on saying this, “An Xin is now the patriarch of the An clan. Jingjing and Mingyu have their own families and I’m sure they’ll be busy during Chinese New Year. Since you’re going to be alone, there’s no point in staying in Zhonghai. Why don’t you celebrate Chinese New Year with me in Beijing? We can leave tonight after I deal with some things.”

Mo Qianni was touched to hear this. She could tell that Yang Chen was being sincere about it.

It wasn’t a simple matter. If she decided to follow him home, it would be announcing to the public that the young master of the Yang clan has lovers. Although it was a normal thing amongst the clans, it wasn’t something to be proud of and people usually keep these kind of things hidden.

Other than peer pressure, Yang Chen would be mocked by others. Yang Chen might even quarrel with Lin Ruoxi but he wasn’t thinking about all this. He was only trying to not let her spend Chinese New Year by herself.

Mo Qianni lowered her head to wipe her tears before smiling at him, “It's fine, I’m happy to hear this from you but I’m a workaholic. I’ll celebrate Chinese New Year in the office since a lot of the employees would still be working. Someone has to be there to lead them.”

“I must spank your president for bullying my dear.” Yang Chen pretended to be angry.

Mo Qianni chuckled. A second later, as if reminded of something, she looked at her phone and gasped, “Oh no, I have a meeting in the morning. It’s all your fault that I’m running late!”

By the end of her sentence, she was already out of the door with a slice of bread in her mouth. Soon, the sound of ignition was heard and the tires screeched from her pressing hard on the accelerator.

A smile formed on Yang Chen’s face and he gulped down the congee. Yang Chen made sure to wash the dishes before leaving the house.

Wang Ma and Minjuan should be almost done with breakfast so Yang Chen thought it was a good time to get things straight.