Wang Ma was sweeping the front yard when Yang Chen arrived and she was surprised to see him, “Sir? You’re home? Are you here alone?”

Wang Ma was getting old and despite having a daughter by her side, the house still felt empty without them.

Yang Chen only told her that he was here to pick up some items. Everything was fine and Lin Ruoxi was still in Beijing.

“Wang Ma, Minjuan must be staying with you these days.” Yang Chen said nonchalantly.

Wang Ma didn’t think much about it, “Yeah, thank goodness she’s here or else I’d be bored since Guifang went back to her hometown.”

“Qing’er didn’t spend time with you?” Yang Chen smiled.

Wang Ma chided, “She’s like a kid. She’s still young so she likes to go out. Besides, Miss Cai Yan has been free ever since she quit her job, so she always brings Qing’er out to play. I can’t stop her.”

Yang Chen was glad to hear that. It'd be better for future harmony if they got closer.

Once they were done chatting, Yang Chen walked into the house and saw Minjuan in the kitchen. She was more fashionable compared to before, although her attire wasn’t a branded one, at least she was paying more attention to her attire.

Seeing her wash vegetables with her content expression really made it hard for Yang Chen to imagine her as a scheming woman. If someone like her could be plotting against him, someone else could be doing the same without him knowing.

“Minjuan,” Yang Chen called her.

Minjuan turned around from hearing her name and she was shocked to see Yang Chen, “Mister Yang? Why are you back so sudden? Ah, I just cleaned up after breakfast. Are you hungry? Would you like me to cook you a bowl of noodles?”

Yang Chen shook his head while smiling, “Follow me upstairs, I need to ask you something. You can continue with the vegetables later.”

A look of confusion appeared on her face as she wiped her hands on her apron but she didn’t ask any questions. Wang Ma was puzzled, not sure why Yang Chen would have questions for Minjuan.

Once they got to the second floor, Yang Chen motioned Minjuan to open the door to her room.

Minjuan was still puzzled but she followed his orders as he was her employer.

Yang Chen glanced around but he didn’t notice anything special so he turned to face Minjuan, “Minjuan, did Lanlan’s grandfather said anything else when he asked you to bring Lanlan to us?”

Minjuan was startled and her expression became stiff, “I…I don’t understand what you mean by that.”

Yang Chen’s gaze turned cold, “Do you really not understand what I’m trying to say?”

Minjuan shook her head slowly, avoiding his gaze, “I don’t…”

Yang Chen said nothing else and he chose to take out the beads that were given to Lanlan by Song Tianxing.

Minjuan froze at the sight of the beads, “Master’s beads?! Mister Yang, where did you get them? Did you find Master?!”

“That’s not the point,” Yang Chen’s voice was low from the anger he was feeling, “I’m more concerned about the letters and the token uncle entrusted to you. Where are they?”

Minjuan turned pale when she realised that Yang Chen knew about those things. With a trembling voice, she tried to explain herself, “Mister Yang, listen to me…”

“Where is it?!” Yang Chen raised his voice and glared at her.

Minjuan dropped to her knees and begged, “Mister Yang, listen to my explanation! I didn’t mean to do it, I had my reasons!”

Whenever Yang Chen was reminded that she had kept Seventeen’s remnants and Lanlan’s identity from him, it made him feel like killing her so badly!

For ordinary couples, swearing their love for each other might be sweet nothings but for Yang Chen and Seventeen who had dealt with an agonising past, being together and having a child of their own was different. Their feelings for one another were etched deep in them and they would give up their lives to guard their relationship.

Yang Chen was furious because of this. If this happened a few years back when he was unrestrained, Minjuan would’ve been dead by now.

It took all of his self-control to stay sane. Yang Chen took the beads back and asked Minjuan, “Tell me your reasons.”

Minjuan wiped her tears and kowtowed to him three times.

While choking with sobs, she said, “Mister Yang, I could feel that you're not an ordinary person now that I’ve spent a long time in this house. You’re a god-like person, just like Master. I would never dare to cross you.”

“Hmph,” Yang Chen sneered, “You wouldn’t dare? I would’ve still been kept in the dark if I hadn't met my uncle by chance!”

Minjuan shook her head vigorously, “No, Mister Yang, listen to me. I know I’ve made a mistake but I was doing it for this family, for you, Madam and Lanlan.”

Yang Chen furrowed his brows, “Don’t you try to trick me, do you think of me as a fool?”

“I would never dare to trick you!” Minjuan sobbed, “I was only in primary school, I wouldn’t benefit from lying to you.”

She was right, as it also puzzled him when he found out about this.

“Then why did you not tell me?” Yang Chen asked.

Minjuan tried her best to calm down, “I don’t dare to hide anything from you anymore. Actually, I tore the envelope by mistake and I wanted to change the envelope just in case you’ll suspect me of reading the content, but I...I couldn’t resist it, so when I was changing the envelope, I peeked at the content…”

Minjuan noticed Yang Chen’s cold expression and she quickly waved her hands, “Mister Yang, I was just worried about Master’s whereabouts since he saved me! I was hoping to find some clues...but, it was all about Lanlan’s background and some sentences which I couldn’t understand.”

“Where’s the letter and dagger?” Yang Chen asked with an expressionless face.

It reminded Minjuan and she ran to the closet to rummage through her stuff. Finally, the letter and dagger were pulled out of a small plastic bag.

When Minjuan passed the items to Yang Chen with shaky hands, Yang Chen was overwhelmed with emotions as he stared at the dagger.

It was a small military dagger that was covered in blue cloth. The three blood grooves were stained scarlet from the lives it had taken. 

Some parts of the dagger were chipped off from countless battles which cast a deadly glow to the dagger.

It wasn’t an expensive dagger but seeing this dagger gave Yang Chen flashbacks of the woman who had left him. Her silhouette was always as lonely and plain as this dagger.

This used to be her weapon but it was left behind after her death.