A grey Ferrari 485 appeared around the corner and stopped in front of the condominium.

The car door opened and Li Jingjing walked out of the passenger seat gracefully. She was wearing a checkered shirt beneath a teal striped sweater, matching it with a light skinny jean.

The sweet and delicate smile on her face mesmerised Yang Chen, especially when he hadn’t seen Li Jingjing in a while.

Ever since they got together, she had transformed from a lady to a mature woman, transforming from a fresh and innocent lady into a confident city woman.

Li Jingjing waved at the person in the driver’s seat and was about to close the door to get home when she was stopped by the man who wasn’t inclined to leave just yet.

He got out of the car to talk to her and it seemed like he was asking her something.

By this time, Yang Chen could already read the situation. He was probably courting Li Jingjing.

Although Yang Chen didn’t think of Li Jingjing as a disloyal person, it was still uncomfortable to witness this.

Yang Chen had never thought of himself as a generous man, especially when it came to his lovers, so he got out of the car and locked the doors before striding towards them.

As he got closer to them, Yang Chen finally had a full view of the man. He was a decent looking man in his 20s, slightly taller than Yang Chen, probably around 6 feet. Looking at his fit physique, he didn’t seem like an ordinary spoiled rich kid. With him in a black Versace suit and shiny dress shoes, Yang Chen seemed especially underdressed in his casual outfit and sneakers.

“Minister Meng, it’s not a good timing today. How about I buy you a meal some other day? I’m really sorry…” It seemed like Li Jingjing was rejecting him.

The young man still had a warm smile on his face, “Why isn’t it good timing? Jingjing, it’s not my first time meeting your parents. I’m just curious about the person you’re rushing to meet. You’ve never been like these during overtime.”


Li Jingjing was about to explain but her sentence was cut short when she saw Yang Chen. Her eyes lit up and she called out to him cheerfully, “Yang Chen!”

Yang Chen walked towards them silently and completely ignored Meng Zhexin.

Once he was in front of them, he wrapped his arms around Li Jingjing and pressed his lips against hers!

Li Jingjing almost dropped her purse on the ground from the surprise kiss. She was shy yet overjoyed to know that Yang Chen was jealous. It was hard for her to suppress her delight from his bold way of expressing dominance.

Yang Chen shared a passionate kiss with her as Meng Zhexin watched from the side with a dark expression.

This man utterly ignored him and based on Li Jingjing’s change of expression, she was obviously deeply in love with her.

He finally understood why he had failed to win her heart after courting her for so long, but it was infuriating to know that he had lost to a man like this!

Fortunately, Meng Zhexin had become better at self-control from working at the ministry for two years.

Yang Chen finally let go of Li Jingjing after five minutes of kissing. He pecked her forehead and smirked before pretending that he only remembered about Meng Zhexin now, “Babe, who is this man?”

Li Jingjing panted and gave a side-eye to Yang Chen before replying to him, “This is the Vice Minister of Education, Mister Meng Zhexin. I just got a call from dad that you’re coming so I left in a hurry. I couldn’t hail a taxi at this time of the year so he sent me home.”

Vice Minister? The Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education was equivalent to the Deputy-Bureau-Director level, how did this young man accomplish that?

Yang Chen would never have believed that an official like him could drive a Ferrari 458 around without any solid background.

Well, at the same time, Yang Chen wasn’t really concerned about his background as long as he stayed away from his woman.

“Mister Yang Chen? Are you Jingjing’s boyfriend?” Meng Zhexin asked.

“No,” Yang Chen corrected him, “I’m her man.”

“Oh? You two are married?” Meng Zhexin asked but he had already investigated Li Jingjing’s family history. She was such a dignified woman, it was surprising to know that a beautiful woman like her has never dated anyone in university.

Meng Zhexin touched a sore spot with that question. Yang Chen looked at Li Jingjing who was in his arms and replied with a stern expression, “We’re not married but I’ll love her till she stops loving me.”

Li Jingjing looked up at Yang Chen. She was humoured yet touched by his reply and she thought to herself, Why would I give up on my love life when I’ve fought so long to get him?

“Haha, you’re an interesting man. Everyone deserves the right to court a beautiful woman and since you’re not married, I sure hope that you won’t interfere with us aggressively. I don’t want to make things hard for us since we met by chance. I need to take care of some matters so I’ll be taking my leave. Hope to see you again.” Meng Zhexin smirked at Yang Chen.

“Jingjing, send my regards to uncle and aunty. I’ll be visiting you soon, please don’t reject me again. It hurts my pride.”

Having said so, Meng Zhexin got back into his car and left immediately.

Yang Chen was already feeling down and being taunted by Meng Zhexin almost made him want to smash that Ferrari, but he decided not to stir up more trouble.

Instead, out of annoyance, he turned to ask Li Jingjing, “Jingjing, how long has he been courting you?”

Li Jingjing stuck out her tongue cutely, “I can’t do anything about it, he’s the leader. I can’t reject him aggressively or it’ll ruin our work environment. Mom was the one who helped me get this job, I can’t be reckless.”

“That’s not a problem, I can transfer you into another department if he’s annoying you.” Yang Chen was straightforward.

Li Jingjing shook her head, “No, I like my current job, it matches my major and interest. Plus, I might have more suitors in another place. It’s better here since Minister Meng’s the only suitor. No one else dared to bother me.”

Yang Chen sighed internally, Li Jingjing would never stop having suitors as long as she’s not married. It was unavoidable unless she stopped working.

Yang Chen couldn’t kill all the men in the world, it was too irrational, so he had no choice but to hold back.

As if to cheer him up, Li Jingjing tiptoed and rubbed her cheek against his chin, “Come on, my dear. You know nothing will ever happen between us. I’m just going with the flow. A man like him isn’t patient, he’ll lose interest in me over time. There are plenty of fishes out in the sea, maybe he just finds me interesting. Besides, he may be promoted soon, so he might get transferred somewhere else.”

“What’s his background? He’s in the Deputy-Bureau-Director level at such a young age? Even the Deputy-Division-Head level is a bit too much for his age!” Yang Chen furrowed his brows at the thought of this.

Li Jingjing was clueless, “I don’t know, but people in the ministry said that his father is a high ranking officer, their family has a profound status and even the Minister of Education is respectful towards him.”

It was the same as what Yang Chen expected, but it seemed like nothing bad would happen so he urged Li Jingjing to notify him if anything came up.

Li Jingjing saluted, delighted to see him being jealous.

Only then they make their way upstairs where Old Li already had the door opened for them.