The moment they walked through the door, Yang Chen and Li Jingjing were greeted by the delicious smell of food, but it was much healthier than the food they used to sell in the road stall and this was all thanks to Yang Chen’s lower-tier medicinal pills

As soon as Old Li saw Yang Chen, he ushered him to sit down. After patting his shoulder, Old Li whispered to him, “I saw it just now, Yang Chen, you have to act quickly. My daughter’s very popular.”

He was talking about Meng Zhexin who drove Li Jingjing home.

Li Jingjing’s ears were sharp and she chided at her father, “Dad, why are you talking about this? Nothing is going on between Minister Meng and me.”

Yang Chen was mindful of it, “Does he always send Jingjing home?”

“He does way more than that, he even came upstairs to talk to us and gave us cordyceps and Maotai. They look really pricey. We’re used to living a frugal life so we didn’t dare to accept those gifts!” Old Li waved his hands frantically.

Yang Chen almost blushed since he had never given them these things. He patted his chest and asserted, “Those things are useless, the medicinal pills that I gave you guys are true supplements. His things are nothing compared to mine.” 

Old Li chuckled, “Yang Chen, people our age can’t use those things for a long time. As for Jingjing, now that she’s with you now, you can’t possibly let someone else send her home all the time.”

Yang Chen understood his underlying meaning. As expected of his father-in-law, Old Li was hinting at him to buy Li Jingjing a car so that she wouldn’t need someone else to send her home.

Yang Chen slapped his forehead in realisation, why hadn’t he thought of this before? All the problems would’ve been solved easily.

Although Li Jingjing had found herself a decent job, she couldn’t afford a car just yet as maintaining a car would cost her quite a lot. Thus, her only choice would be to hail a taxi to get to work and this gave Meng Zhexin a chance to step in.

At the thought of this, Yang Chen immediately took out his phone to order an SLK350 from a Mercedes Benz dealer and including all the service fees, the car only cost him one million.

Yang Chen earned millions from selling the medicinal pills to Park Cheon and it would take a while for Yang Chen to spend all the money. He didn’t even need to withdraw it from the overseas bank account.

Old Li was delighted to see Yang Chen buying a car for his daughter willingly. No one could blame him for being materialistic, since his daughter was now Yang Chen’s lover. It would be a loss if she couldn’t live a better life and all parents would want their children to live a better life. 

Li Jingjing didn’t really have such needs but she was more than happy to accept anything that came from Yang Chen.

Once the dishes were ready, the whole family sat down by the dining table for lunch.

Li Jingjing served them alcohol and Old Li was already tipsy after a few drinks.

“Yang Chen, didn’t you say that you’re spending Chinese New Year in Beijing? Why are you suddenly back here?”  

Yang Chen was holding onto a spring roll in one hand with a bowl in the other hand, “I came back to deal with some matters, but I’ve already taken care of it. I’m feeling frustrated so I wanted to have a drink, and It definitely feels better to drink with an old friend.” 

“Hehe...I’m your father-in-law now, I would lose my seniority as your friend.” Old Li waved.

“Come on, stop acting. You’re lucky that your daughter is dating me. Only a son-in-law like me can vitalise you. What if I get some more medicinal pills to let you have a second child?” 

“Second child? Do you think we’re animals?” Old Li chided.

Li Jingjing and her mother blushed at his words. Seriously, men became so unrestrained under the alcoholic influence.

Yang Chen chuckled, “Why aren’t you asking me about my frustrations?”

Old Li shook his head, “I could guess it even if you didn’t tell me, it must be family matters or else you wouldn’t be this frustrated. Only you can deal with it. We’re outsiders. There’s nothing moreI can do other than drink with you, but I can’t drink much, I need my afternoon nap.”

Yang Chen clicked his tongue, speechless at his indifference. But then again, he wasn’t expecting Old Li to help with anything. He was just here to drink and take a breather.  

Li Jingjing was concerned, “Yang Chen, is there anything that I can help you with?” 

Yang Chen smiled and shook his head, “Jingjing, don’t think much about it. No one can help me with this. I’ll be taking a flight back to Beijing tonight and I’ll come up with a solution eventually.”

Li Jingjing didn’t probe further when she heard this and she continued to fill their bowls.

After lunch, Old Li fell asleep just as he said but his wife was unaffected. She just pulled him to the couch, put a blanket over him and just left him there.

Yang Chen’s face was flushed from drinking several bowls of Gaoliang and he lied on the couch to watch television. From the corner of his eye, he checked out Li Jingjing’s back view and the sight of her pouring him tea aroused him.

Yang Chen snuck close to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. With a breath filled with alcohol, he rubbed his face against her nape and spoke, “Babe, how’s your cultivation going?”

Li Jingjing blushed and she snuck glances at her mother who was washing the dishes, “It’s going well, I feel better than before. I don’t know my current level but my True Qi feels denser than before.” 

“Uh…let me check it for you. Come, let's go into your room…”

Li Jingjing would never believe his words but she couldn’t resist his hot breath on her neck which made her body go limp.

Yang Chen pushed her into her room easily and locked the door before pressing her on the bed.

Beneath the bright afternoon sun, Li Jingjing’s room seemed especially warm when it was still winter. It felt as if spring came a little sooner than expected.

On the other hand, Meng Zhexin was back in his office at the Ministry of Education. He wasn’t supposed to be working today but Chinese New Year was starting tomorrow and as the new leader, Meng Zhexin still came to work to set a good example to his subordinates.

It was worthwhile for a newcomer like him to work overtime as he could gain public praises. This would be beneficial for someone like him who rose up the political ladder quickly.

However, Meng Zhexin couldn’t focus on work as he was constantly reminded of the time when Yang Chen kissed Li Jingjing passionately which made him scowl.

He initially thought Li Jingjing was lying about having a boyfriend. He thought she was shy but he was taking his time because he knew that a woman who was able to resist was more worthy for his efforts.

He never expected it to be true and that guy even ignored him and French kissed her.

Even so, Meng Zhexin wasn’t an irrational person. He shouldn’t judge a man by his appearance and through that short meeting, Meng Zhexin learned his name and even memorised his licence plate to dig up more information about him. 

A phone call came which plastered a smile on his face when he knew that the information he wanted was here.

Meng Zhexin picked up the phone and asked, “Director Wang, any news?”

Because the car plate was from Jiangsu instead of Zhonghai, Meng Zhexin contacted Director Wang from the Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu directly.

Director Wang smiled, “Yes, Minister Meng. That license plate is registered in Jiangsu and it once belonged to the Gao clan of the Giant Whale Society but before the society was taken down, the car was given to a man called Yang Chen, the one you mentioned. He’s the husband of the chairman of Yu Lei International, Lin Ruoxi. There’s nothing special about his background. He returned from overseas and his curriculum vitae is quite empty, but he used to be the director of the Yu Lei International Entertainment company.”

“What about his family background?”

“I can’t find anything about this, I think he’s an orphan. He got separated from his parents when he was five and he was sold overseas through human trafficking…he was then adopted by a couple…at 23 years old he graduated from Harvard with a Masters in Marketing Management and he returned to China in the same year…that’s it. I couldn’t find anything else special.”

For Director Wang’s level, he didn’t have the power to get Yang Chen’s file from the system so this fake information was the same as the ones obtained by Cai Yan.

Especially for someone with a special identity like Yang Chen, his file couldn’t be easily obtained, as it would expose his information.

Meng Zhexin thanked him and hung up the phone.

He hadn’t been in Zhonghai for a long time but he knew that Yu Lei International was the top company in the corporate world, also one of the fashion companies that could open various branches in different states. Their influence couldn’t be taken lightly. 

However, it was nothing to Meng Zhexin. He was unfazed by these major companies as they were heavily dependent on the supply chain. Intervention from a policy would cause the companies to go bankrupt. 

And yet Meng Zhexin was capable of stirring up trouble for Yu Lei!

He was more intrigued by the fact that Yang Chen was the chairman’s husband.

Although he didn’t understand why Lin Ruoxi would marry a man like him, it'd be interesting if he was exposed to have a lover.

The thought of this brought joy to Meng Zhexin and he picked up the phone to make a call to Yu Lei International.

“Hello, this is the headquarters for Yu Lei International, is there anything I can help you with?” The sweet sound of the receptionist was heard.

“I’m Meng Zhexin, the Vice Minister of Education. I would like to speak to one of the chairmen, Lin Ruoxi. This is an urgent matter, please contact her on my behalf.”