The receptionist wasn’t silly, plenty of people wished to speak to Chairman Lin for various reasons. Some claimed that they were selling a genius invention, some claimed to be from a major financial group asking for a collaboration, some said that they were the relative of a political leader and some even pretended to be the president of a small country!

It didn’t make sense for a Vice Minister of Education to call them, so the receptionist was more careful at answering his call, “Minister Meng, may I have a more detailed profile to confirm your identity?”

“It’s about her husband, Yang Chen. The licence plate of her husband’s BMW is Jiangsu Yang ChenNB. You can confirm it but I’ll only give you one minute. You’ll be held accountable if something bad happens because you refused to transfer my call.” Meng Zhexin said coldly.

It was her first time to hear someone talk about Chairman Lin’s husband. Yang Chen was pretty famous in the company for holding an outdoor concert at the square. He won the hearts of many ladies at that time.

The information on Yang Chen’s licence plate was verified and the receptionist dared not to drag on, transferring the call to Zhao Hongyan immediately.

Although Zhao Hongyan was no longer Lin Ruoxi’s assistant, she was still managing her phone calls. 

Hearing Meng Zhexin talk about Yang Chen made her curious but she chose to hold it in to avoid arousing suspicion. All she did was confirm Meng Zhexin’s identity before informing him of Lin Ruoxi’s mobile phone number.

Lin Ruoxi was talking to the director of a broadcaster about Hui Lin’s comeback when a call from an unknown number came through.

She ignored the call and continued the conversation with the director but the caller was persistent even after she was done with the earlier call.

Lin Ruoxi saw that the phone number was from Zhonghai and she hesitated for a second before answering the call.

“Is this Chairman Lin from Yu Lei International?”

A man’s voice was heard.

Lin Ruoxi made a sound in response.

“I’m Meng Zhexin, the Vice Minister of Education in Zhonghai. I’ve something to tell you about your husband and I think you should know about this.”

Lin Ruoxi was startled. She never expected someone to talk to her about Yang Chen.

How did Yang Chen get involved with the Vice Minister of Education?

“Go ahead.” Lin Ruoxi said flatly.

Meng Zhexin smiled, “We have a civil servant called Li Jingjing and she’s in a relationship with Mister Yang Chen which has greatly affected our reputation. I think if words got out…it’ll bring shame to you and your company…”

Lin Ruoxi’s heart wrenched and she felt chilled to the bones from feeling threatened, humiliated and oppressed. But at the same time, she couldn’t bring herself to refute his claims that it almost made her sit on the floor.

After taking a deep breath, Lin Ruoxi tried her best to calm down but something caught up in her throat and her eyes were burning from the tears that were close to falling.

“Chairman Lin? Are you listening to me?” Meng Zhexin asked.

With trembling hands, Lin Ruoxi covered her chest and replied, “I’ve heard you…”

With that, Lin Ruoxi hung up the phone. She didn’t know what else to say or what kind of sounds she would make if the conversation went on.

She knew about her husband’s lovers but she still had to hear it from someone else.

Mockingly enough, everything felt so natural to her especially since she had spent some time with them.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t understand herself any longer. When did she become so disoriented? When did she begin to lose her true self?

Lin Ruoxi ran back into the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face. Paying no attention to the dripping water, Lin Ruoxi looked up and stared at herself in the mirror.

A pair of beautiful eyes stared right back at her but she couldn’t seem to look at her face clearly.

Somehow, the nightmare which she had been dreaming of repeatedly started surfacing in her mind again…

The nightmare which constantly woke her up in the middle of the night seemed to be hinting at her…

At this moment, someone pushed open the door and Lanlan came running cheerfully with two sticks of sugar-coated hawthorn fruits in her hands.

She called Lin Ruoxi sweetly and gave one of the sticks to her, “Granny bought this for Lanlan, here’s one for mommy!”

Her gaze was reluctant but she still insisted on giving it to Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes warmed at the sight of her daughter and she squatted down to caress her hair. With a smile, she shook her head and told Lanlan to eat it herself.

“It’s tasty,” Lanlan said earnestly and looked at her with an expectant gaze.

Lin Ruoxi smiled and bit one of the Hawthorns, “I’ll eat one, you can have the rest. Mommy’s teeth will hurt, it’s too sour.”

Lanlan accepted her explanation and ran off to find someone else to play with. She had already viewed the Yang clan as her home where everyone was happy to have her around.

Lin Ruoxi closed her eyes and a few drops of tears dripped down her cheeks but no one knew if she was crying from the Hawthorn’s sourness or the sore feeling in her heart.

However, Lin Ruoxi didn’t have time to think about it any longer when a call came in. It was Zhuang Feng, the director of Beijing Yu Lei Entertainment.

“Chairman, we’re fully prepared with the premier event and we’re waiting for Yu Min to pick up Miss Lin Hui from the airport tonight and then we can discuss the schedule.”

Lin Ruoxi recollected herself and asked with a calm voice, “What time will Lin Hui arrive at the airport?”

“8 o’clock, we’ve already sent someone…”

“No need,” Lin Ruoxi cut him off, “I’ll pick my sister up. I’ve not seen her for a long time, so send your people off to some other place.”

Zhuang Feng didn’t dare to stop her, so he said yes and hung up the phone immediately.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t know that Yang Chen would be flying back to Beijing tonight since he didn’t tell anyone that he flew to Zhonghai in the morning or else she wouldn’t have chosen to pick up Hui Lin.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t want him to misunderstand that she was there to pick him up because she was infuriated by him.

She wasn’t planning on telling him about the things Meng Zhexin had told her because he might seek revenge and kill him.

To Lin Ruoxi, she didn’t think that there was anything wrong with Meng Zhexin’s statement. Her husband did have an illegitimate relationship with Li Jingjing so how could she hold any grudge against him?

He was just informing her. In a mean way, he was threatening her but in a good way, he could just be warning her that her husband might be fooling her.

Lin Ruoxi tried to calm herself down and thought that she should talk to Yang Chen once he was back in Beijing. She shouldn’t let Guo Xuehua and the other elderlies know about this or else they would think that she was using an outsider to pressure Yang Chen.

Lin Ruoxi was on edge, family matters were much more challenging than business. It was driving her crazy!

At the same time, her resentment, anger and annoyance towards Yang Chen put a strain on her heart.

Lin Ruoxi clenched her jaw and got rid of the frustrating thoughts before picking up her phone to deal with her other tasks.