During dinner, Lin Ruoxi didn’t have an appetite so she had just a few bites and decided to go pick Hui Lin up. The Yang clan didn’t stop her as her relationship with the Lin clan was deep despite the fact that she wasn’t related to them by blood.

Lanlan made a fuss when she heard that Lin Ruoxi was picking up her aunt so Lin Ruoxi had no choice but to bring her along.

Once they arrived at the arrival hall, Lin Ruoxi walked to the gates and put down her bangs to avoid any unwanted attention.

Technically for Hui Lin’s popularity, she should’ve used the VIP tunnel but because her comeback was supposed to be a surprise to her fans, she didn't dare to make a big deal out of her return. All she did was wear a pair of big sunglasses and a mask to avoid being recognised.

Ten minutes passed and a wave of travellers walked out of the gate. Walking amongst them was Hui Lin, dressed in a retro red and blue checkered sweater matched with a grey skirt. Her slender legs were wrapped in a light coloured stocking. It didn’t really flaunt her figure but it was a comfortable looking attire.

She had a burgundy hat on with a pair of big sunglasses and a mask as she walked out of the gate while pushing a small suitcase along. Even though others couldn’t recognise her, Lin Ruoxi recognised her immediately.

“Aunt!” Lanlan sensed that it was Hui Lin so she called her with a sweet voice.

Hui Lin and Yu Min looked over and they were both surprised to see that Lin Ruoxi had come to pick them up.

Hui Lin saw no one was paying attention to them so she quickened her pace to get Lin Ruoxi’s side. Although she was embarrassed because of her relationship with Yang Chen, she was still delighted to see her sister.

“Sis, you’re really here. You could’ve just let someone from the company pick us up, I wouldn’t want to trouble you.” 

“It’s nothing, I haven’t saw you in a long time and I really wanted to see you as soon as possible, given that you were in so many dangerous situations before this. Lanlan missed you a lot too.” Lin Ruoxi smiled.

Hui Lin knew she was talking about the Ten Thousand Realm and hearing this from her intensified the guilt in her heart.

Her feelings for Lanlan were different from before now that she knew that Lanlan was Yang Chen’s biological daughter.

Knowing that Lin Ruoxi was clueless about this made Hui Lin sighed internally, wondering when would Yang Chen tell her and if Lin Ruoxi could accept the truth.

As of now, Hui Lin didn’t dare to overthink it. She carried Lanlan into her arms and pecked her cheeks, “Come, let aunty hug you. Eh, Lanlan, did you gain weight? Have you been eating a lot these days?”

Lanlan immediately shook her head vigorously, “No, Lanlan is a good kid. Mommy wouldn’t let me eat till I’m full!”

Other people would’ve thought that Lin Ruoxi was abusing Lanlan but Hui Lin was aware of Lanlan’s appetite. Feeding her till she was full for every meal would’ve used up a lot of ingredients so it was understandable that Lin Ruoxi controlled her food intake.

Yu Min felt weird about this, thinking to herself that Chairman Lin was a rational person for wanting to control a little girl’s food intake to maintain her figure.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t like to have an outsider listening in on their conversation so she told Yu Min with a flat voice, “Drive yourself home, I’ll send Hui Lin home myself.”

Yu Min tensed up and she smiled at Lin Ruoxi respectfully, “Chairman, I’m grateful that you're willing to come this far for us but I don’t think I should trouble you…”

“I said I’ll send her home…do I have to repeat myself?” Lin Ruoxi’s gaze was chilly. She hated people who tried to suck up to her at the wrong timing.

Yu Min felt the cold daggers from her eyes and she jolted in response. With a pale face, she took her bag and left with an awkward smile, afraid that she would be fired if she stayed any longer.

Hui Lin was humoured by her manager’s response but she also envied Lin Ruoxi for her charisma. All the employees at the company were very respectful towards her.

Maybe this was her charisma, she was born to be a leader, but for someone like her with a soft personality, she could never have such charisma and was better off being an artist.

“Let’s go, I’ve contacted her grandma. I’ll send you home first and then we’ll go to the company for a late meeting. We don’t have enough time, so you’ll be very busy for the next two days.” Lin Ruoxi carried Lanlan and explained to Hui Lin while walking.

Hui Lin caught up to her and asked softly, “Sis, do you really think I can do it? Will everyone hate me?”

“As long as your songs and movies are nice, you’ll be the top star. With money, we can clear up your reputation but not everyone will adore you. We just need them to know about you and that would be a win for you. Artists need to convince the public with their work and I’ve faith in you…”

Lin Ruoxi blinked at her, “I spent billions on that whole entertainment company, do you really want the company to close down? I might be rich but I don’t want to suffer such a loss. I still want to rely on you as the backbone of the entertainment company.”

Hui Lin knew that she was trying to motivate her but it made her feel worse. She would rather have Lin Ruoxi curse at her so that she could feel better.

Even so, Hui Lin decided to perform well on her job as she didn’t want to disappoint Lin Ruoxi’s trust.

As they made their way to the parking lot, they passed by the building for internal arrivals and Lin Ruoxi paused in her tracks when she saw something.

Hui Lin was puzzled, so she followed her gaze.

It was Yang Chen?!

Yang Chen wasn’t eye-catching amongst the travellers because of his casual attire but Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin were able to recognise the most important man in their lives.

“Isn’t that daddy?” Lanlan saw him too.

Lin Ruoxi exchanged gazes with Hui Lin and they realised that none of them knew about this.

“That’s weird. It’s really him but why couldn’t he sense our existence?” Lin Ruoxi was confused.

Even if Lin Ruoxi’s cultivation was too low to be detectable, how could he miss out on Hui Lin’s cultivation when she was in the Soul Forming stage?

“Is he here to lick up someone?” Hui Lin was puzzled.

Lin Ruoxi shook her head. Although she was still mad at Yang Chen and wanted him out of her sight, she couldn’t resist the urge to see what he was up to, “Let’s go and have a look.”

With that, two women and a little girl followed him into the arrival hall for international flights.

Yang Chen had no idea that he was being followed by them as he didn't dare to use his cultivation or divine senses.

After arriving at Beijing, Yang Chen rushed to this building to pick Jane up and then drop her off at her place before going home.

The moment he stepped into the hall, a group of travellers were walking out and Jane was striking with her amber-coloured hair!

“Jane!” Yang Chen yelled and beamed at her.

Jane saw her too and she didn’t have a large suitcase with her since plenty of people or organisations would be willing to send her things that she wanted.

“Yang Chen!”

Jane called him which surprised the other Chinese people, this beautiful Caucasian spoke Mandarin?

But what they saw next angered them more as Jane ran into the ordinary-looking man’s arms!

“Dear, I missed you so much.” Jane beamed and hugged Yang Chen’s neck to kiss him!

For Jane, she wasn’t someone to shy away from public display of affection since he was her lover.

Yang Chen was taken aback by her kiss but he couldn’t avoid it since Jane wasn’t even bothered by the stares. He held her waist and groped her butt as they shared a passionate French kiss.