It would've been a beautiful scene of a couple kissing in the airport if Lin Ruoxi, Hui Lin and Lanlan didn’t know them.

But unfortunately, the couple was unaware of their presence.

Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin knew Yang Chen’s reason for being here the moment they saw Jane.

Jane didn’t see them as she had her attention on her beloved.

A couple kissing wasn’t a big deal, but watching Jane and Yang Chen French kiss with his hands groping her was different.

Lin Ruoxi immediately pressed Lanlan’s face towards her, stopping her daughter from witnessing it.

Her face was pale at first but it immediately darkened to the point that it worried Hui Lin.

Hui Lin was resentful against Yang Chen. Why was he so dense to not notice them? Was he doing this on purpose to anger Lin Ruoxi?

From what she remembered, Jane shouldn’t be dating Yang Chen, so when did all this happen?

Hui Lin was jealous too but it was outgrown by her worry for Lin Ruoxi.

Even though Hui Lin wasn’t close to Jane, she knew Jane had a special place in Yang Chen’s heart.

Jane was an old friend of Yang Chen for almost a decade and her appearance was not inferior to Lin Ruoxi.

Besides, she was the Princess of Wales, which meant that she was practically the future queen!

A woman like her was far more threatening compared to the other ladies in Zhonghai. No matter how confident Lin Ruoxi was, she wouldn’t be able to keep her chin up in front of Jane.

Nor could she ignore the fact that Jane’s intelligence and achievements were superior to Lin Ruoxi!

Some people were born at great heights where others could never reach.

As if she was done watching the heartbreaking scene, Lin Ruoxi ushered Hui Lin to move, “Come, let’s go home.”

Hui Lin took a last glance at the kissing couple before following Lin Ruoxi.

It still felt like a dream to Lin Ruoxi as she stood by the gate.

The cold winter breeze brushed against her warm tears which brought her to her senses!

It was cruel to witness that scene, but it wasn’t a dream!

“Mommy…” Lanlan sensed that something was wrong and she asked meekly, “Who’s that aunt that daddy’s kissing? Is she another aunty…”

Lin Ruoxi’s voice was icy, “That’s not your dad…”

“But he…”

“I said he isn’t! Can’t you listen to me?!” Lin Ruoxi cut her off.

Lanlan pouted and stayed silent but she was still puzzled.

Once they got into the car, Lin Ruoxi drove to the Lin residence without uttering a single word.

Hui Lin was anxious throughout the car ride. How devastated would Lin Ruoxi feel if she knew that Hui Lin had gotten together with Yang Chen? 

Hui Lin couldn’t bear to break Lin Ruoxi’s heart further.

Once she decided to make Yang Chen keep their relationship as a secret, Hui Lin tried to console Lin Ruoxi, “Sis, maybe Princess Jane is just enthusiastic. She can’t stay in China forever…”

“You don’t have to defend him, I’ve seen enough. I know what he’s like, I’m not blind.” Lin Ruoxi’s reply was cold. 

Hui Lin pursed her lips and sighed when she knew that there was nothing she could do. 

Lin Ruoxi glanced at her, “You don’t have to worry about me. Focus on your job and it’ll cheer me up.”

Hui Lin felt bitter. She wasn’t just worried about Lin Ruoxi asn she was also involved in this complicated relationship.

Gray Robe was the only one waiting for them when they reached the Li residence. Yun Miao was at the headquarters of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, busy with the matters of the Ten Thousand Demon Realm. 

After organising her suitcase, Hui Lin left with Lin Ruoxi to the Yu Lei Entertainment company.

On the other hand, Yang Chen brought Jane to a medical research institute in Beijing Medical University, one of the most prestigious research institutes ever.

Although Jane was excited to see Yang Chen, she still cared about Yang Chen’s health the most.

In the car, Yang Chen explained his condition with the Chaos Cauldron and Jane was able to understand it better since she had started cultivating.

She didn’t really have a plan for Yang Chen’s recovery yet, so she decided to do a full checkup prior to planning.

Yang Chen didn’t have much hope as using medical technology to oppress Chaos didn’t seem possible but it was better than being out of wits.

As they stepped into the research institute, Yang Chen glanced at the rooms and asked Jane, “Jane, are you planning to stay here?”

Jane replied, “Yeah, the Head of the institute, Mister Xu has agreed to let me use the equipment as I wish. I’m used to staying in labs, so hotels don’t interest me.”

“Is he your student?” Yang Chen smiled.

Jane giggled, “No, he’s almost 90 years old. He agreed to it happily when I told him I’ll give him the formula for a liver disease medication for free. I have plenty of those so I don’t mind giving it to him.”

“So…. I invited you over for help and I’ve somehow contributed to China’s medical research?” Yang Chen teased her.

Jane winked at him, “I can do anything for you since I’m all yours.”

Yang Chen gulped and thought that Jane was more open from before which was extremely seducing. He would’ve devoured her if being a virgin wasn't beneficial for her cultivation.

Mister Xu was already waiting in the building with his assistants. As it was already night time and Jane wanted some peace, they didn’t hold a welcoming party for her.

Jane greeted them and pressured them to leave except for Mister Xu who stayed back to give them a tour.

Once they were familiarised with the layout of the building, Jane bade goodbye to Mister Xu and passed a folded paper to him. Mister Xu glanced at it briefly and left with a delighted expression.

Yang Chen sighed, reminded of a famous quote, ‘Knowledge is power’.

Jane didn’t have time to think about things and she immediately got to work. Her expression was stern as she calibrated the equipment by herself.

Yang Chen waited patiently for her as he couldn’t be of any help. Almost an hour went by and with Jane’s permission, they started on the analysis. 

By the time they were done with the analysis, it was almost one o’clock. Jane ushered Yang Chen to go home since she still needed time to analyse the results.

Yang Chen bade her goodbye with a peck on her forehead. No words were needed to express his gratitude towards Jane.

When Yang Chen drove into the mansion, Lin Ruoxi’s car arrived behind him.

Lin Ruoxi got out of the car and carried Lanlan from the backseat.

Yang Chen figured that she was out dealing with Hui Lin’s comeback but was puzzled about why she brought Lanlan along. The thought quickly left his mind when he was reminded that it would be Chinese New Year tomorrow and that he should buy them some clothes as a good omen. At the thought of this, he walked towards Lin Ruoxi with a smile and said, “Dear, should we…”

Yang Chen didn’t even finish his sentence when Lin Ruoxi walked past him as if he was invisible.