This wasn’t his first time to be ignored by Lin Ruoxi but it was never without him knowing the reason why. They were doing fine yesterday so what changed in a day?

Yang Chen ran after Lin Ruoxi and blocked her way, “Dear, what’s wrong? What have I done this time?”

Lin Ruoxi ignored him and walked towards the door.

The guards could sense the tension between them which made them stand tall, pretending as though they couldn’t hear and see anything.

Yang Chen scratched his head out of confusion as he followed behind her. Seeing her cold expression made it hard for him to strike up a conversation.

“Ruoxi, don’t be like this. Tell me anything, I’ll change if I’ve made a mistake. If you’re not happy about something, tell me and I’ll cheer you up…I’m thinking of bringing you and Lanlan to buy some new clothes since it’s our first time celebrating Chinese New Year here…”

Yang Chen kept coaxing her but Lin Ruoxi showed no intention to respond. Once she carried Lanlan into her room, Lin Ruoxi locked Yang Chen outside!

It was already midnight and everyone was asleep so no one knew what happened between them.

Yang Chen was dumbfounded. Why was he so unfortunate? He was already frustrated about his cultivation and now his wife was giving him the cold shoulder.

But he was completely clueless about why!

Right at this moment, Yang Chen's mobile phone buzzed and he picked it up to see that Hui Lin had texted her.

‘Brother Yang, are you free to talk now?’

Yang Chen smiled softly at her cautiousness. 

Once he found a quiet spot to talk, Yang Chen dialled Hui Lin’s number and she picked up immediately.

“You’re in Beijing?”


“Are you preparing for your comeback? Is that why you’re still awake?” Yang Chen asked.

Hui Lin hummed as a response and she hesitated before asking, “Brother Yang…is sis home yet?”

Yang Chen’s eyes lit up. Right, Hui Lin might know what happened, “I almost forgot to ask you, what’s wrong with your sister? She was so icy that I almost froze. What did I do wrongly this time?”

Hui Lin sighed, “I wanted to talk to you about this. She picked me up from the airport and we…we saw you and Princess Jane…”

“Saw Jane and I…” Yang Chen’s eyes widened and he clenched his hand, “Are you saying that Ruoxi knew about Jane and I?”

“Yeah, she looked calm but I think she’s really upset. Seriously, why didn’t you realise that we were behind you?!” Hui Lin was frustrated too.

Yang Chen sighed internally. I didn’t want this to happen, it’s just that I don’t dare to use my cultivation. 

Yang Chen didn’t dare to say it out loud since he didn’t want to worry her.

“I wasn’t thinking straight so I didn’t notice you guys,” Yang Chen made up an excuse, “Thanks for telling me or else my head will explode from thinking about my mistake.”

Hui Lin paused and said softly, “Brother Yang, I don’t think we should tell sis about our relationship yet. I’m afraid she can’t take it. Lanlan’s identity too, it might be too much for her to take. You should for a while more before you tell her about Lanlan’s identity.”

Yang Chen had the exact same thoughts and he was grateful that she could do this for Lin Ruoxi.

Feelings couldn’t be controlled and although Hui Lin didn’t wish for this to happen, she could no longer lie to herself.

The only thing she could do was to minimise the blow on Lin Ruoxi.

Yang Chen tried to think of a way to coax Lin Ruoxi but he had to wait for an opportunity since Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t even look at him.

For that night, Yang Chen looked for a random guest room to sleep in, but he was actually wide awake the whole night, thinking of a way to redeem himself.

Just a few moments before sunrise, Lin Ruoxi was seen trembling in the bed as she talked in her sleep, “No…not me…I can’t…Hubby…ah!!!”

Lin Ruoxi sat up abruptly with her pyjamas drenched in cold sweat.

Realising that she was still in their room, Lin Ruoxi sighed in relief.

Lanlan moved a little as if she heard Lin Ruoxi’s scream.

She didn’t have a blanket on as she laid on her side with her feet exposed in the air.

Because she wouldn’t get sick from sleeping like this in the winter, Lin Ruoxi didn’t force her to keep her blanket on.

Lanlan mumbled something under breath and squirmed before getting back to sleep.

Lin Ruoxi pulled her blanket up and caressed her hair but she was still overwhelmed by the fear from her nightmare.

Lin Ruoxi had lost count of the time she had the same  nightmare. She even had the nightmare during the day.

It wouldn’t have affected her much if it only happened one to two times but as it kept on happening, the worry and anxiety from the nightmare was drowning her.

At first she thought the nightmares happened because she was too worried about Yang Chen but the nightmares persisted even after he came home.

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath before looking at the clock. It was 5 o’clock in the morning, which was still early, but Lin Ruoxi figured she could wake up and get to work.

Maybe she wasn’t destined to live a leisure life. She had been taking a break for a long time which made her feel like doing something, even if it was to help Yang Gongming with gardening.

Lanlan was too easy to be taken care of and she was so lovable that everyone in the clan was keen to take care of her. Lin Ruoxi had plenty of time now and she thought she could take care of her unfinished business.

Lin Ruoxi tried her best to clear the nightmare from her head before she got out of bed to freshen up.

The Yang clan was already bustling in the morning since it was Chinese New Year Eve. For a traditional clan like them, there were a lot of preparations to be done. 

Yang Gongming wore a red and black traditional outfit which made him look stern yet respectable. The rest of the relatives also dressed rather festively for the special occasion.

The clan members would gather at the ancestral hall to worship them. They would recap on the things they did for the past year and also wished for blessing for the new year.

It wasn’t just superstition. With plenty of them involved in the political and military affairs, memorial services would be useful in bringing the whole clan together.

The collateral clan would also join in but they could only pay their respects to the ancestor after the main clan. Due to the rigidity of the family values, the memorial tablet of the patriarch of the collateral clan can only be placed in the ancestral hall after the death of all their clan members.

While the clan members including Yang Gongming were waiting outside the ancestral hall, some of them noticed that Yang Chen wasn’t around.

Even though it was still early, he should be awake by now. Did he forget about the memorial service? How could he be so ignorant as the Young Master of the Yang clan?!

Some of the elderly were upset but they didn’t dare to voice out their discontent since Yang Chen was the second person in charge after Yang Gongming.

Yang Gongming furrowed his brows but he didn’t seem angry at the fact that Yang Chen wasn’t around.

He turned to Lin Ruoxi and asked with crinkling eyes, “Ruoxi, where is he?”

The others wanted to ask the same question too. As a couple, they must have slept together so where did her husband go?