Lin Ruoxi was standing behind Guo Xuehua while holding Lanlan’s hand. Lanlan was rubbing her eyes from waking up early in the morning. She didn't really care about the memorial services as long as she could eat breakfast after this.

Although Yang Lanlan wasn’t the ‘biological’ daughter of Yang Chen, Yang Gongming had acknowledged her as part of the clan, so naturally, she needed to pay her respects to the ancestors. 

Lin Ruoxi’s hands were clammy from anxiety. It was normal for them to ask her about Yang Chen but she kicked Yang Chen out of their room yesterday, so there was no way she would know about his whereabouts!

This troublesome man, he should've reflected on himself when she locked him out the previous day. He must have gone to his other lovers and the thought of this sucked the colour off of her face. 

Her breath quickened from not being able to tell them about her reasons.

“Grandpa…I…” Lin Ruoxi didn’t know how to start explaining herself. She couldn’t possibly say she locked him outside of their room.

Guo Xuehua noticed her discomfort and she interjected, “How about we call him?”

“Hmph, this is outrageous. How could he disappear on such an important occasion?” Yang Pojun was displeased.

Others felt awkward to hear this, this wouldn't have happened if you could control your son.

“Don’t call! Don’t call! I’m here!!”

Yang Chen’s voice was heard from the other end of the corridor. He was rubbing his hands on his pants as though he had just washed his hands.

Everyone was puzzled to see him come out of nowhere but it was relieving to see him here.

Yang Gongming furrowed his brows when he smelled something greasy on him, “Where did you go?”

“Hehe, don’t be upset, old man. I went to the market with the cook today and I cooked breakfast for you guys. I kinda overestimated my speed.”

“Breakfast?” Yang Gongming was puzzled, “That’s so random. We have dozens of cooks and maids here. Why would you need to cook when you’re the young master?”

Everyone else gave him a weird look, including Lin Ruoxi.

Yang Chen cocked his head and ignored his question, “Alright, alright. Just eat it. Come, let’s go pay our respects to Bodhisattva.”

“Nonsense! We’re paying our respects to our ancestors! Not Bodhisattva!” Yang Gongming was very particular about these things.

Yang Chen scratched his head awkwardly, “Isn’t it a good thing for our ancestors to be Bodhisattva? They can bless us when we go to Western Paradise. Fine, ancestors…”

The memorial service finally started and it lasted around 30 minutes for everyone to pay their respects.

Yang Gongming invited the collateral clan to dine at the living hall whereas the rest of them dined at the usual dining hall. 

Once they took their seats, they realised that today’s breakfast was the same as before. Pastries, congee and side dishes. It didn't look like Yang Chen made it.

“Yang Chen, I don’t see anything special about today’s breakfast!” Yang Jieyu chided.

“It’s not served yet.” Yang Chen said and snapped his finger at the nearest maid.

The maid nodded and ushered the other maids to serve them. They were all holding large trays and the scrumptious smell of meat could be smelled before they even came close to the dining table.

To their surprise, the trays were filled with roast lamb leg, stew lamb ribs and lamb skewers.

That wasn’t all, they even served a large lamb head and a big pot of offal.

It was too weird to see such a heavy scented breakfast dish.

Yang Lanlan’s eyes were gleaming at the sight of meat, “Daddy, did you cook something delicious for Lanlan?”

“Haha, as expected of my daughter. How is it? I bought this lamb early in the morning. I’ve only cooked half of it but it’s enough for everyone. Help yourselves!”

Yang Chen picked up a lamb skewer and passed it to Lin Ruoxi with an anxious smile, “Dear, have a lamb skewer.”

Lin Ruoxi finally understood why he wasn’t around. It was impressive that he managed to buy and cook half a lamb within a few hours.

Lin Ruoxi was hesitant to take the skewer when it was obvious that he was trying to please her.

“I heard that you used to sell lamb skewers in Zhonghai but you didn’t have to use all of it. You can make other dishes!” Yang Jieyu laughed.

Yang Chen glanced at her, “You're overthinking it. I only made the lamb skewers and the rest are made by the cook. The lamb skewers are only for my wife, you guys can’t eat it.”

Lanlan was already chewing on one and she lifted her head with a pitiful gaze, “Lanlan can't eat it too?”

Yang Chen patted her head, “Lanlan and mommy can eat it. Everyone else can’t eat it.”

Only then Lanlan continued to chew the lamb skewer happily. She preferred to chew on the whole lamb leg but she figured it’d be better for her to take it if no one would eat it.

The rest of the family understood it now. Yang Chen was doing all this to coax Lin Ruoxi.

Guo Xuehua was familiar with this situation. Noticing that Lin Ruoxi wasn’t taking the lamb skewer offered by Yang Chen, she decided to help out, “Ruoxi, did you guys quarrel? Why aren’t you talking to Yang Chen?”

Lin Ruoxi forced a smile, “We didn’t…”

She took the skewer from Yang Chen but she couldn’t bring herself to eat it.

Yang Gongming couldn’t eat lamb meat in the morning because of his old age.

“Youngsters these days always like to complicate things. They don’t know how to appreciate one another. Just talk it out if you have any resentment, only then you can reflect on it. You guys are lucky to be together at a young age, once you get old, you might not be able to see one another again.”

Everyone turned silent at his words. It sounded as if he was reminiscing about his wife.

Yang Gongming sighed and told Lin Ruoxi, “Ruoxi, I won’t help anyone. Let’s talk about facts, Yang Chen might be hot-headed sometimes but he’s not a fool. He really wants to win you back but he couldn’t think of a better way so he did this to coax you. Pity him and give him a chance. It’s Chinese New Year Eve, I don’t wish to see you two start the new year on bad terms. Go shopping with Lanlan today and buy some new clothes. You’ll need it when we go out to visit relatives or when we have guests. Let Yang Chen pay, buy whatever you want to let out your anger. I hope you’ll come home with a smile today.”

His gentle words warmed Lin Ruoxi’s heart. She couldn’t bother him with their relationship matters, so she nodded with a smile.

Yang Chen was relieved hearing him say that. Yang Gongming was right. He wouldn’t be slaughtering a lamb and cooking lamb skewers if he hadn’t been out of wits.

Guo Xuehua glanced at her father-in-law resentfully. She pitied her son for putting himself down to please his wife. Lin Ruoxi might be the one at fault instead of her son.

She only dared to think about this since she didn’t dare to defy Yang Gongming.

Lin Ruoxi still didn’t talk to Yang Chen but it was better since she didn’t ignore Yang Chen completely.

Along with Lanlan, the couple went to a shopping mall in the city centre.

At the same time, news about Hui Lin’s participation in the New Year’s Gala got around and it became the most heated topic discussion of the day. With Lin Ruoxi’s effort, the comments were all complimenting Hui Lin’s courage for making a grand comeback.

After all, Hui Lin has a huge worldwide fan base. The public wasn’t too concerned about her private life so they wouldn’t believe in tabloids.

The movie premiere was also getting a lot of attention from the news about Hui Lin’s comeback.