Li Jingjing stepped out of her office to the car park with a white bag in hand. Since it was already Chinese New Year, there weren't a lot of cars around which made the parking lot seem empty.

The closest thing she has to a winter outfit was a striped cardigan and a black scarf. It didn’t look exactly cozy, but she was already immune to the cold.

Once she got to the centre of the parking lot, Li Jingjing took out her keys to the new Mercedes Benz and made her way to the red SLK350.

Yang Chen was generous and quick with his payment, so the dealer drove the car to Li Jingjing the previous afternoon. She wasn’t used to driving to work but it really made her feel giddy.

Li Jingjing didn’t see the need to boast, nor did she think that it was a big deal to drive an expensive car, but Li Jingjing hoped to let her colleagues see the car her man had bought for her.

She was about to open the car door when a silver Ferrari swerved right next to her.

The car window was lowered and Meng Zhexin showed up. He was surprised to see the new car and a quick fleeting glance at the key in Li Jingjing‘s hand, a forceful smile appeared on his face, “Jingjing, is this your car?”

Li Jingjing nodded with a smile, “Yes, Vice Minister. Thank you for sending me home all this while but I won’t have to trouble you any longer.” 

“Did Yang Chen buy it for you?” Meng Zhexin asked again.

Li Jingjing didn’t hesitate to answer, “Yes.”

“Do you know that he’s married? His wife is the Chairman of Yu Lei.” Meng Zhexin was indignant.  

Li Jingjing was taken aback but she wasn’t pleased with his attitude, “I think that’s none of your business. Minister Meng, it's rude of you to look into other people’s background. I’ll take my leave if you have anything else to talk about.”

“Stand right there!” Meng Zhexin raised his voice, “What is so good about him? I’ve been courting you sincerely and you won’t even give me a single chance. He’s married and you’re still with him? Which part of him is better than me?!”

Li Jingjing was ghastly pale. She could feel the fury in his eyes but she wasn’t afraid of him. In fact, she was equally furious.

“I don’t want to compare my beloved with another man. Love isn’t the same as buying something, it’s not something that you can measure with standard. Minister Meng, I respect you but please respect my private life, especially since you don’t know me.” Li Jingjing refuted.

Just when Meng Zhexin was planning to fire back, a black Bentley drove next to his Ferrari.

Meng Zhexin was surprised to see the car whereas Li Jingjing was just puzzled that a big shot was here. 

Soon, a glamorous looking middle-aged woman got out of the car.

Her outfit was rather sexy, donning a black skirt and white stockings paired with a pair of silver heels. Although her face seemed flawless, others could tell that she had Botox injection from the wrinkles on her neck.

“My dear son, thank goodness you’re still here. The traffic was pretty bad and I thought I’ll miss you.” She smiled as she walked towards Meng Zhexin’s car.

Li Jingjing was shocked. How could this woman be Meng Zhexin’s mother when she looked like she was in her 40s?

Meng Zhexin didn't seem happy to see her, “What are you doing here?”

“How cold. I wanted to spend the new year with you. Don't you miss me when we haven’t seen each other for days?” The woman sounded resentful.

“No,” Meng Zhexin was annoyed, “Go home, I have some matters to take care of.”

The woman turned around and scanned Li Jingjing with a look of jealousy.

“Oh, you found yourself a b*tch. What’s wrong? It seems like you two were quarrelling. She doesn’t like you?” The woman mocked in disdain.

“Zhang Ling! Shut up!” Meng Zhexin called her name, “Get back into your car and stop spouting nonsense!”

“I’m your mother, how could I ignore your problems? I know her name, Li Jingjing. I even know where she stays.” Zhang Ling sounded proud.

Li Jingjing felt disgusted. That woman’s gaze was venomous.

“You stalked her?! Zhang Ling, are you sick of living a good life?!” Meng Zhexin shouted.

Zhang Ling huffed, “You always shout at me just because I can’t bring myself to ignore you…you’re so heartless. She doesn’t even like you and you’re being mean to me. Do whatever you want, I’m a generous mom. Your grandfather and uncles will be here for dinner, and if you’re late because of this b*tch, your dad will surely punish you!”

With a sneer, Zhang Ling got back to the car and ordered the chauffeur to drive home.

Meng Zhexin sensed that something was wrong and he glared at Li Jingjing and her car briefly before driving out of the building.

Li Jingjing was weirded out by this and even though she was annoyed by his attitude, the sight of her new car comforted her.

However, she didn’t know that Meng Zhexin’s fury was yet to be resolved.

While driving, he muttered under his breath, “Lin Ruoxi, you didn’t keep your husband under control and you even let him buy a car for his lover…how capable…Yang Chen, are you trying to humiliate me by buying a car for your lover with your wife’s money? What a fool! I’d like to see what else you’ve got under your sleeves. How dare you steal my woman?!” 

After muttering those words, Meng Zhexin took out his phone and dialed a number.

The call got through and a man’s laughter was heard, “Haha, Vice Minister Meng, why did you call? Aren’t you rushing for your dinner?”

“Uncle Chen, don’t tease me. You’re my elder and I haven’t wished you happy Chinese New Year.” Meng Zhexin was polite.

“Why are you being so polite? I’m taken aback. You must be calling me for something. Do you need me to pass on something to your father?” Uncle Chen sounded as if he was used to doing these things.

Meng Zhexin chuckled, “Uncle Chen, you’re a deputy director and you hold great power. How could I bother you to inform my father about my small matters…”

Director Chen chuckled, “I know you need my help with something. Tell me and I’ll try my best if I can be of any help.”

A wicked smile formed on Meng Zhexin’s face, “Uncle Chen, here’s the thing…I have a grudge on Lin Ruoxi from Yu Lei International and I feel humiliated. I want her to regret it…isn’t her company dealing with the chemical industry of textile production. Can you help me and cause them some trouble so that their production line is interrupted?”  

Director Chen hissed, “No! Young Master! It’s not that I don’t want to help you. If it was some other company or even the first-rate companies like the An and Zhou clans, with your father’s network, I could’ve taken care of it easily! But…you’re talking about Yu Lei! Lin Ruoxi is not an ordinary businessman. Her background is terrifying! Why do you have a grudge on her? You’re being too reckless!”

Meng Zhexin was shocked. He had never heard him sound so afraid of someone. Director Chen always strutted around because of his father and he never said no to his requests so that Meng Zhexin could put in a good word to his father.

“Why, Uncle Chen…isn’t she just a smart businessman? She could only take down second-rate companies. Her family members are all dead, so how terrifying could her background be?” Meng Zhexin was astonished.