Director Chen gulped and sighed, “Lin Ruoxi doesn’t have a profound background but think about it. It’s impossible that other companies won’t try to take a piece of Yu Lei International and no matter how smart she is,  she is just a businesswoman, surely her company won’t be on the highroad all the time…the reason behind this is because of her husband, Yang Chen is the young master of the Yang clan!”

“What?!” Meng Zhexin thought he misheard him and almost dropped his phone, then ran to his car against the fence, “Yang clan? Are you saying that this Yang Chen is the Yang Chen from the Yang clan, one of the four major clans?”

“That's right! With such support, over half of the people in the Jiangnan military zone would be willing to work for Lin Ruoxi. No one would dare risk their lives to go against her” Director Chen smiled wryly.

Meng Zhexin was ashen. He had heard about the bigshots of the four major clans but he never had any relations to them and he wasn’t bothered by it either. After all, he came to Zhonghai to polish his resume. He had no plans to stay here for long. Plus, with his job in the Ministry of Education, there was no need for him to care about the corporations.

Most of the rich families knew about the four major clans in Beijing but it didn’t really bother them. After all, China is a vast land and there would surely be influential people in different regions.

The Yang clan was influential because of their connections with the military, whereas the Ning clan had connections with the political network in different regions.

As for the Li and Tang clan, they may be rich, but they are not as influential, especially outside of Beijing.

Besides, for the sake of their public reputation, the four major clans would do things away from the public's eye. As a result, the public wouldn’t really see them as terrifying figures.

The most recent ground-shaking news from them was probably the time when Yang Chen slaughtered the Liang clan.

Although the military didn’t let the news leak out, everyone knew that the Liang clan was exterminated. 

Because of this incident, the clans had a strong impression on the four major clans. Regardless of the credibility of the news, the Yang clan could not be underestimated!

As the centre of attention, Yang Chen was respected and feared by many.

These things had nothing to do with the Meng clan since they were a few provinces apart. Especially when Meng Zhexin was just a Vice-Minister of Education!

He never expected the random person he met to be the rumoured ‘Grim Reaper’!

Meng Zhexin broke out in a cold sweat, realising that he almost provoked Yang Chen.

“Young Master, let’s pretend that nothing ever happened. We won’t benefit from it. Not even Master Meng can do anything to that psycho from the Yang clan!” Director Chen persuaded him.

Meng Zhexin snapped out of it and clicked his tongue, “Nonsense. Why should we be afraid of the Yang clan! They don’t own the country! Even if they wanted to exterminate our clan, the party would never agree to it. Besides, Premier Ning is the one in charge and he still has the First Senior Official above him. He would never let things in China go astray and allow them to declare war against us.”

“Heh…you’re right. The Yang clan is only influential in the military, but ever since Yang Pojun’s resignation and the death of the second young master, the number of armies they have under control has decreased. Surely the Meng clan wouldn’t be afraid of them.” Director Chen sucked up to him.

Meng Zhexin felt better, but he knew it must end here or else he would be frowned upon in his clan. No need to go this far for a woman.

“Uncle Chen, forget about what I said. As for my father…”

“Understood,” Director Chen chuckled, “I won’t tell him a single thing…”

Meng Zhexin smiled in contentment and offered to buy him a meal next time before hanging up. 

He contemplated if he should find a chance to reconcile with Li Jingjing and buy some gifts for her parents so they could put in some good words for him. Even if they couldn’t be friends, it’d be better than having a hidden enemy.

Now that Meng Zhexin learned about Yang Chen’s true identity, he finally understood Lin Ruoxi’s attitude. How could a mere chairman like her stop the young master from having other lovers?

Visitors from different clans flooded the Yang clan to visit Yang Gongming and it kept them busy for the whole afternoon.

Just when they thought that they could take a breather in the evening, another car arrived at the yard and out came Abbess Yun Miao.

Her expression was aloof as ever as she walked into the mansion without waiting for the maids to inform the others about her arrival. 

The Yang clan knew about her relationship with Lin Ruoxi so no one dared to slight a guest like her. 

The maids served them tea before giving them privacy to converse.

Yun Miao only bowed at Yang Gongming, ignoring everyone else who was present at the scene. She might be old but her appearance was well maintained.  

“Madam Lin, why did you visit us at this hour? Are you planning to spend the eve with us?” Yang Gongming smiled.

Yun Miao sighed at the thought of her small clan, but she shook her head at his question, “My husband has passed away but the Lin clan is still standing, so I’ll return home soon.”

“Oh, then why are you here?”

Yun Miao looked around, “Yang Chen isn’t around?”

“He should be back soon. He went shopping with his wife and daughter.” Yang Gongming answered.

Yun Miao furrowed her brows, “It's best that he’s here since this is about Lin Hui and Yang Chen. I’m an antsy person and I want to make things clear or else I won’t feel at peace during the Chinese New Year.”  

“About Hui Lin and Yang Chen?”

Guo Xuehua was intrigued now, “Madam Lin, is son and Hui Lin…”

No one could blame her for having this thought since it wasn’t the first time this had happened.

It dawned on everyone else too. Yang Gongming’s eyes twitched from hearing this since he knew that Lin Ruoxi treated Hui Lin as her birth sister.

Yun Miao sounded frustrated, “You guys might not know about this yet but Hui’er told me that she confessed to him when they were both stuck in the realm and now they’re together. I know Hui’er isn’t an easy person and she has never confessed her feelings like this before. Once she makes a decision, even I can’t change her mind. Fortunately, although Yang Chen may be a Casanova, he’s capable and I’ve never seen his lovers suffer because of him. Besides, he has connections with my senior disciple and the Shushan clan. I’m willing to acknowledge their relationship…”

Everyone was surprised to hear this but it wasn’t really a piece of good news to them, especially since Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen were on bad terms this morning. God knows what would happen if Lin Ruoxi found out about this!

The thought of it made them anxious.

Yang Gongming had a foresight, “Madam Lin, I’m sure you have something else to talk about, that’s why you came here in such a hurry.”