Yun Miao was impressed with his wits and she replied with a smile, “That’s right, I’m here to seek some dignity for our clan.” 

“Oh?” Yang Gongming was intrigued, “Tell me about it.”

Yun Miao sighed, “We only have Hui’er as the sole descendant of the Lin clan. If it wasn’t for Yang Chen, I was planning to have her marry someone into the clan. But now that she’s with Yang Chen, that would never happen. Hui’er is not his wife either. Our clan may not be as prestigious as the Yang clan, but my only granddaughter should not be mistreated.”

Most of the family could guess where she was going with this.

“You guys might not know this but it’s hard for Yang Chen to have a child with ordinary women because of his physique and cultivation, but Hui’er is already in the Soul Forming stage because of the incident. With General Chai’s help, she can also stay in the mundane world for a longer time, so, if she’ll be with Yang Chen for a long time…she might be able to get pregnant before the other women.”

The Yang clan were delighted to hear this, especially Guo Xuehua. She had been hoping to have an actual grandchild other than the adopted Lanlan. It didn't matter who was the biological mother as long as it was Yang Chen’s child.

Yun Miao paused for a second before continuing, “I’m not hoping for their child to bear my surname but if Hui’er is truly able to get pregnant, I wish that their second child will join our clan and be part of our bloodline. Marshal Yang, what do you say?”

Although the Yang clan was prepared to hear this, her words still silenced them as they looked at Yang Gongming nervously.

Yang Chen might have more children than expected but having any one of them bear the Lin surname would be a different story.

It'd be fine if the second child was a girl but what if it was a boy? It will surely be a loss for a military clan like the Yang clan!

Yang Gongming picked up the teacup and took a sip of his sweet tea.

His eyes crinkled as he spoke, “I can understand your intentions as extending the bloodline matters the most to us. I can allow this but…there has to be a condition.”

Yun Miao’s eyes lit up in excitement, “Go ahead.”

Yang Gongming raised his finger, “Firstly, if this child bears the Lin surname, the child will be the heir of the Lin clan and may not inherit anything from the Yang clan. Secondly, the Lin clan will be responsible for the child’s education which means that Yang Chen’s abilities would not be passed on to the child, including the cultivation techniques.”

Yun Miao wasn’t pleased to hear this, “Marshal Yang, I can accept the first condition but Yang Chen’s cultivation technique originated from the Shushan clan so how can it belong to the Yang clan?”

“Yes, it did originate from the Shushan clan, but only we know about the cultivation technique. If it’s passed on to the other clans, it’ll affect our status and we have to be careful about it,” Yang Gongming was stern, “Every man for himself, and the Devil takes the hindmost. I’m not a kind person. Whilst I’m alive, I’ll do everything that benefits the Yang clan.”

“But that child will also be part of the Yang clan bloodline!” 

Yang Gongming shook his head, “The child’s surname isn’t Yang, meaning that the child doesn’t have the right to enter the ancestral hall nor would the child be responsible for the glory of the Yang clan. Thus, the child would not actually be a part of the Yang clan. Bloodline? That’s not important, or else I wouldn’t have registered Lanlan’s name in the genealogy.”

“This…this is absurd!” Yun Miao stood up from iration. She was hoping to rely on Yang Chen’s strength and have her great-grandchild rebuild the Lin clan. How could her great-grandchild achieve this without the inheritance? 

Guo Xuehua stood up, “Madam Lin, please do not slander us. It’s not a glorious decision to have our descendant take up another surname. We can’t give anything more than this.”

Yang Gongming was pleased with her response. It was more suitable for a woman to strike back in this kind of issue as he was firstly a man and secondly also the elder in the clan.

Yun Miao clenched her jaw and was about to respond when something caught her attention. She glanced outside the door and smirked, “Great, Yang Chen’s back. I’ll ask him directly and if he agrees to it, none of you can intervene!”

“Hmph! We would never forgive him if he dares to betray our clan!” Yang Pojun was stern.

Yun Miao gave him a look of disdain before moving to stand by the door.

Just as expected, Yang Chen walked in with bags in his hands. His ring was full so he had to carry them himself.

Lin Ruoxi was beside him and it seemed like she was in a better mood as she walked into the room, smiling and chatting while holding onto Lanlan’s hand. Shopping was the most useful method to cheer a woman up. 

The rest of them were initially relieved to see that they have reconciled, but with Yun Miao’s presence, things would surely take a bad turn!

But they couldn’t chase her out of here!

“Yang Chen! You’re finally back! I need to get things straight for Hui’er and our clan! I’d like to see if you’re that heartless!” Yun Miao raised her voice.

Yang Chen only noticed her now as he couldn’t use his divine sense, but why did it feel like someone was clutching his throat the moment he stepped into the hall?

Lin Ruoxi furrowed her brows upon hearing Yun Miao’s voice and it wiped the smile off her face.

Yang Chen placed the bags onto the floor and motioned the maids to carry them in before looking at the others anxiously, “Abbess Yun Miao, what do you mean?”

Yun Miao’s eyes were glinting as she tossed a shocking question to him, “I only have one question. Will you pay full responsibility to you and Hui's future children?”


It felt like lightning had struck his mind!

It didn’t only shock him. Lin Ruoxi was aghast and she stood frozen.

Yang Chen looked at Yun Miao in distress, unable to comprehend things. How did she know about their relationship when Hui Lin never told him anything?!

His heart was pounding when he took a fleeting glimpse at Lin Ruoxi’s gloomy expression.  

Yun Miao was sceptical at their odd facial expressions, “What’s wrong? Haven’t you told anyone about this? Why do you look so shocked? Are you planning on deceiving Hui’er? I’ll never forgive you if you dare to hurt her feelings!”

Lin Ruoxi’s gaze was dull, reminded of the day before when she joked with Hui Lin and how Hui Lin had consoled her.

Lin Ruoxi encouraged her and urged her to relax. Hui Lin even looked at her gratefully.

It dawned her then, that she was the fool, being toyed by others. She even asserted herself as if she understood everything. 

The road ahead was dim and the man beside her seemed so foreign as if it was the end of the world!

“Ruoxi! Ruoxi...listen to me!” Yang Chen noticed her gaze. There was no sign of vitality, instead, it was filled with the dreadful feeling of death.

Yun Miao realised she had made a mistake. Her words had given a blow to Lin Ruoxi at greater lengths than expected!

The rest of the family ran to the door. Guo Xuehua grabbed her hands and shook them, “Ruoxi, don’t be like this. We just found out about this. Yang Chen has betrayed you and we’ll punish him! You...why are your hands so cold?! Are you sick?” 

Lin Ruoxi didn’t react at all, letting her body sway along to Guo Xuehua’s movement. She wasn’t talking or crying, even her breath was shallow. It was as if she had turned into a soulless doll.