Everyone was worried about her.

However, Yun Miao furrowed her brows, displeased at Lin Ruoxi’s reaction, “What are you trying to do? Are you showing this reaction because of Hui’er? It’s not like Yang Chen doesn’t have other women? You’re the Young Madam of the Yang clan, you should’ve been prepared for this. Are you thinking of oppressing your husband?”

“Enough!” Yang Chen was furious. If only she wasn’t Song Tianxing’s junior disciple and Hui Lin's grandmother or else he would’ve slapped her!

Yun Miao didn’t back off and she even raised her chin, “I didn’t say anything wrong! She’s not related to Hui’er and it’s ridiculous for her to behave like this!”

Guo Xuehua sensed the graveness of the situation and she defended Lin Ruoxi, “Madam Lin, you’ve gone too far! How about the fact that you harmed Ruoxi’s grandmother? You couldn’t tolerate your husband’s betrayal and you’re asking Ruoxi to accept it without any complaints. Isn’t that ridiculous?!”

“Shut up!” Yun Miao was flushed from anger. That incident had always been a thorn in her heart. Even though Lin Zhiguo had passed away, she could never recover from that trauma nor could she forget about her hatred towards Lin Ruoxi’s grandma.

“Do you know that I’m your elder?! Is that how you should behave around me?!”

“You're being rude to the Yang clan by humiliating Ruoxi! I don’t care if you’re my elder!” Guo Xuehua was indignant.

The two old women bickered like women on the streets and the men couldn’t seem to interject. 

Yang Chen was frustrated but he didn’t know how to comfort Lin Ruoxi. He couldn’t tell everyone that there was nothing between him and Hui Lin.

Not only would he be deceiving others and himself, he would also hurt both women.

Suddenly, Lin Ruoxi’s eyes glowed with iciness like a dagger reflecting the white moonlight!

She turned around and walked toward the gate!

“Ruoxi, where are you going?!” Yang Chen yelled after her but Lin Ruoxi’s pace was brisk.

Lanlan wanted to follow her but Yang Chen carried her up and put her into Guo Xuehua’s arms.

“Lanlan, be a good girl and eat your dinner. Don’t go anywhere.” said Yang Chen and he chased after Lin Ruoxi.

Guo Xuehua wanted to call for Yang Chen but she couldn’t seem to make a sound.

Lanlan might be young but she could tell that her parents were in a conflict. With her happy-go-lucky personality and knowing that there was nothing she could do, Lanlan stayed in her grandmother’s arms peacefully and waited for dinner.

The rest were stumped for words as they stared at the gate. 

It was Chinese New Year Eve but nothing about the atmosphere was festive.

Yang Chen caught on to Lin Ruoxi and was about to block her way when she glared at him. Her icy gaze froze his heart and while he was stunned for a second, Lin Ruoxi had already walked past him.

It wasn’t his first time getting icy glares from her but this time, it was cold to the bones!

It felt as if his bones were dipped into a crevasse in the South Pole!

Her gaze was bleak, tough and cold, with a hint of madness. It all felt so foreign yet oddly familiar to him. 

While he was still in a daze, Lin Ruoxi already drove the red Audi out of the mansion!

Yang Chen didn’t dare to think much about her gaze and he got into the black BMW to chase after her.

Due to the festive season, the road was less jammed than usual.

Yang Chen followed closely behind Lin Ruoxi’s red Audi and he soon realised that her driving skills were exceptionally good.

Her control over the gears and engine was perfect and she didn’t waste any time or petrol when she overtook cars one after another.

Yang Chen claimed to have better driving skills than the top professional racer or else he couldn’t have defeated the famous racer Weber twice.

However, even when his car was better than Lin Ruoxi, he couldn’t seem to overtake her!

When did Lin Ruoxi become so skilled at driving?! Had she been concealing her abilities?!

He still remembered her pale face back when he drifted her, but look at her, she was driving even more fiercely than he did!

Driving was more reliant on talent but upon reaching a certain level, experience played a greater role.

Yang Chen suddenly had a hunch. Could it be that her driving skills have nothing to do with her?

The red and black cars raced in the night at an immense speed which made them look like two rays of light from above!

Just when Yang Chen was about to catch on to Lin Ruoxi, a traffic light came in between them!

A lorry drove in from the side and Yang Chen was forced to step on the brake pedal and pull the handbrake simultaneously to come to a stop.

Realising that Lin Ruoxi had pulled a trick on him, Yang Chen slammed the steering wheel out of frustration. She drove through this road on purpose so that a lorry could block his way.

With the lorry interfering, Lin Ruoxi’s car was already out of sight and Yang Chen had no choice but to chase after her once again.

Even so, he wasn’t worried that Lin Ruoxi would get into a car accident. With her driving skills, she wouldn’t even be injured if there was a massive car accident. She must have a plan for ditching him skillfully!

Yang Chen resented the fact that he couldn’t use his cultivation or else he could’ve flown to the sky and it would’ve saved him all this trouble! 

Around 15 minutes later, their cars arrived at the broadcasting station where the New Year’s Gala would be broadcasted live. Due to the presence of famous artists at the station, the security was tight.

Yang Chen only realised then that Lin Ruoxi was here for Hui Lin!

He wanted to drive into the parking lot immediately but the guards stopped him and requested an ID as only invited guests were permitted entry.

Yang Chen almost lost his mind. Lin Ruoxi must have been able to get in since she was the owner of the entertainment company but Yang Chen didn’t have it!

He could only park his car by the roadside and ran into the broadcasting station. He wasn’t worried that someone would tow his car away as he had the military car plate on.

Whilst running, Yang Chen dialled Hui Lin’s phone number. The moment the call got connected, Yang Chen blurted out before Hui Lin could say anything, “Hui Lin, did you tell your grandmother about us?”

Hui Lin was startled and she replied meekly, “Yes…didn’t you know that already?”

“Me? When?” Yang Chen was stupefied.

“That day when you woke up, you asked me if I told my grandmother about the Ten Thousand Demon realm. I said yes and you said it was fine…why? Is something the matter?” Hui Lin spoke carefully.

Yang Chen regretted it so badly. He was too careless. He thought she only told Yun Miao about the things that happened in the realm but he didn’t think she would tell her about their relationship status.

But it was too late to talk about this. Yang Chen quickly explained to her about the earlier incident, “Your sister is furious and she’s here looking for you but I don’t know what she’s planning to do. Help me keep her under control and don’t let her do anything reckless!”

Hui Lin almost cried, “Granny…granny, how could she do this?! I told her that I’d tell sis myself…she…”

“Don’t you know your grandmother? She’s too proud and she treats you like a kid. She won’t listen to you!” Yang Chen was resentful about Yun Miao too.

As if she had made up her mind, Hui Lin clenched her jaw and said in a firm voice, “It’s all my fault…I’ll talk to sis and if she wants to hit me or scold me, I’ll bear it. Brother Yang, don’t worry…”