Yang Chen didn’t think that Lin Ruoxi would really hit or scold Hui Lin as it wasn’t really her style to do things. Even so, he was still in a hurry to talk to her and explain things. 

On the other hand, Lin Ruoxi, who arrived earlier than him, was walking in the building with an icy expression.

Her long hair was draped over her back and with her icy aura, she resembled a snow lotus. Graceful and beautiful yet ice cold and unapproachable. 

The staff and even some artists were so revered by her presence that no one dared to ask what she was doing backstage.

Lin Ruoxi glanced around the signs on the lounges quickly and when she spotted Hui Lin’s name, she pushed open the door without hesitation!

In her glamorous lounge, Hui Lin was already dressed in a white evening gown for her performance, waiting for her turn to make a comeback.

Her pure and flawless face looked especially frantic and she stuttered at the sight of Lin Ruoxi.

The only staff by her side was her manager, Yu Min, who was bewildered at Lin Ruoxi’s intrusion.

“You, go out.” Lin Ruoxi glanced at Yu Min.

Yu Min didn’t dare to utter a single word as Lin Ruoxi’s tone was undefiable. With silent steps, Yu Min walked out of the door and even shut the door behind her.

Now that they were the only ones left in the room, Hui Lin mustered up courage to talk to Lin Ruoxi, “Sis, I…I know you surely hate me, I’ve betrayed you…but I really can’t control my feelings. I…”

Lin Ruoxi walked towards Hui Lin and landed a heavy slap onto her left cheek!

The impact burned her cheek and her ears even started ringing!

Hui Lin could’ve dodged it but she didn’t want to, willing to let her sister vent her anger on her.

But she didn’t expect her to be so strong! How was it possible for her to feel dizzy when she was already in the Soul Forming stage?!

For Lin Ruoxi who was in the Houtian stage to achieve this, she must have not held back!

This realisation shattered Hui Lin’s heart into pieces. She never expected Lin Ruoxi to slap her this hard but it also proved how furious she was.

Hui Lin cupped her left cheek and tears were pooling in her eyes as she looked at Lin Ruoxi pitifully, “Sis…I know you’re furious. Hit me, if it makes you feel better…”


Lin Ruoxi uttered the word clearly.

It felt as if she had stabbed Hui Lin in her heart. Hui Lin was aghast and she bit onto her lips to hold her tears back.

“You must think of me as a fool. I came up with many plans for your comeback and I encouraged you to work hard, thinking that you're on my side and you felt sorry for me. Lin Hui, your acting skills are exceptional. I was so gullible to think that you would never betray me. I’ve actually thought you’re the most innocent and kindest woman ever…I trusted you so much and I did so many things for you willingly, but you, you seduced my man behind my back, just like the other women? Don't you have any shame? Where’s your conscience? Ask yourself, how dare you say those shameless words to me? Are you hoping for sympathy?” Lin Ruoxi sneered.

Tears flowed down onto the floor and Hui Lin shook her head while sobbing, “Sis…I never wanted your sympathy. I know I’ve wronged you. I wouldn’t complain if you choose to hit me or scold me…I'll let you do anything as long as it makes you feel better…”

“Hmph,” Lin Ruoxi snickered, “Do you think that I wouldn’t do anything?”

Having said so, Lin Ruoxi raised her arms and slapped her twice!

Hui Lin grunted and pushed one hand against the wall to stabilise herself.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t hold back and Hui Lin was starting to feel dizzy. She wasn’t resisting or protecting herself with her cultivation, so naturally the impact was stronger.

Fortunately, the swelling of her face could be cured by True Yuan easily so it wouldn’t shock others.

However, Lin Ruoxi didn’t plan on stopping, “Are you putting up a pity act? You’re not resisting and do you think that will make me stop? Not only will I hit you…I’ll also kill you!”

At the end of her sentence, Hui Lin finally sensed something odd!

Murderous intent!

A dark, rich and thick cloud of murderous intent!

It felt as if Lin Ruoxi was immersed in darkness as she glared at Hui Lin with eyes full of unmasked murderous intent!

Was she really planning on killing me?!

Hui Lin finally jolted awake but she didn’t have to think. How did her kind and gentle sister gain this immense murderous intent?!

Within a split second, Hui Lin dodged!

At the same time, Lin Ruoxi’s hand was ready to clutch her throat and break her neck!

The sound of her arm cutting through the air could be heard and one could tell that she had used her full strength!

If Hui Lin hadn’t reached the Soul Forming stage and knew some Kung Fu, she couldn’t have dodged it!

However, that wasn’t the end to Lin Ruoxi’s attack as she swept her leg around and kicked Hui Lin’s chest!

Hui Lin grunted in pain as her body was swept to the wall!

This wasn’t sufficient to hurt her and with a flip, Hui Lin tried to dodge but Lin Ruoxi’s kick came towards her once again.

This time, she was holding her car keys as a weapon to poke her eyes!

Hui Lin was in disbelief, Lin Ruoxi predicted her movement?!

She was even trying to blind her?!

Driven by desperation and fear, Hui Lin summoned a surge of True Yuan to build a shield!

Lin Ruoxi’s attack landed nowhere and her body flew backwards from the momentum!

“Ah! Sis!”

Hui Lin thought she had injured Lin Ruoxi and she quickly ran towards her to help her up.

However, just when she got close to Lin Ruoxi, Lin Ruoxi swept her down by swinging her leg against Hui Lin’s ankle!

Hui Lin lost her balance and stumbled onto the floor with a gasp!

“Didn’t you say that you’ll let me do whatever I want? Why, are you scared now that you’re resisting?!”

Lin Ruoxi sneered and jumped up. With one swift movement, she pressed Hui Lin underneath her and was ready to pierce her throat with her car keys!

Someone kicked the door open and pushed Lin Ruoxi away from Hui Lin!

Lin Ruoxi rolled over but she stood up immediately to glare at Yang Chen.

Yang Chen’s heart was pounding so hard and he felt guilty, seeing Hui Lin who was overwhelmed with shock.

While panting, Yang Chen looked up and exchanged gazes with Lin Ruoxi.

It was lucky that he bumped into Yu Min to find out about Hui Lin’s room. If he hadn’t come in time, Hui Lin might have really been killed by Lin Ruoxi.

Yang Chen couldn’t really recognize her even though he was very familiar with her face. Her gaze was ferocious and venomous and she resembled someone whom he could never forget.

“Lin Ruoxi, have you lost your mind?! Did you really want to kill Hui Lin?!” Yang Chen struggled to ask.

Lin Ruoxi chuckled, “Didn’t you see it? Why? Are you in pain now that you see your new lover about to die? You beast. She's not dead yet…”