Yang Chen remembered she called him a beast if he ever dared to touch Hui Lin. It seemed like no matter how angry she was, she would never forget the words she said before.

At the thought of this, his anger towards Lin Ruoxi diminished. It turned into guilt, he was the one who failed to resolve the conflict.

Yang Chen bent down silently and helped Hui Lin up. Seeing her dazed expression aggravated him, “Are you dumb? You should’ve protected yourself with True Yuan even if you’re not fighting back!”

“I…” Tears pooled in Hui Lin’s eyes, “I didn’t want to hurt her…”

“Do you think she can be easily hurt after cultivating with my technique? Even if she’s only in the Houtian stage, your shield would barely lay a scratch on her!” Yang Chen was speechless with her innocence.

Hui Lin hung her head low, she couldn’t bring herself to fight her sister.

Yang Chen sighed and spoke to Lin Ruoxi gently, “Ruoxi, don’t do this. No matter how angry you are, I should be the one making it up to you. Hui Lin calls you sister but she’s not related to you. Don’t you think that it’s unfair for you to vent your anger on her?”

“Are you saying that you can have sex with anyone who’s not related to me?” Lin Ruoxi snickered.

Yang Chen shook her head, “You know that’s not what I meant. I’ve wronged you and betrayed you but aren’t you the one who pushed Hui Lin to me?” 

“Are you blaming me?” Lin Ruoxi sneered.

“I’m talking facts with you!” Yang Chen was stern, “Hui Lin already had feelings for me back when we first met in Tibet but I didn’t want to have a relationship with her. I rejected and avoided her even when her grandmother insisted on sending her to my side! Then when she stayed in our house, you were the one who let her stay with us. You founded a company for her, invested in concerts and shows for her and even appointed me as the director in charge of her career…you knew she had feelings for me but you didn’t take it seriously at all. Even when she was filming, you insisted that I pay her a visit on the set. None of this would’ve happened if you didn’t do those things. Aren’t you the one who tied us together? I don’t get it, were you trying to test me or did you really believe in Hui Lin’s self-control? At least I know it wasn’t my intention. I’ve hurt Hui Lin for you, rejected her countless times but I can’t hurt her forever. She has the right to make a choice and take action for her love life! She’s not your sister! Other than falling in love with me, she has done nothing wrong to you. She even tried to take care of your feelings, she didn’t want you to worry or get hurt. Even when you tried to kill her just now, she only used her True Yuan to protect herself instead of hurting you…do you really think Hui Lin doesn't know how to kill someone? She trained in Shushan for years. How could she not know how to fight with her True Yuan? Aren’t you being too cruel to her?”

Hui Lin choked with sobs but no one knew if it was because she was touched or in pain. 

The past seemed so far away but each time it was brought up, it still shook her to the core.

Lin Ruoxi’s face was unreadable. She was silent for some time before speaking in a trembling voice, “Are you saying that I should be grateful towards her?”

“You don’t have to be grateful but you shouldn’t hate her. I can take it if you want to stab my heart but you shouldn’t hurt her.” Yang Chen’s eyes were red, unable to control his emotions.

“Stab your heart? Hmph, do you think of me as a fool? Your body would recover immediately even if I dig your heart out and put it back. What’s the point of stabbing you?”

Lin Ruoxi glared at him in disdain and walked out of the door.

“Where are you going?!” Yang Chen blocked her way.

Lin Ruoxi swatted his hand away, “None of your business!”

“Follow me home!” Yang Chen blocked the exit.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes glinted with a cold glow as she extended her arm to punch his abdomen!

Yang Chen was quick to react, having trained for years. His near-death experiences shaped him into an agile person!

Before Lin Ruoxi could hit him, Yang Chen had already blocked her attack and was about to grab her other hand when Lin Ruoxi made a sharp turn and kicked his hand away.

With another turn, Lin Ruoxi raised her knee to hit his waist!

Yang Chen didn’t see this coming and he was in shock!

But his instincts overtook him and he quickly pressed down her right shoulder with his left arm.

However, Lin Ruoxi managed to get out of his grasp and took a few steps back.

Although her strength and skills were weaker than Yang Chen, he still failed to pin her down.

“Your moves are sharp! If this was on a battlefield, you would’ve killed a person with each move. There are no excessive moves and they connect together in a perfect rhythm. You couldn’t have achieved this in a short time of training. No wonder Hui Lin was pinned down to the ground.”

Yang Chen understood the earlier situation now, but a bigger doubt filled his mind. With furrowed brows, he asked, “Lin Ruoxi, who taught you all these?!”

“I said, none of your business!”

Lin Ruoxi snapped and she suddenly grabbed Hui Lini and tossed her over her shoulder!

Hui Lin wasn’t prepared for this and before she could even react, she had already bumped into the wall and fell onto the carpet.

Although she wasn’t hurt, it was another blow to Hui Lin.

“Lin Ruoxi!! Have you lost your mind?!”

Yang Chen roared and he was about to slap her, but his trembling hand stopped halfway. He couldn’t bring himself to hit her.

How could he hit his beloved woman?

Lin Ruoxi looked up to give him a side-eye before walking out of the door.

This time, Yang Chen didn’t stop her. He was trying to recollect himself. After finally calming down, he walked next to Hui Lin.

Hui Lin didn’t want his help and she stood up immediately as if avoiding his touch. While wiping her tears, Hui Lin forced a smile, “Brother Yang, go chase after her. She must be emotionally unstable now. I’m fine.”

“Hui Lin, you…” Yang Chen didn’t know what to say, he was more indebted to her now.

Hui Lin pushed Yang Chen out of the door, “I’m really fine. I still need to touch up my makeup for my performance. Brother Yang, you should go now before someone comes over.”

“Performance?” Yang Chen looked back in shock, “Lin Hui, are you innocent or dumb?”

Hui Lin shook her head and forced a smile, “I’m really awake, she must be too furious. I’m sure she didn’t really want to kill me…I’ll work hard and do my job so that the investments don’t go to waste. Maybe it’ll make her happy. I’m not asking for her forgiveness, as long as it cheers her up a little…”

Yang Chen sighed, stumped for words.

His mind was filled with questions and doubts. With his experience, he could practically call himself the grandmaster of battling techniques and to him, Lin Ruoxi’s killing moves were on par with a master. The only thing she lacked was a weapon.

To achieve this, not only would she need a good physique, talent and experience were crucial too. There were less than ten people who could be considered as a master, including Noriko Okawa who died in his hands.

It was unimaginable, how much had she been hiding? Or was there something more to it?

Regardless of the truth, Yang Chen believed that Lin Ruoxi was the one who killed the group of Houtian elites when she and Lanlan were kidnapped. With such skills, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to fight ten people by herself.

After telling Hui Lin to take care of herself, Yang Chen dashed out of the room, worried that Lin Ruoxi would do something crazy again.