Lin Ruoxi walked so quickly that when Yang Chen tried to chase after her, she was already driving out of the parking lot.

Yang Chen quickly ran to his car and followed behind her. This time, the distance between them was greater and he wasn’t sure if he could overtake her.

Soon, to his surprise, Yang Chen realised that Lin Ruoxi was driving home. Was she planning to celebrate Chinese New Year first before dealing with him?

Once her car stopped at the gate, Lin Ruoxi walked into the door with a cold expression that even the red lanterns couldn’t warm her up.

The guards were terrified of her and they were confused to see their young master running behind her with a tensed expression.

Lin Ruoxi was heading towards the dining hall.

Under Yang Gongming’s lead, the rest of the family had started on their reunion dinner instead of waiting for them. This showed his displeasure towards the couple.

Abbess Yun Miao was out of sight as she was here for her clan, not to provoke the Yang clan. She wouldn’t cross the line and overdo things.

Everyone was startled to see Lin Ruoxi and they were unable to fathom her cold aura.

Lin Ruoxi quickly locked her gaze on Lanlan who was sitting in a high chair.

She was happily eating and despite her parents’ absence, her appetite was unaffected as she held onto one drumstick in one hand and a roast duck in another hand.

She cheered at the sight of Lin Ruoxi, “Mommy’s back! Mommy come and eat!”

Lin Ruoxi’s gaze softened but it was quickly replaced with resolute as she walked forward to carry Lanlan out of the high chair. 

“Eh! Ruoxi, what are you doing?!”

“What’s going on? Where’s Yang Chen?”

Lin Ruoxi ignored their confusion and turned around with an expressionless face.

Lanlan held onto her unfinished food tightly, looking at the table with a reluctant gaze.

“Stand right there!”

Yang Chen came in just in time to stop her. He was right, she was here for Lanlan!

“Where are you taking her off to?!” Yang Chen questioned her with a low voice.

Lin Ruoxi stared right back at him, “We’re leaving you.”

“You have no rights to do so!” Yang Chen clenched his fists.

“You don’t deserve to be my husband, nor do you deserve to be my daughter’s father. I’m taking her away from you!” Lin Ruoxi glared at him icily.

Yang Chen thought it was incredulous. Did she say he didn’t deserve to be Lanlan’s father when he was actually the biological father?!

Yang Chen wasn’t planning on announcing Lanlan’s true identity yet but she left him no choice.

He could accept the cold shoulders, curses or even punches but he would never let someone take his child away from him!

Even if it was Lin Ruoxi!

Ever since he knew that Lanlan was his biological daughter, the connection between them had surpassed all feelings!

Yang Gongming raised his voice, “What are you two doing?! Are you planning to have a divorce on the Eve?!”

Guo Xuehua turned anxious at her father-in-law’s fury and she quickly ran next to Yang Chen, “Son, what happened? How did it come down to this?”

Yang Chen took a deep breath before replying, “She wanted to kill Hui Lin and I stopped her.”


Everyone was astonished.

Lin Ruoxi was unaffected, “Move, I’m leaving with Lanlan.” 

“I said you can’t,” Yang Chen cut her off, “Lanlan is my daughter. Even if you want to leave, you have to leave my daughter behind.”

“I adopted her and I’ll be the one to bring her away. You have no right to have her!”

Having said so, Lin Ruoxi walked past him.

Lanlan pouted with teary eyes, knowing that their conflict had snowballed to the point that they were separating from one another.

At this moment, Yang Chen couldn’t hold it in any longer and he roared, “Lanlan is my biological daughter!!!”

It felt as if the ground was shaking from his voice and his words froze time.

Lin Ruoxi, who was about to step out of the door froze and she stood still with her back against Yang Chen.

Yang Gongming was the first one to snap out of it and he furrowed his brows in disbelief.

“Brat…what did you say? Lanlan…is your biological daughter?”

Yang Chen nodded. His face calm, having relieved the burden on his chest.

It was excruciating to keep this truth hidden.

“Yes, Lanlan was born to a woman I met overseas, her name is Seventeen. She passed away after giving birth to Lanlan and the grandfather who took care of Lanlan is my teacher, Song Tianxing…because of some reasons, he couldn’t send Lanlan to my side in time but I met him by coincidence last time and he told me the truth…”

It was too much to take in.

Lin Ruoxi’s body was trembling as she turned around to question Yang Chen, “Nonsense! What proof do you have?!”

Tears fell down her cheeks. Her cold facade was crushed and she resembled a little girl who had lost her treasured toy.

But Yang Chen couldn’t be merciful because his daughter’s identity was at stake. He had to think about himself and his child.

While suppressing the pain in his heart, Yang Chen took out the letter and beads from his ring.

Yang Chen walked towards Lin Ruoxi and raised the beads in front of Lanlan.

Lanlan blinked and looked at the beads closely before cheering, “Grandpa’s beads!”

Her words also confirmed that this was the beads possessed by the mysterious middle aged man.

The only hope she had was crushed.

“This letter has all the answers. Minjuan didn’t give it to me all this while because she didn’t want to ruin our family. I can’t hold it in any longer now that you’re trying to take my daughter away. I’m sorry for hurting you once again but I had to do this for my child.”

Yang Chen placed the letter into Lin Ruoxi’s hands and carried Lanlan over.

Lin Ruoxi didn’t resist, opening the letter with trembling hands to read it.

Tears dropped onto the letter and it eventually fell to the ground when Lin Ruoxi lost grasp of it.

Guo Xuehua was waiting at the side anxiously and she quickly picked up the letter. The more she read, the more agitated she became.

“Is…is this true…is this true?! Son, are you sure you’re not lying to me? Is Lanlan really my biological granddaughter?!”

Guo Xuehua grasped Yang Chen’s and Lanlan’s hand.

Yang Gongming couldn’t maintain his composure as he waited anxiously for a confirmation from Yang Chen.

Yang Chen caressed Lanlan’s cheek, “You guys saw it. Lanlan recognised the beads and Minjuan knew about the truth too. I saw Seventeen’s old belongings and Lanlan has a physique similar to mine. I don’t think this can be a coincidence. I’ve always felt close to Lanlan and I think it’s because we share the same bloodline.”