Yang Chen put the Buddha beads on Lanlan's chubby wrist, and said with a warm smile, "Lanlan, grandpa said that this is for you. He went somewhere very far to play with a friend and it will be a long time until he returns. But don’t worry chubby little girl, with daddy here, you will have nice food and fun times everyday, no one shall bully my dear daughter.”

Lanlan was also very clever, and had probably understood the meaning of his words. She looked at Lin Ruoxi pitifully, then looked at Yang Chen, and asked softly, "But daddy, isn’t mommy Lanlan’s mommy too?”

Before Yang Chen said anything, Lin Ruoxi suddenly raised her head with a trace of determination in her cold eyes.

"No, I'm not your mommy. Your mother's name is Seventeen and she is dead. From now on, I won't have anything to do with you two anymore."

Lin Ruoxi finished her words in a clear voice, quietly turned around and walked out of the door.

The woman's shadow was full of loneliness and arrogance, but she left no nostalgia behind. With her light and clean footsteps, as if there was nothing to be bothered about.

Yang Chen felt a pain in his heart, this woman could actually let go of everything so easily, making him unwilling, but also unbelievable!

Lin Ruoxi obviously loved Lanlan so much, even if she knew about her true identity, how could she give up so easily?

What made Yang Chen even more upset was that Lin Ruoxi's words clearly meant that she was going to give up their two-year marriage that had experienced countless trials and hardships!?

"Mother, hold Lanlan for me," Yang Chen handed his daughter to Guo Xuehua.

Guo Xuehua was very enthusiastic to take over her granddaughter at this moment. In the eyes of this grandmother, the chubby little girl in front of her was so cute that she couldn’t wait to rub her into her body and kiss her for three days and three nights!

Her wish of having her own grandchildren, which had been longing for a long time, was achieved in such a pleasant surprise!

As for which woman Lanlan was born to, and what happened to that woman, Guo Xuehua didn't care at all. She had waited for this moment for too long, and she was crying with excitement.

Yang Gongming and others also focused their attention on Lanlan. After all, the real fourth generation suddenly appeared in the Yang family, which really swept away the haze of Yang Chen and his wife on New Year's Eve!

It was often said that the emperor’s family were deemed to be the most ruthless. Although the Yang family was not like the ancient emperors, these wealthy families also had similar properties.

Regardless of whether it was cruel or vulgar, the wealthy people value the inheritance of high-quality bloodline.

Like the Yang family that had to change blood ties. This was because the old Marshal Yang Ye had Yang Gongming as an only son. In fact there were no other choices, it would be way better if they had biological children. 

Besides, Yang Chen was not short of women, and the Yang family would not bother about Lin Ruoxi having the blood relationship with the Ning family. In fact, she would make the Yang family feel more assured without it.

Therefore, for the elderly of the Yang family, having his own great granddaughter Lanlan  was much more beneficial than having a granddaughter-in-law who was too tough.

Guo Xuehua knew that Yang Chen was going to chase Lin Ruoxi, and after carrying Lanlan over, she immediately persuaded, "Son, Ruoxi is now in anger, and the blow is severe, she won’t listen to you now. Tonight is New Year's Eve, you can't be outside all night."

"Mother stop, I don't believe that she will be that cold hearted," Yang Chen didn't plan to give up, he turned around and ran out.

Inside the house, Yang Pojun snorted angrily in a regretful manner, "This unpromising boy, leaving the family’s New Year’s Eve dinner behind for a woman? She isn’t the biological mother of the child either, just leave her alone if she wants to throw a tantrum!”

Yang Jieyu said displeasedly, "Brother, you are too cold hearted. Ruoxi is already sad enough, what kind of woman won’t wish for a dedicated man to accompany her, and she has always raised Lanlan as her own daughter, how could she be ignorant about this situation?”

"If you marry a rich man, you should have the consciousness of being in a rich family, or just don’t get mixed into it in the first place. Besides, their marriage came with a contract from the beginning. If she had the consciousness as a wife back then, why would the other women get their chances? Don't think that your brother knew nothing!” Yang Pojun said with disdain.

Yang Jieyu let out a “wow” and laughed, "I didn't expect you to understand well, brother. He is your own son indeed, you might seem repulsive towards him on the surface but you have been caring about him inside and you are speaking on behalf of him.”

Yang Pojun looked a little embarrassed, he hummed and kept quiet. To be frank, he did investigate a lot.

Yang Gongming coughed twice, intentionally stopping his two children. He told Guo Xuehua to carry Lanlan over with a smile, "Lanlan, continue eating,let your parents settle their own drama.”

Even if it was the old and solemn Yang Gongming, he sounded more soft and loving than before while he called Lanlan’s name.

But Lanlan's appetite decreased and her speed of eating chicken legs was also a lot slower.

Guo Xuehua looked distressed, she smiled and said, "Lanlan, will you go to the orphanage with grandma tomorrow to play with the children? Follow grandma to give red packets to the kids?”

She then became interested and raised her head, while chewing and nodding charmingly.


At the same time, Yang Chen, who rushed outside the compound, grabbed Lin Ruoxi's hand.

The woman was about to get in the car, but was pulled back and turned around.

"Let go, I don't want to see you again!" Lin Ruoxi said coldly.

Yang Chen shook his head, "I don't believe it. How can you break our relationship that lasted for more than two years so easily?”

A trace of irony flashed through her eyes and she suddenly sneered jokingly, "Yang Chen, you seem to have forgotten something."

Yang Chen squinted his eyes, "What."

"Have you forgotten the agreement I made with you a year ago?" 

His mind turned blank for a moment but his heartbeat and breathing increased rapidly right after.

"That one year...agreement?”

The exchange terms that were set up for the woman to get through a difficult time after getting out some money from the Swiss Bank. 

"Yes," Lin Ruoxi said with a chuckle, "Although there are some days left, but It's just around half a month, it doesn't make much sense to be bothered. I promised you not to look for trouble with those women within a year. I will also tolerate you and try to accept them, but now that the time has come, my answer is that I can’t accept it. In fact, I also paid back the favor I owed you for saving my company, so you better not force me to stay by your side. As you can see, I dare to kill people right now, maybe one day if you’re not careful, your women will be sent to hell by me..."

Yang Chen barely remembered anything, but after she mentioned it, he realized that the time had really come and his heart fell into a deep ice cellar. 

"You are the well-known Young Master of the Yang Family, the Majesty Pluto, Hades, you can’t be breaking your own promise right? Do you still want to pester me now?"

Lin Ruoxi looked at him mockingly, and said in an annoyed tone, "I've had enough of you for a long time, if it weren’t for holding back for my favorite Lanlan, I would feel disgusted to enter this house. Anyway, now that we know Lanlan is your biological daughter, then I don’t want her anymore. I want to return to my own life rather than being around you constantly nauseating for your playful heart!”

"You are talking nonsense! You are not the kind of casual woman at all!" Yang Chen said angrily.

"I know, you will definitely ask how could I just leave after sleeping with you for so many times right? Don't be silly, I am also a normal woman and I also need a man. I won’t deny the fact that your abilities in bed are amazing, but that alone can’t hold me back. It’s just the toxic hormones doing its job,” Lin Ruoxi almost didn't hesitate to speak.