Yang Chen was so tempted to plug his ears. Hearing these words, it was as if the core memory of the times they spent together were ruthlessly smashed into pieces!

Lin Ruoxi seemed to want to give him one last hit and said, "What a woman hopes to get from a man is nothing more than two things, ‘feelings’ and ‘money’. I, Lin Ruoxi, am not short of money, but your abusive affection can't meet my emotional needs, so it’s simple to understand why I am leaving you...You should have been prepared for this day."

That being said, Lin Ruoxi turned around, preparing to get into the car.

But Yang Chen stepped forward with a gloomy expression and directly kicked on the door!


His arrogant force vented the male owner's inner turbulence. With a loud noise, the entire Audi car was kicked into the air flipping over several times, falling to the side, and completely scrapped!

"Yang Chen, what are you doing?!" Lin Ruoxi turned around clenching her teeth, glaring at the man.


Yang Chen sneered, raised his head and looked at her arrogantly.

"Lin Ruoxi, your current arrogance, independence, and self-confidence are all coming from your current status, which are completely different from the past.You don't need to deal with business rivals from all directions, and you don't need to face your illegitimate father who make things difficult and persecutes you. You don’t need to be afraid of those bugs that only seek for your body as you have enough money, power, connections and you have grown into a strong individual… I can tell you very clearly that if you still have the need to entertain the hypocrites you don’t want to meet like you did at the beginning, worry about those gangsters playing dirty with you, play financial games with those big consortia, and even search for escort through your relationships...you absolutely dare not to reject your husband in such a decisive manner. Our marital status changes depending on your personal condition and status, is this what you are telling me?”

Yang Chen slapped his chest vigorously, his eyes were flushed and he said loudly, "Yes! I, Yang Chen, am able to demand anything as I wish! I am rich and powerful and I can make the top 500 individuals go bankrupt in one day, and I can also make a small country perish in one day! I can do anything that is far beyond people’s imagination as long as I want to! The amount of women my money, my power, and my potential are able to attract are countless! I have such a skill that others want to envy yet are unable to learn. But, all of this was earned by me step by step, without the slightest convenient opportunities, it was all gained using my life!! If I was someone who could only serve the sick parents at home, along with a few younger brothers and sisters to take care of and a migrant worker who works on the construction site, would you still have a two-year marriage with me just because you slept with me? I suppose you won’t even look at me after getting married, and you’ll just treat me like a bug under your feet with disdain! In fact, you did this at the beginning, but you realized that I was able to help you unimaginable gradually, so you started trying hard to think about what I was doing well, and we came all the way until today right? There is no love for no reason, and no hate for no reason. I am telling you now that I can’t be the man you wish to accompany you in a company from 9 to 5, meet and call you President Lin, massage you and coax you to eat and sleep back home. I can't be revolving around you all day long and pampering you all the way as if you were the only woman in the world and only looking at you for my entire life! I am me and I have known since I was a child that the weak will always be the prey of the stronger! The stronger will always have the dominating power! I am more powerful than the other men! This is what I have! I have so many women to take care of, and I am not willing to abandon any of them. This is what it is and there’s no turning back! If you really like me and love me, then accept me like this and live with me! Did you know that your 'straightforward' and 'great' attitude, will really make the man in front of you who is not afraid of anything a poor sense of despicableness?!

Lin Ruoxi's eyes were full of tears, and she insisted, "You have your despicable sense, but I don't want to live in a humble and lowly state."

"Humble? Huh...so what? There is no absolute fairness in this world, I am strong, so I have a group of women surrounding me out of their willingness. You were the one who said that you wouldn’t care and now you’re saying that I am disgusting.Yes, I know that I owe you a lot, but don't you even have a shred of responsibility? How much do you want me to do in order to make myself worthy for you?”

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath and said lightly, "It's meaningless to say these now. If other women want to stay with you forever then be my guest. Our contract marriage shall end here. I have already used you up and gave myself to you...If you feel that it is not enough, go ahead and force yourself on me, but I am done being the young lady of the Yang family, let alone being your wife. If you are a man who can afford to let go, don’t stop me anymore. We didn’t manage to get along well, we should at least separate in a better manner…” 

Yang Chen let out a long sigh, and took out the BMW key from his pocket then threw it to Lin Ruoxi.

"You can go, but I don't like having the woman I have possessed being enjoyed by others... You can say that I am a beast, a lunatic, I don't mind, but it's best not to have other men around you, otherwise, I’ll kill every one I see.”

That being said, Yang Chen turned and walked back to the compound without any intention of turning back, with loneliness and determination.

Lin Ruoxi was stunned for a while by the man's last warning. She silently grasped the car key that still had the temperature of his hand, and turned to the BMW car.

She was heading to the airport. She had no reason to stay in Beijing anymore, it’s time for her to return to Zhonghai. 

A few minutes later, the car drove onto the highway.

Under the night, on the road on New Year’s Eve seemed extremely peaceful, and there were barely any cars passing by at that time.

Lin Ruoxi stepped on the accelerator to the max and the BMW car was like a wild black beast, roaring and sprinting for more than two hundred kilometers.

The sprint of the car seemed to vent the woman's uneasiness and pain at the moment. Gradually, the tears that had just dried up, flowed down again. 

Her tears soaked the sweater on her chest, and her body twitched slightly as she sobbed.

Suddenly, she seemed to feel a sharp pain in her head. With a hum, she touched her head with one hand, and her other hand nearly lost its grip on the steering wheel and hit the barrier. 

Fortunately, she dodged in time and avoided a car accident. 

But still, Lin Ruoxi still broke out in a cold sweat. She finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and started sobbing, muttering to herself in a low voice...

"Honey... I'm sorry... This is the last thing…that I can do for you…”

Beneath the dark night, the woman's voice was annihilated violently by the strong wind...


In the Yang’s Residence dining hall, Yang Chen, who was separated from Lin Ruoxi, showed his faint smile when he walked into the room, as if nothing had affected him.

When Yang Chen mentioned that Lin Ruoxi had decided to divorce with him, he also sounded casual.

Yang Chen's calm and soft smile made everyone in the Yang family feel extraordinarily sad.

This kind of pain in the heart was truly the most hurtful.

But Yang Chen was not a weak person that needed sympathy from the rest, so instead of giving advice, they mentioned happy events hoping that he could get out of the gloom quickly. 

As for commenting on whose fault it was, or whether he should try to save things, none of them would be so ignorant at that point. 

When the Spring Festival Gala show on the TV started, the Yang family sat together and watched the show, just like an ordinary family.

However, the chubby little girl carried by Yang Chen looked around trying to find her mother. A trace of disappointment could be seen on her face.

The child didn't understand very deeply, but she could clearly feel that her father was sad at the moment, so she didn't dare to ask for her whereabouts and sat obediently on his thighs to watch TV.

Just like what Huilin had mentioned, as if nothing had happened, she made her comeback appearance in a stunning dance, and with a brisk song with excellent singing skills, the party entered a wave of excitement.

There was no doubt that Yulei Entertainment’s public relations capabilities had been proven, as did Huilin’s fanbase. The news of Huilin’s comeback from the Spring Festival Gala on the internet had occupied the headlines of all major search lists at that point.

Lanlan seemed to be quite surprised seeing her auntie appearing on TV. At that moment, she forgot about the sadness of her mother’s disappearance and bounced happily in front of the TV.

A hint of joy was added into the gloomy New Year’s Eve after seeing the child’s innocent smile. 

That night, Guo Xuehua and the others asked a little more about Seventeen, the birth mother of Lanlan. They were sad about her sorrowful life and Lan Lan, who had been asleep, was especially cherished.

Yang Gongming thought carefully about whether to set up a memorial tablet for Seventeen to enter the Yang Family Ancestral Hall, but Yang Chen didn't care much about it, because Seventeen would never pay attention to such things.

Although the divorce with Lin Ruoxi was only verbal, Yang Chen was not in the mood to stay in Beijing and planned to return to Zhonghai with Lanlan. But before that, he had to go to the research institute to find Jane, it was not a good idea to leave the princess who was working hard on her research alone. 

However, the next morning, as Yang Chen was about to go out while carrying Lanlan, he ran into Tang Wan, who was wearing a red winter skirt, along with her daughter Tangtang!