Tang Wan also brought a few accompanying servants of the Tang family, and used two commercial vehicles to carry many gift boxes wrapped in red paper, which seemed to be for New Year's greetings.

But thinking about it carefully, there was nothing wrong with this. Regardless of the secret relationship between Yang Chen and Tang Wan, or the apparent relationship between Yuan Ye and Tangtang, the Tang family and the Yang family could be described as "allies."

Although these gifts were precious, most of them were some authentic items, such as Cordyceps, Dahongpao Tea, and even the Blue Mountain coffee produced at an altitude of more than 1,600 meters in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Tang Wan indeed had prepared the gifts with effort, so as to purchase on a global scale. Of course, someone like Yang Chen must be able to tell the difference.

After the servants of the Tang family put down their things, they left the compound silently, leaving only Tang Wan and her daughter in the living room.

Yang Chen was not in a hurry to go out, and sat aside holding Lanlan, rubbing his daughter's full belly, while listening to the crowd chatting.

Yang Gongming favored Tang Wan and her daughter quite a lot, so he asked Tangtang about her wellbeing lovingly, told her to learn more from her mother, and gave her a big red angpao.

Tangtang, a carefree girl, had become more and more sensible since she started studying in university. She was very clear about the status of the old man in front of her. When she took the red angpao, her hands were trembling, and she didn't know if she should be happy or nervous.

The Yang family was technically going to be her future in-laws. 

Yuan Ye hadn't seen Tangtang for a few days, and embarrassedly held his girlfriend by the hand and went off somewhere. This made Yuan Hewei and his wife quite helpless.

After the servants served them with tea, Yang Gongming asked about the situation of the Tang family this year, and once again expressed his regrets for the passing away of Elder Tang.

Now that Tang Zheshen was no longer there, and several seniors in the Tang family had no authority, this family was actually controlled by two siblings, Tang Huang and Tang Wan, one person in charge of the north and the other in charge of the south.

And Tang Wan coming to the Yang family on the first day of the Lunar New Year with two cars as valuable gifts, had already shown the position of the Tang family. Naturally, the Yang family can't disappoint them. 

After listening to what she said and expressing something cryptically, Yang Gongming also fell into contemplation for a while.

Suddenly, Yang Gongming patted the armrest of the seat and said leisurely, "Tang Wan, I heard that you have a brother who is now in charge of a business in Russia?"

Tang Wan said with a smile, "Well, his name is Tang Jue. He came back to Beijing for the New Year and will return to Moscow after the lunar month.”

"Ah yes, young people should go abroad and explore the world... I heard that the military will import a batch of weapons from Russia in the first half of this year which includes more than forty of the latest fourth-generation fighters. Actually, your Tang family's channels in Russia are also developing well. People in the military department are good at fighting, but they are not as good as you all when talking about business..."

Hearing Yang Gongming's words gradually, Tang Wan's pair of charming eyes was full of brilliance, and her heart was racing. She bit her lips gently, and restrained the two hands by clenching to her thighs.

She knew very well that this was the real "big angpau" that Yang Gongming was giving to the Tang family. Although it seemed that this was only helping the country to import a batch of weapons, as long as the Tang family successfully negotiated the deal, then this channel would naturally be opened up by the Tang family!

The main development of the Tang family in Russia was still the underdeveloped light industry and part of the labor export. If they could be connected with the Russian military this time, then its status in Russia would be completely different and all kinds of profits would approach...

As she thought about it, Tang Wan became more and more excited, and decided to send more senior businessmen in her family to accompany Tang Jue back to Russia after returning back home. She must do it nicely this time!

"Elder Yang, please don't say that. Our Tang family has been doing business for generations. If we didn’t have the capabilities, we would have fallen a long time ago. Of course, if we had the opportunity to contribute to the country, we would be more than happy to help," Tang Wan quickly said that their intention was set at the height of serving the country, not selfishness.

Yang Gongming was quite satisfied. He turned to Yang Pojun and said, "Later when the little ones from the military department are coming to see me, tell them to bring the person in charge along. Just tell them that I want to see him.”

‘The little ones’ from the military department? Only Yang Gongming dared to say this in such a casual manner, after all, when he promoted those generals, those people were indeed "little ones".

"Yes, father," Yang Pojun nodded.

Although Yang Pojun had retired from the post of commander of the military region, he still had the rank and the background of the Yang family. It was only a matter of time whether he wanted to be an officer or not, he could simply go to work anytime after two years of avoiding the limelight. Therefore, Yang Pojun naturally had the confidence to go to the military department and speak up.

Tang Wan was basically certain in her heart that this matter was firmly established by hearing these words. In fact, an elderly person like Yang Gongming would not be so unconscious as to promise something that could not be fulfilled.

Besides, it was bought for the country and they didn’t have to use the money from their own pockets. Having the Tang family who knew how to talk about business, they might even be able to save money. The military had no reason to refute the face of the old chief — of course, the Yang family recently had a lunatic that no one dared to provoke, which was also a big reason.

Tang Wan didn't expect to come to the Yang family to gain a big deal after sending their New Year greetings. Her face was flushed and she looked especially charming. She didn’t look like a middle-aged woman over forty years old at all but a young woman with boundless charm.

This made Guo Xuehua who had been watching envious, at the same time secretly speculating whether his son was partially biased. Why couldn’t she recover into such an appearance herself? But after thinking about it carefully, she and Tang Wan were already a dozen years apart in terms of age, so she felt relieved right after.

When they finished talking about the serious business, Yang Gongming asked Yang Chen to entertain her with some profound meaning, and went to prepare to meet other guests.

Tang Wan then got up and came to Yang Chen and his daughter’s side, reaching out to hug Lanlan.

Lanlan had also recognized Tang Wan a long time ago, so she hopped into her arms obediently. Her chubby face ran over Tang Wan's towering twin peaks shamelessly, with a satisfied look on her face.

"Little slick, you sure know how to take advantage of your aunt huh. Where’s your mother?" Tang Wan wanted to ask about this earlier, but instead of the man, she asked the child.

Lanlan pursed her mouth, "Mommy was angry and she left.”

Tang Wan was taken aback for a while, and then she looked at Yang Chen suspiciously.

Yang Chen showed a bitter and helpless smile, and briefly recounted what happened last night. Of course, the awkward things in the quarrel were not repeated one by one, but with Tang Wan's intelligence, she quickly sorted out the context of the matter and was able to understand the seriousness. 

"In that case, the main lady should be back to Zhonghai,"Tang Wan said.

Yang Chen frowned, "How are you so sure?"

"Why not? Firstly, Beijing is a sad place and has nothing to do with her anymore. Secondly, Yulei's important reforms in the first half of this year will be implemented…” Speaking of this, Tang Wan looked at Yang Chen in surprise, "Wait, don’t tell me that you don’t know what President Lin has been doing these days?”

Yang Chen was really confused and said, "I don’t usually ask about her work. Isn’t she helping Huilin on her comeback operations?”

Tang Wan said with such an expression on her face and smiled, "I mean you just came back so it’s not your fault for not knowing. Huilin’s comeback and entertaining the release of Yulei Entertainment’s film is only part of it. Lin Ruoxi’s resignation as president was actually prepared from the beginning. When she resigned, she reduced her share to 51%, actually for the sake of increasing the cohesion of other large and small shareholders to prepare for her next step to establish Yulei Group."

"Yulei Group?" Yang Chen's facial expression became stiff, and this woman really wanted to play a big ticket.

"That's right, because the number of companies that Lin Ruoxi has acquired is too many, and it involves all walks of life. She herself knows that if she continues to do this, she will run out of energy, So, by establishing the Yulei Group and becoming the president and chairman of the group, the following is managed by the board of directors and executive presidents of each major branch, which means that Yulei International will become one of its subsidiaries. In this way, she can not only continue to control the power of ‘life and death’, but also the buying and selling of those that didn’t operate well. She can even manage the industries that she was unfamiliar with easier than before. President Lin has thought very thoroughly… Tsk tsk, seems like the main lady has an ambitious heart.”