Yang Chen was left speechless, no wonder Lin Ruoxi didn't hesitate when she handed Yulei to Xue Minghe for management. Who would’ve known that by the end of the day, Xue Minghe was still going to work for her.

This woman's professionalism was indeed an indelible flame, her goals were probably far more than these, god knows what she was pursuing. 

"How do you know so clearly?" Yang Chen asked sourly, he didn’t even realize being the person who sleeps beside her every night... despite what might happen in the future.

Tang Wan rolled her eyes at him charmingly, "If Yulei Group is established, it will be one of the biggest competitors of my own Maple Group in the south. How can I not pay attention?"

Yang Chen scratched his head, he was indeed getting more blunt, could it be because of the cultivation, it deteriorated his IQ level.

Suddenly, Tang Wan paced and said, "Hearing what you mentioned, I feel like what happened yesterday was kind of strange.”

"What do you mean?" Yang Chen wondered.

"I don't think Lin Ruoxi is the kind of person that would... lose her rationality and kill Huilin because of her feelings and jealousy. Besides, she should kill me instead,” Tang Wan said solemnly. 

Yang Chen smiled bitterly, "How can you still joke at this time?”

Tang Wan sneered at him, "Look at your poor bitter face, I am trying to make you laugh here, you ungrateful idiot.”

Yang Chen raised his hand in a surrendous manner, "You should joke about something else instead, I don’t want any of you to be hurt or else it will be counted as my failure.”

Tang Wan looked at the man affectionately and smiled softly, "Actually, what I wanted to say was that Ruoxi seemed to have some issues before you came back. I asked her about it but she didn’t share anything, no doubt I felt something in her.”

"This means that you don’t know anything as she didn’t say anything," Yang Chen said helplessly.

"I am just saying, how would I know about what she’s holding in her heart? If you don't want to listen to it, I’ll be more than willing not to mention it, besides I’ll have one less love rival," Tang Wan laughed.

Yang Chen knew that this woman was joking so he opened his palm and patted Tang Wan's plump buttocks.

The buttocks covered by the red coat trembled seductively, making her blush.

"You and your nonsense, I might as well take my little girl back to Zhonghai and ask her myself," Yang Chen said, and carried Lanlan again.

Tang Wan took a step away to avoid being molested like this again. It would be embarrassing if she let the servants of the Yang family see her like that.

“To be honest, I think the fact that Lanlan is your biological daughter had a larger impact on Lin Ruoxi, but from the perspective of her not vying with you for the ownership of Lanlan, it seems that she regards you more importantly... "Tang Wan said.

Yang Chen's eyes lit up. Indeed, although Lin Ruoxi seemed to show pain and anxiety about Lanlan's true identity, she did not argue with himself any more, but rather wanted to leave soon.

Yang Chen was not stupid and was secretly pondering, was Lin Ruoxi really deliberately trying to find a way to leave him?

Did the woman have any unspeakable difficulties? But what difficulties could she have that made her leave? This is indeed puzzling. 

Although all these were all his speculations, he still hoped that it was true, rather than a woman who really didn't take the relationship between the two of them seriously.

"Lanlan is really pitiful, but God finally opened his eyes and let her reunite with her father," Tang Wan touched the chubby little girl's face with pity, "Are you going to take Lanlan to see her mother's cemetery or something? It should be located abroad."

Yang Chen showed a bit of sadness, shook his head and said, "My uncle said that she was cremated and buried at sea. She didn't want to leave any traces in this world, but it does fit her personality well."

Tang Wan sighed and said, "It's a pity that I didn't have the chance to meet her, she must be a charming and unrestrained woman."

Yang Chen smiled casually, and said: "I want to go back to Zhonghai and ask Ruoxi for more details. Besides, I should accompany the rest during New Year as well. If you are done with the work in Beijing, go back to Zhonghai. My Lanlan might need you to be her nanny."

"Why me? Isn't there Minjuan?" Tang Wan pretended to be angry.

"Who told you to have the experience of having children?" Yang Chen smirked a few times, touched Tang Wan's red face, and walked out the door carrying Lanlan.

Bringing Lanlan to the research institute, Jane had gotten up early and had been busy all morning. When she saw Yang Chen coming in with a little girl who was carved in love, she immediately knew who it was.

Lanlan’s big round eyes stared at Jane's soft amber hair, seemingly interested.

"Dear Yang Chen, is this your adopted daughter?" Jane stretched out her hand to hug.

Lanlan was accustomed to the situation that everyone liked to hug her when they saw her, and was naturally happy when she saw a very beautiful blond elder sister.

Hopping into Jane's arms, Lanlan immediately stretched out her chubby little hand, grabbed the small bunch of beautiful hair, and looked at it curiously, wishing to put it in her mouth to see if it was sweet.

Yang Chen was somewhat helpless to this little girl who was not afraid of strangers. If it weren't for her fighting strength, he was really worried that she would be abducted. 

"She’s not adopted, she’s my biological daughter," Yang Chen didn't want to hide anything from Jane. His own woman should be qualified to know what happened.

After hearing so many things that happened yesterday, Jane got puzzled, "Miss Lin doesn't feel like such a woman. Is there anything else she was hiding?"

This was the second time he heard these words. Women would always know women well, and he started to feel more suspicious. 

However, Jane focused more on Lanlan. Looking at the charming and chubby little girl, she gave her a few hard kisses on her face, "I didn’t expect that Seventeen would even bear a child for you. If only I could give birth to such a cute little girl... She must have been very happy in her heart when she left..."

Yang Chen didn't dare to think more about what it was like when Seventeen left or else the colic in his heart would be terribly uncomfortable.

"Are there any results from the analysis? Although I know this is a bit troublesome for you, I am really desperate about this," Yang Chen smiled bitterly.

Jane said in a slightly resentful tone, "Yesterday was your Chinese New Year's Eve, but you left me here to do the experiment. You didn’t even think of sparing some time to accompany me."

"Okay, I'm not in the mood for Chinese New Year. I'll go back to Zhonghai in the afternoon. You might as well go to Zhonghai and stay for a while,” Yang Chen also knew that he didn't have enough time with the women. Although he had to deal with Lin Ruoxi as soon as possible, he knows that he shouldn't treat his other lovers too lightly.

Jane's beautiful blue eyes showed a touch of "treacherous tricks". After returning Lanlan to Yang Chen, she smiled and said, "Great, you said it, there is no specific time limit for a period of time. Uhm... maybe I should consider buying a house of my own in Zhonghai."

Yang Chen didn't know what to say as he watched the girl hopping around looking for some information.

Before long, Jane took out a stack of documents and put them in front of Yang Chen, saying, "These are the analysis of your body test data, you can take a look at it yourself."

"I don't understand it, so let's ask Teacher Jane to explain it," Yang Chen said.

"In general, there is bad news and good news, which one do you want to hear first?"

"Uh...good news? Is it still good? Let's talk about this first..." Yang Chen said in surprise.

Jane nodded earnestly, "The good news is that your physical fitness is at least three times stronger than the last time you were tested, but this was different from the previous time. Because the larger your growth base changes, the lower the probability of being strong. Your body can already be described as a metamorphosis, but it has turned over at least three times... I now doubt whether your body is the same as Clark."

"Who is Clark?"

"Clark Kent, Superman in the movies" Jane blinked.

Yang Chen’s mouth twitched, knowing that it was just a joke, "What about the bad news?"

"The bad news is actually half of the good news. I didn’t know it before, but now that I have experience cultivating myself, I can analyze it with some data. There is an incredible power in your core… It's a pity that these two forces are mutually exclusive and are currently maintained in a delicate balance. In other words, you are stronger than you were in the past, but … Your own strength is not enough to control another force in your body, so you are being restrained."