Yang Chen touched his forehead in distress, and sighed deeply, "It's about the same as what I thought, and it has been proven. But the problem is, what should I do..."

Jane smiled slightly, "As far as I know, using traditional scientific methods should be ineffective, but… Have you forgotten that you are not the only person who possesses True Yuan?"

"What do you mean?" Yang Chen was stunned.

"I mean it’s just a hypothesis," Jane propped her chin with one hand and said, "I'm wondering whether it is possible to use external forces to help you conquer or even consume that repulsive force. The only thing you can do right now is to maintain your balance, but what if you add other powers to help you? Rose and Cai Ning, aren’t they already in the Soul Forming Stage? Even if they are far inferior to you, there should be a way to influence the True Yuan in your body. And as long as the balance is broken, you have a chance to win."

Yang Chen was delighted, this was indeed possible, but he shook his head and frowned, "No, this is too dangerous, this chaos is too evil and vicious. If there is no safe solution, Rose and Ning'er will be harmed if anything happens."

"So don't worry, I still have to go to Zhonghai right? Zhiqing is quite good in cultivation as well, I plan to get some more useful information and try to find a safe method as much as possible," Jane said.

Yang Chen couldn’t think of a better way at that point, maybe Xiao Zhiqing could really help him. Initially he didn’t want too many women to know, but he had no choice but to agree first. However, he was very sure that unless they had a perfect and safe plan he wouldn’t drag the other women into this. 

After discussing with Jane, Yang Chen made a special trip to the Cai Residence. Although Cai Ning and Cai Yan were not in, as a ‘son-in-law’, he still had to do some superficial work, and it was inevitable to send some gifts.

Besides, Cai Yuncheng had also helped a lot and had been standing by Yang's side, so he should show some appreciation. 

Since Cai Yuncheng lied to Jiang Shan that both daughters were going outside to perform tasks, she had nothing else to say. After seeing Yang Chen, she asked him to persuade Cai Yuncheng and don’t let her daughters stay out all the time. Yang Chen could  only be superficial about this and brush it off politely. But he still felt a little guilty as he was the one who arranged for her two daughters to go overseas.

Originally, Cai Yan was in Zhonghai, but after she quit her job in the police station, the woman was bored, so she went to the Mediterranean to accompany her sister. In addition, she could also concentrate on her cultivation.

After being dragged by Jiang Shan and talking for some time, Yang Chen finally managed to escape and took Lanlan to fly back to Zhonghai.

Lanlan was a little disappointed at not being able to fly in the sky, and asked Yang Chen why he didn't take her to fly around like before.

Yang Chen could only show a helpless smile. He obviously knew that the plane was slow but he couldn't just use the space laws for the sake of being in a hurry. It's better to do less of these kinds of things when he isn’t able to have full control of his current condition..

On the first day of Chinese New Year, Zhonghai was still in a beaming atmosphere.

Although the temperature was low, fortunately, it was a sunny day, which relieved the pressure of people visiting relatives and friends.

This was the first Chinese New Year since Old Li and his wife moved into their new home. Now that they had a house and some money, their daughter was also doing well. Although their son-in-law was not very "pure", he was still someone who could simply buy a car that worthed a million. The old couple was confident and hoped to show their current life to the relatives that looked down on them in the past. 

As a result, Old Li and his wife and their relatives in the suburbs of Zhonghai County had a good deal earlier that they would go back to their hometown on the first day of New Year for a visit. 

Li Jingjing originally wanted to take advantage of these leisurely New Year holidays to cultivate and then gather with Xiao Zhiqing, An Xin and other women to get closer to each other, but the parents' wishes still had to be met, so she agreed to drive them back to their hometown.

The family of three went downstairs with many bags of gifts, talking and laughing, and walked to the parking garage.

Looking at the brand-new flaming red Mercedes-Benz, Mother Li said with joy, "I didn't expect our family to be able to get such things, our Jingjing is really amazing."

"What do you mean that Jingjing is amazing? That is Yang Chen’s ability", Old Li laughed while putting the gifts into the trunk of the car.

"What are you saying, a woman that finds a good man is amazing. If it wasn’t for our Jingjing’s attractive appearance, how can we catch such a good son-in-law?"

"Hehe, that's also true, but it's also fate. There are plenty of good looking girls on the street but he met our Jingjing, this is all fate…”

Li Jingjing was blushed by her parents' vernacular, although their words were indeed true, it was too explicit.

After the family put their things away, Old Li and his wife took the back seat, and Li Jingjing drove out of the community.

But as soon as they got on the road, a large black Ford SUV suddenly drove from the opposite direction, standing in the middle of the road, blocking the way.

Li Jingjing frowned slightly. After stopping the car, she honked and signaled the car to pull over, but the Ford didn't move at all.

Out of a sudden! Four sturdy men with steel bars walked out of the car in black coats. All of them wore sunglasses and looked fierce.

Li Jingjing had a bad feeling about it and hurriedly turned around and yelled to Old Li and his wife, "Father, mother! Get out of the car!" 

However, the few big men didn't give the panicked Old Li and his wife the time to get out of the car, and they rushed to the side of the car.

One of the men who took the lead laughed grimly, and the steel bars in his hand had already smashed into the brand-new Mercedes-Benz!


With a loud sound, the front cover of the car sunken, and the red paint was scraped off! 

Li Jingjing in the car immediately turned pale and was shocked, while Old Li and his wife were stunned with horrified expressions.

Immediately afterwards, the other big men waved the steel bars on their hands and unceremoniously smashed them on the roof, front cover, rear cover and door of the car.

The banging sounds were endless, as if it was about to shatter their eardrums!

At a speed visible to the naked eye, the car was smashed and began to dent, tear, and deform. A brand new car turning into a pile of scrap iron in the blink of an eye!

When the front cover of the car was lifted and the engine was destroyed, sparks exploded directly, and the thing was scrapped.

Li Jingjing’s eyes reddened unknowingly, tears swirled in her eyes and her heart was bleeding.

It wasn’t money that made her feel distressed. This was a gift from Yang Chen and she wanted to cherish it properly. But look at what happened, it’s only been two days and it's smashed by a group of barbarians. A mixed emotion of regret, grievance and anger made her body tremble. 

The windows of the car had been smashed earlier and there were glass dross everywhere in the car, and even the hands and faces of the old couple Li and his wife had been cut by the shards. 

Old Li and his wife had too many humble days in their lives. Although they were full of doubts and anger, they didn’t dare to speak out. They hugged each other for fear of being dragged out and beaten.

Li Jingjing was heartbroken and she pushed open the twisted car door. The woman's strength was not what it used to be because she had been cultivating her internal energy these days. 

"Who are you people!? Why are you smashing our car!?" Li Jingjing asked, almost screaming.

The leading black shirt man sneered, with the steel bar on his shoulders, he ridiculed, "Little girl, it’s your fault for hooking up with the wrong man and provoking the wrong woman. Our lady has spoken, if you dare to get entangled with Chief Meng again, we shall not smash your car but… touch you!”

Li Jingjing suddenly recalled that she met Meng Zhexin’s mother after work that day. that enchanting lady Zhang Ling. 

Annoyingly, she looked back at the weakened old couple in the car, and saw that there were blood stains on their faces and hands!

A feeling of humiliation made her clenched her pink fist, her eyes were glaring, and she said with absolute certainty, "You are too much, how could you hurt my parents?! Don't drag innocent people in this matter!”

"Haha! Little girl, you are so courageous! I have smashed a lot of cars over the years but it’s rare to see a little girl who has the courage to challenge me. Unfortunately...it’s useless for you to shout. My task for today is to smash the car, and I’ll get on you next time to hear you scream…”

The man smiled wickedly, and the other three attendants also grinned eerily, showing evil smiles.

Li Jingjing’s face was flushed and she hurriedly took out her mobile phone from her coat pocket to call the police.

"Yo! Are you trying to call the police? Little girl, if we are afraid of you calling the police, why would we smash your car in broad daylight!?" The big man sneered, turned around to greet the brothers, and walked slowly back to the Ford.