Although Li Jingjing had been cultivating for some time, if she was forced to make a move, she might be able to beat these brawny men even if she didn’t have any specific tricks. However, the woman had been a good girl for more than two decades, and she never thought to use violence as a solution.

Therefore, she still made the call to the police despite being ridiculed.

After connecting, she quickly explained the situation, including the car plate number of the opponent's vehicle when being asked by the police officer.

The police officer told her family to wait at the door of the house, and they would immediately send someone over.

Although the Ford car had already driven away at that point, Li Jingjing was helpless and could only wait patiently for the police to deal with it and collect evidence.

After the phone call, she hurried to the side of the car and opened the back door to let Old Li and his wife get down.

"Father, mother, are you okay?" Li Jingjing looked ashamed. After all, it was the bandits she had provoked. She really didn't know what Chief Meng and his family were working as, how did he even send someone like that?

Old Li and his wife were so scared that their faces were still pale at this time, but they indicated that there was nothing serious.

After wiping the blood on his face from the glass slag, Old Li panted and said, "Jingjing, who the hell were those people? Who did you provoke outside?"

Li Jingjing shook her head, "I don't know, let’s wait for the police to arrive and see what they get out of the investigation.”

She didn’t want her parents to know that this matter involved the leader of the Education Bureau, so as to not worry them more than they currently are.

"Hey, this is just the first day of the New Year. Honey, make a call back home and say that something urgent came up, and we can't go back..."

“Are you sure? Would they think that we were bragging before this?" Mother Li said unwillingly.

"Is this the time to worry about that? The three of us almost died just now!" Old Li said angrily, blowing his beard.

Mother Li was born in a cold sweat again, and hurried back upstairs to call.

As soon as his wife left, Old Li asked Li Jingjing in a whisper, "Girl, tell father that this has something to do with Yang Chen? Did his woman send those people?”

"Father, what are you thinking about? Sister Ruoxi is not someone like that! It has nothing to do with Yang Chen," Li Jingjing immediately denied, "Don't worry, I will deal with it."

"How are you going to deal with it!? You’re only working as a small member in the Education Bureau, how can you take care of things like this!? Don’t think that your father is clueless, quickly call Yang Chen, only then I shall be relieved,” Old Li said solemnly.

"Yang Chen is in Beijing. Today is the first day of the New Year, he must be very busy."

"He still can't ignore our family's affairs, right? The car was smashed, and next time we will be smashed!" Old Li said loudly.

Li Jingjing bit her lips in embarrassment. She also wanted to tell Yang Chen and complain about her grievances, but she was afraid of being misunderstood by Yang Chen about her involvement with Meng Zhexin. Besides, the Mercedes that Yang Chen had just sent was smashed within two days, she had no idea how to face him anymore.

Seeing his daughter’s struggle, Old Li warmly persuaded, “I know that you are very independent, and you don’t like to always trouble Yang Chen, but girls shouldn’t be too dominant at times. If you don’t say it now, when he finds out, he’ll only get more angry, because you didn’t trust him enough which also means that you are doubting him. Believe me, your father has set up a stall with him for more than half a year and I know his personality. He is not a petty man, that's for sure.”

Li Jingjing nodded, and aftersay, she called Yang Chen.

However, it was soon discovered that the phone could not be connected.

Li Jingjing was slightly disappointed, and said, "He switched off his phone, maybe something is going on."

Old Li showed a trace of worry, "Then you shall call again later, let’s wait for the police to arrive.”

They would naturally not know that Yang Chen was just getting on the plane at this time, and before taking off, he turned off his mobile phone obediently.

At this time, thousands of meters above the sky, sitting side by side with the chubby little girl in the first-class cabin, the father and daughter leaned back in their chairs and began to sleep soundly.

A beautiful first-class flight attendant quietly took out a camera at this time and snapped a photo of Lanlan, because the way the chubby girl was sleeping was so pleasing.

But when Yang Chen realized this, he was unhappy, and stretched out his hand at the flight attendant who took the picture, as if asking for something.

The flight attendant smiled embarrassedly, "I'm sorry to bother you sir? May I ask, what do you need?”

"Money of course, what else? You think you can just take pictures of my daughter for nothing? You even need to pay at the zoo to see orangutans and elephants, let alone my little beauty here,” Yang Chen said seriously.

The flight attendant felt awkward at the instance and secretly slandered, such a shameless man even in the first class cabin? Thank God for giving you such a cute daughter man, let alone your appearance!

But given the professionalism as a flight attendant, she shouldn’t show any dissatisfaction so she silently gave Yang Chen some fruits and snacks, just as nothing happened. Then again, she was too embarrassed to take another photo.

After smelling the delicious food, Lanlan seemed to be stimulated in some way, and soon woke up from her sleep. She ate all the food brought by the flight attendant in a jiffy and stared at the flight attendant with her watery eyes.

The flight attendant was helpless toward this irresistible innocence. Apart from being surprised by the little girl’s appetite, she was thankful that the food supply in the first-class cabin was still sufficient. She brought some more fruits and airline meals for Lanlan, and even offered her a bottle of juice.

Lanlan ate the cake happily, and asked Yang Chen with her small mouth, "Daddy, are we going to find mommy?”

Yang Chen's face stiffened while biting an orange, and he reached out and touched his daughter's head with a smile, "Mommy is unhappy after quarreling with daddy. Daddy will convince mommy after some time and you can just stay obediently then mommy will be back soon.”

“Does this mean that Lanlan can’t sleep with mommy anymore?” The chubby little girl asked with blinking eyes. 

"Of course, your mother won't even let us into the house now," Yang Chen showed a distressed expression.

Lanlan suddenly licked her pinkish little tongue, "Can Lanlan sleep with Aunt Qianni?"

Yang Chen couldn't help but smile, squeezing the child's nose, "You little traitor, you are leaving your mommy so quick huh? Do you like Aunt Qianni a lot?”

Lanlan said seriously, "Grandma once said that kids shouldn’t interfere with adult affairs. As long as one is obedient, one will have good food to eat. Aunt Qianni’s cooking is delicious!"

Yang Chen understood immediately that her feelings were developed based on Mo Qianni’s culinary skills.

What a good girl!

However, only Mo Qianni and Li Jingjing had better culinary skills among the women he had. Like how they once said, the poor kids were better in raising the family.

Originally, he was thinking about where Lanlan could live after returning to Zhonghai. Now that everything was settled, Mo Qianni could take Lanlan temporarily and when she’s at work in the morning, Minjuan would be taking care of her. 

Before returning to Zhonghai, Yang Chen had already called and asked Minjuan to pack her things and prepare to move out. After all, he and Lin Ruoxi had a quarrel at this point and things wouldn’t cool off anytime soon. It’s better for Minjuan to move out and take care of Lanlan.

In fact, if they stayed in Mo Qianni's house, it would be as though showing affection to other women under Lin Ruoxi's nose. Yang Chen felt that it was not appropriate at first, but when he thought about it again, there was nothing to avoid.

It was impossible for oneself to ignore the existence of the other women. Even if he wanted to understand why Lin Ruoxi had trouble with him, both sides should be honest with each other, there was no need to conceal anything.

A few hours later, Yang Chen got off the plane with Lanlan.

Sitting in the BMW car stored in the parking lot, Yang Chen hurried back to the Xijiao Villas. Along the way, he realized that he should contact Minjuan and Mo Qianni.

As soon as he turned on his phone, he suddenly saw several calls from Li Jingjing.

Thinking that Li Jingjing might be looking for himself for something, he quickly called back, but soon heard the notice that the phone was switched off.

Yang Chen hesitated and had a faint bad feeling. Li Jingjing was a public official, and it was reasonable to say that she would not switch off her phone during the daytime for no reason. He then looked for Old Li’s house number and called over.

As soon as the phone was connected, Yang Chen was interrupted by a loud shout from the opposite Old Li!

“Yang Chen! Where did you go!? Jingjing couldn't get through so many calls! You must find a way to save Jingjing! She was arrested by those police officers supported by that bitch!! "