A "buzz" striked through Yang Chen's mind, and he couldn’t react in time. How did Li Jingjing suddenly end up at the police station?

"Old Li, speak slowly, what's wrong?" Yang Chen frowned.

Old Li spoke intermittently, finally giving a general idea of ​​what happened.

It turned out that after Li Jingjing called the station, the police sent a few policemen over after half an hour and asked her to describe the incident once again.

After she responded truthfully, the police took her to the police station on the grounds of cooperating with the investigation.

However, she didn’t return after an hour. Old Li called her cell phone but it was switched off. Later on when they called the station, the people mentioned that they didn’t know there was such a thing, as if Li Jingjing vanished into thin air!

Yang Chen stopped listening and hung up the phone, leaving a sentence, “Don’t worry, I’ll deal with it.”

Although he was anxious to rush to the Xicheng police station, after looking at his daughter sitting in the passenger seat, he felt that it was not appropriate to break into the police station, and it would take quite some time for them to reach the place.

After thinking about it, Yang Chen dialed Li Dun's phone.

Upon Li Dun’s quick response in picking up his phone, there were all kinds of rough yells and shouts, it seemed like he was socializing and toasting with people.

"Hey! Brother Yang! What brings you to call me at this time? Xin’er was just asking me if we should go to Yang's house to visit you. I told her that it feels weird to send gifts over since we are so close to each other, why don’t you get the f**k over and have a few drinks?!”

"Cut the crap, I know you idiot too well… I am in Zhonghai and I need your help!”

Li Dun seemed to be in a tipsy state, and he hiccuped, "I'm here in Beijing drinking with my military brothers and you’re in Zhonghai? Why did you return so suddenly? Don’t you need to visit relatives?”

Yang Chen said: "One of my women was arrested by the people from Xicheng police station but they refuse to admit it. I know your National Security Bureau is on this line, and I don’t want to demolish the police station again. Do me a favor and send me a reliable person to bring her out safely!”

Others might not know, but when Yang Chen spoke to him privately, he learned that this guy was not only a special force officer, but also the youngest deputy minister of the National Security Bureau.

Due to the special nature of the National Security Bureau, apart from the fact that Li Moshen's identity as the deputy premier and Minister of the Bureau was published, the deputy minister and other senior officials’ identities were kept secret.

Li Dun immediately sobered up and said in surprise, "The Southern area is such an amazing place, who would have the courage to catch your woman in Zhonghai?"

"Cut your nonsense, hurry up and call someone,” Yang Chen was panicking.

"Don't worry, I know what to do..." Li Dun laughed a few times, hung up the phone and hurried to contact.

A few minutes later, Zhonghai Xicheng Police Station, the Chief's Office.

A man who was in his 50’s, with a slightly plump figure was sitting in a big leather chair, with a cigarette in one hand and a newspaper in the other. It was the newly appointed Chief Zhao Baoguo, who was transferred over from other provinces after Cai Yan’s resignation. 

Zhao Baoguo was 57 years old this year, and would be retiring after a few more years of work. He was a veteran and well versed in the temperaments of various characters, and so he was able to overcome the complicated Zhonghai Branch.

It was the first day of the Lunar New Year, and he was not on duty as he was the Chief. But in these years, the upper management was closely monitoring everything and nothing must go wrong. Especially during the New Year, it was easy to be exploited by criminals, so not many people from the station were on leave, they could only utilize their lunch time to visit relatives.

Zhao Baoguo knew that if something happened at this time, he wouldn't be able to protect the rest of his life plans, so he stayed peacefully in the bureau. In fact, there wasn’t anything much for him to do. 

At this time, a knocking sound came from the office door.

"Come in", Zhao Baoguo put down the newspaper and flicked the ashes off the cigarette butt.

Entering the door was a mature man in a police uniform, looking in his early thirties, with short hair, clean beard, broad forehead, piercing eyebrows, and a dignified appearance.

"Oh, Deputy Chief Jiang, you are here for work too? Happy Chinese New Year to you, what’s the matter?”

Zhao Baoguo greeted him first with a smile, and the information about this young police officer flashed through his mind.

Jiang Xiaobai, a native of Eastern Province, thirty-two years old and had served as the Deputy Chief of the Zhonghai Xicheng Police Station for three years. He was young and promising and he would most probably take over the Chief position after two or three more years. 

Not everyone had a general father with real power like Cai Yan, and she was the daughter of one of Beijing's second-line families. Jiang Xiaobai, who managed to reach wherever he could without any outstanding background was nothing easy, he did have his own abilities.

After being dispatched back to Zhonghai, Zhao Baoguo didn't have much contact with Jiang Xiaobai. He only knew that Jiang Xiaobai was a low-key person, he usually handled some civilian work in the police station, and had a very harmonious relationship with his colleagues. 

Jiang Xiaobai smiled gently, "Chief Zhao, I want to ask if a young lady named ‘Li Jingjing' was arrested in the bureau. She is a member of the Higher Education Division of the China Education Bureau."

Zhao Baoguo frowned slightly, lowered his head and took a mouthful of cigarettes, and flicked the soot, then said, "Xiao Bai, I shall call you this way to sound more friendly. Why do you suddenly ask about such a thing?"

"Director Zhao, I received a phone call saying that after such a lady was dragged into the bureau, there was no news of her arrest. I want to confirm whether this is groundless. Chief Zhao, I suppose you are well aware that what our police station needs is transparency and openness, rather than doing some illegal activities under the table."

Zhao Baoguo's face sank slightly. Li Jingjing's matter was indeed instigated by him, but the person who entrusted him had too much backing. He had to take it for consideration in his later years...

A clerk from an education bureau in the district was nothing compared to the family and origin the other party was. Let alone let him "train" this woman for a few days, even if they secretly killed her, the police dared not take them, the most they could do was just to negotiate some terms with the upper management.

"Xiaobai, did you receive a call from the masses who made false reports? You are still young, and it is good to have a hardworking and motivated mind. In another two more years, I shall retire and the seat of the Chief will be yours. Young man, you must learn forbearance and not to entangle yourself into something you aren’t supposed to be in. It is obvious that you are being used as a gun by others, so just ignore them," Zhao Baoguo pinched the cigarette butt off, waved his other hand, indicating that Jiang Xiaobai could go out.

There was a trace of hesitation on Jiang Xiaobai's face, he stood still and kept quiet.

Zhao Baoguo thought he was afraid of him, and he smiled slightly. His experience told him that the young people in such institutions at the moment would shrink back when it comes to their future.

But he guessed it wrong this time. Jiang Xiaobai was just not sure whether Zhao Baoguo arrested this person or not. If he didn't arrest her, it would be less worthwhile for him to reveal his true identity this time to force Zhao Baoguo to tell the truth. .

But thinking about it, Jiang Xiaobai still silently took out a black leather cover identity card from his jacket pocket, and slowly placed it on Zhao Baoguo's desk.

"Chief, there must be an answer to the death order, I think...you should tell me the truth," Jiang Xiaobai still smiled shyly.

Zhao Baoguo couldn't react at once, and lightly picked up the black notebook, his presbyopic eyes widened while looking at it in disbelief.

One hand tremblingly took the reading glasses and put them on himself, Zhao Baoguo then managed to see clearly, this was indeed an identity card that he had not seen for many years...

The National Security Bureau?!

Reading through the contents, it was Jiang Xiaobai's photo and identity...

Zhao Baoguo then realized, no wonder this young man was so low-key but got into the position of Deputy Chief, he was actually an undercover figure inserted in the Zhonghai Police Team!?

In fact, Zhao Baoguo also underestimated Jiang Xiaobai. As one of the confidants of the Li Family in the South, Jiang Xiaobai could mobilize the armed police and special forces stationed in Zhonghai at any time. He had both military and police ranks, which was much more overbearing than the Chief, Zhao Baoguo!

Before Zhao Baoguo came to his senses, Jiang Xiaobai had already kept away his credentials and asked with a smile, "Chief, are my credentials okay?"

"Yes… of course. I won’t deny it even if I am blind..." Zhao Baoguo grinned.

"Then, may I ask, has Miss Li Jingjing been arrested?"

Zhao Baoguo was grateful that he was sitting on a chair, otherwise he would fall to the ground. Fortunately, he didn't have a bad attitude. He wiped away his sweat and smiled stiffly, "Xiao Bai... oh no , Deputy Chief Jiang, this woman was caught, but... is no longer in the station."