A few minutes later, Jiang Xiaobai came out of Zhao Baoguo's office with a fatigued look, because the complexity of the matter had exceeded his expectations.

If it were some ordinary civil disputes, Jiang Xiaobai could use some of the powers given to him by the National Security Bureau and settle them quietly.

However this time... it involved a family that even the bureau had to treat with caution, the Meng family.

Jiang Xiaobai realized that this was not something he could pull off easily, and it might involve the stability of the country. He, a trusted official of the Li family, was not quite capable enough to provoke that kind of ‘giant crocodile’.

After returning to the office, Jiang Xiaobai considered his words and called Li Dun again.

"Deputy Minister, it's me".

Li Dun replied vaguely, "I know it's you, what's the matter? Is it done?"

Jiang Xiaobai said cautiously, "Vice Minister, I’ve clarified the situation earlier, this matter involves the Meng family in Central China. The woman named Li Jingjing has provoked Zhang Ling, the wife of the Director of the Environmental Protection Department of Zhonghai City, Meng Qin..."

"Huh?" Li Dun pondered on the phone for a while, and said, “ Is Meng Qin the son of Meng Kaiyuan?”

"Correct, he is the second son of Meng Kaiyuan and the second in line to the successor of the Meng family. Although his influence in the family is not as good as his elder brother Meng Que, he is still the descendant of the Meng family, and he must not be underestimated,” Jiang Xiaobai said.

Li Dun thought for a while, and suddenly asked, "Did you rescue the woman named Li Jingjing?"

"Uh..." Jiang Xiaobai hesitated, "No, I heard from Chief Zhao that she got imprisoned in a detention center in the suburbs, Zhang Ling wants her to be enlightened through labor for some days..."

"What!? Detention center!? What the ****! Did the woman commit a crime? She’s not a criminal, let alone a suspect, why is she sent to the detention center!? Is he trying to throw away his job as an official!?” Young Master Li was furious on the phone.

Jiang Xiaobai was sweating coldly, "Deputy Minister please calm down, I...I'll take someone to bring Miss Li out."

Li Dun scolded angrily, "Jiang Xiaobai, you idiot! I am telling you, if something happens to this woman, even I can’t cover you! Do you know who her man is!? Listen, as long as the woman is in one piece, even if you cause the sky to collapse, nothing will happen to you! If the woman is injured even a bit, let alone you, even the goddamn Meng Family will have to suffer!”

Jiang Xiaobai was nearly shocked to death, who could possibly make the Meng family feel overwhelmed in China? Even if the four major families of Yanjing were singled out, it would be impossible to go head-to-head with the Meng family.

Unless the central authorities made up their minds, given that the No.1 Chief insisted firmly, only then the state apparatus could spend a lot of money to remove the Meng Family.

But if there were not enough benefits in return, will the No.1 Chief be so crazy to perform decisions that would affect the whole body?

In the face of the overall situation of the country, regardless of any evil and ugly things, the overall interests must be the top priority.

But Jiang Xiaobai couldn't think too much at this time. He knew that if he didn't follow the requirements of Young Master Li, he didn't have to wait for anything to happen to the Meng family and he’ll be thrown out of work.

Just as Jiang Xiaobai was about to hang up, Li Dun stopped him again, and said in a secret manner, "Before you go to the detention center, call this man on the phone, that is, the woman's friend, the one who asked me for help… It is necessary to let him know the full story. You shall go to the detention center with him and point out that you are Li Dun’s men. If anything happens, don’t worry about anything else, just stand on his side. Remember, everything else is imaginary, get the job done and you’ll be perfectly fine.”

Jiang Xiaobai was confused again, but he still wrote down the mobile phone number. 

Before he left, Jiang Xiaobai felt uneasy once again. What kind of character could make Young Master Li so concerned? He shouldn’t act weirdly as well.

That being said, he cautiously went online and after entering the National Security Bureau’s system, he entered the mobile phone number and investigated the identity of the owner.

After finding the corresponding name, he gasped in shock…


When Yang Chen sent Lanlan to the Xijiao Villas, Mo Qianni and Minjuan were already waiting.

When Mo Qianni got to know that Lin Ruoxi suddenly flew back to Zhonghai yesterday night, she had a feeling that things were not on good terms. Sure enough, Yang Chen's phone call confirmed this. She didn't expect that the couple celebrating the New Years would quarrel to such a degree.

Although he had long noticed that Huilin liked Yang Chen, she didn't expect it to happen, but she’s not bothered about it as well. It's just that Lin Ruoxi making a fuss like this doesn't match her temperament at all.

Lin Ruoxi was not the kind of woman who couldn’t bear it. She should know that if she divorces Yang Chen in front of everyone, the Yang family would be provoked and there would be many challenges if they want to get back together.

Does Lin Ruoxi really want to give up on this marriage?

Thinking of this, Mo Qianni was surprisingly not very happy, but felt very upset and worried.

When Yang Chen took Lanlan's little hand and entered the door, Mo Qianni glanced at the man complicatedly, bent over and carried Lanlan.

"Aunt Qianni, Lanlan is hungry," the chubby little girl hooked the woman's neck and said expectantly.

When Mo Qianni saw the little one, she showed a gentle smile, "Did Lanlan not have lunch?”

She had already learned that she was Yang Chen's biological daughter, and she felt more and more affectionate.

"Still hungry? You’ve eaten five portions of airline meals on the plane, if you eat again now, you’ll really turn into a fat pig, “Yang Chen pinched his daughter's face, "Go take a nap first, then eat during dinner time.”

Yang Chen greeted Min Juan and said, “Minjuan, Lanlan will be with you and Qianni for a few days.”

Minjuan had not dared to approach, and the woman asked with shame, "Mr. Yang, is this all because of me? If I had mentioned the matter earlier, would things have changed?"

Yang Chen thought to himself, how could this be so simple, yet even he couldn’t figure it out yet.

"Don't think too much about it. This is our business, just take good care of Lanlan and tell Qianni about all the expenses," Yang Chen turned to Mo Qianni and said, "You can just make some arrangements for Lanlan, this greedy little cat said that she likes to be with you so I’ll let her be”

Yang Chen took out a credit card and handed it to Mo Qianni, “There should be tens of millions in it, just deduct Lanlan’s daily expenses from here, but don’t listen to her spending some messy money. These are more than enough for delicious food and drinks and her tuition fees for the next semester. Even if we are rich, we shouldn’t spoil the child.”

Mo Qianni shook her head and refused to accept it, “I know what to do. Although I am not rich like Ruoxi, I’m still capable of raising Lanlan, keep the money.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly and said straightforwardly, “I’m not saying that you have no money, it’s just that I haven't fulfilled my responsibilities as a father ever since she was born. I hope that I can do more for her. Money is a trivial matter, don’t fight with me.”

Mo Qianni could hear the bitterness in his words. She sighed and silently accepted the credit card. Although it was a huge sum of tens of millions, money had become a trivial matter after being with him for a long time.

"I have something on so I’ll have to leave and will come back tonight," Yang Chen hadn't heard from Li Jingjing and planned to visit the police station in person.

Mo Qianni didn't ask too much, and carried Lanlan upstairs. In fact, the chubby little girl was about to sleep soundly at this time, and she hadn't forgotten about her practice.

Yang Chen went out, and as soon as he drove out of the Xijiao Villas, he received an unfamiliar call.

Upon answering, the other party was a gentle man's voice.

"Is it Mr. Yang Chen?"

"Well, who are you..." Yang Chen felt that this soft voice sounded weird.

"I am the Deputy Chief of the Xicheng Police Department Jiang Xiaobai who is entrusted by Deputy Minister Li to serve you. I want to tell you… about Miss Li Jingjing."

Jiang Xiaobai gulped, it was obviously fake if he said that he was not nervous. This was the sturdy figure who slaughtered the shortest-lived Chief Lu of the Western Police Station before!

However, there was more excitement. Jiang Xiaobai knew that if he could improve the relationship with the Young Master of the Yang Family, he would have a huge amount of capital for promotion in the future.

"Oh, it's from the Security Bureau huh? You are not really efficient, it seems, is my woman out yet?” Yang Chen only assumed that the problem had been resolved.

Jiang Xiaobai said, ashamed, "Mr. Yang, please calm down. I haven't been able to bring Miss Li out for the time being. I just found out that she was sent to the detention centre in the northern suburbs. I don't want to hide it from you and hopefully we could go there together…”