The moment Yang Chen heard the words "Labor Camp", he clenched his fist and nearly squashed his mobile phone. His face was as dark as ink, his eyes filled with murderous flare, and he spoke coldly, "Wait at the exit of the North Ring Road, I’ll drive over and you lead the way..."

Jiang Xiaobai shivered a little and immediately agreed. In fact, he was already sitting in the car, waiting for Yang Chen to summon him and he’ll speed his way there.

Yang Chen drove extremely fast. When he arrived at the intersection he mentioned, he honked and asked Jiang Xiaobai to lead the way. He kept on honking to urge him, stupefied that Jiang Xiaobai kept overtaking and speeding.

Jiang Xiaobai had always been a low profile person. This time he turned on the police siren and rushed to the labor camp, which was unprecedented. However, he had no choice but to deal with it knowing who was the person driving behind him. 

After arriving at a remote labor camp on the edge of a small town, Yang Chen got out of the car and walked towards the gate without saying a word.

Jiang Xiaobai quickly followed with his briefcase. Although he knew what Yang Chen looked like before, looking up close, there was nothing special about this man who was neither tall nor handsome.

However, the faint aura radiating from Yang Chen's body made him tremble. He had been through special training and he was well aware that people with this kind of aura were mostly full of blood on their hands.

When they arrived at the gate, two guards immediately stopped them from going.

Jiang Xiaobai was afraid of offending the man next to him, so he quickly took out his ID and said, "Chief Zhao had given a call, I'm Deputy Chief Jiang Xiaobai." 

The two guards actually didn't hear anything about it, but the ID was correct and they didn't dare to stop them further.

Yang Chen walked into the institute indifferently. Jiang Xiaobai dared not make any more noises beside him, but led him to the Director's office.

The Director of this labor camp was surnamed Zhou. Director Zhou had just received a call from Zhao Baoguo earlier, but he didn't expect Jiang Xiaobai to bring someone there so soon.

And he was just wondering why the upper management withdrew their orders for them to ‘take care’ of Li Jingjing.

He specifically asked if Zhao Baoguo would bear the responsibility, but he answered vaguely which made Director Zhou angry.

This person was brought in by Lady Meng, if he didn't handle it well, he had to be implicated. But now Zhao Baoguo said that she couldn’t be touched, neither would he help him with the responsibility, what was he supposed to do as the middleman.

Seeing Jiang Xiaobai entering the door with a strange man, Director Zhou showed a warm smile, and went forward to shake hands, "Deputy Chief Jiang, what brings you here in person?”

Jiang Xiaobai introduced Yang Chen next to him, "This is Mr.Yang, Miss Li Jingjing’s boyfriend, I’m afraid there is a misunderstanding about this time and I’m here to take Miss Li away."

Director Zhou wondered who this was, and thought nervously, it must be no ordinary person that Jiang Xiaobai could bring and it’s definitely someone he couldn't provoke. In fact, he didn’t know how Li Jingjing was being taken care of at that moment, if anything happened he would be the first person to take the blame. 

However, he thought quickly, came up with a countermeasure and smiled enthusiastically, "Sure, I’ll lead the way. My apologies, I detained her because the upper management told me to do so.”

While explaining, Director Zhou led the way to the base behind the labor camp.

When they came to an independent courtyard, under a few tall camphor trees, they finally saw Li Jingjing's figure.

But as soon as they saw her, Jiang Xiaobai and Director Zhou both showed embarrassment, and Yang Chen's expression became more and more gloomy.

A middle-aged fat woman in uniform, about forty years old, with thick arms and neck, holding a baton in her forehand, standing next to Li Jingjing arrogantly, with an unacceptable ferocious expression on her face.

In fact, Li Jingjing was not doing anything else at this time, she was actually squatting on the ground, with seven or eight large laundry tubs beside her, scrubbing the dirty clothes inside.

It was February and Zhonghai was still very cold in the morning. Even in the afternoon, the temperature was not high. Washing clothes with cold water was undoubtedly soaking your hands in ice water.

Li Jingjing was wearing a pair of green trousers for labor reform, rubbing a piece of trousers stained with soil in the cold wind. Her eyes were red and she seemed to have cried, as if dreaming about something, she didn’t even notice someone had arrived.

"What are you doing!? Dreaming about your man?! Rub harder!!" 

The woman yelled in dissatisfaction, pretending to smash the baton on Li Jingjing's back!


Director Zhou shouted with cold sweat on his forehead, rushed up and grabbed the baton from the woman's hand, and roared, "Who made you do this to the suspect!? Who ordered you!? Idiot!!

While shouting, Director Zhou hit the woman on the thigh, and schematically hinted the woman to keep quiet.

The woman grieved, isn't this what you asked me to do? But after years of working under him, she understood his words instantly and stood aggrievedly lowering her head.

Li Jingjing raised her head and saw that Yang Chen was somehow standing in front of her. He was expressionless, looking at her sullenly and there seemed to be a beating black flame in his eyes.

The woman was startled. She was surprised at first, and then felt a strong sense of shame, spreading from the bottom of her heart, grievances, pain, and tears of unwillingness made her body tremble, biting her lip without saying a word.

"What is it? Why are you quiet? I came to rescue you as soon as I returned to Zhonghai from Beijing, shouldn't you be very grateful to me?" Yang Chen asked in a low voice.

Li Jingjing didn't answer, she stood up slowly, and wiped her hands filled with soap water on her clothes, trying to get rid of the panic and tension in her heart.

She was very scared, and didn’t dare to face the man in front of her, because of her cowardice, her incompetence, and her weakness.

Because of the practice Yang Chen gave, the woman was not afraid of the cold or ordinary blows at this time, but for some reason, her body was shivering.

Jiang Xiaobai, who was on the side, asked with a stern face, "Director Zhou, what did your subordinates do!? Even if they are really suspects, they shouldn't be treated like this. This is not a reform through labor, this is abuse! Are these winter clothes!? How can one wash so many tubs of clothes!?”

"Deputy Chief, please calm down! Sir, please calm down! I didn’t know that she was so daring! I will definitely punish her hard and will not shelter her!”

Director Zhou felt ashamed and turned around to hit the woman again. He didn’t exert much force but the woman cried loudly.

Director Zhou was also a clever person. In short, he could just put all the blame onto his subordinate. As long as he himself was okay, it’s not a big deal to fire this woman and secretly pull her back under the table, who would know?

Jiang Xiaobai fiercely glared at him, then said euphemistically to Yang Chen, "Mr. Yang, since we’ve found Miss Li, let’s bring her out first. We shall plan everything later on as there are many details behind this, I’ll talk to you about it.”

However, Yang Chen ignored him and suddenly kicked the washing tub on the ground!

The washtub was broken apart, water and the clothes were on the floor, but the atmosphere remained silent.

Li Jingjing was startled, her pretty face turned pale, and she quickly took two steps backwards.

"Why don't you speak? When you were in Korea, you were bold enough to call me a 'beast', and you even claimed that you are not afraid of me, no?”

Yang Chen forced her bit by bit and had no intention to let her go.

Li Jingjing looked extremely borken, tears finally began to fall uncontrollably, and she shook her head helplessly, unable to bring herself to speak.

"Li Jingjing, what's wrong with you, why don't you even dare to look up at my eyes... Are you ashamed or are you resenting me for not protecting you?"

Yang Chen chuckled, "Did they send any masters to capture you? Did they point a gun at you? Did you forget what I taught you? Or did you not believe that I can protect you?”

Li Jingjing finally couldn't help but shake her head vigorously, "No... Brother Yang, I... I just..."

"You're just afraid. You think it's wrong to beat people and that you have to use legal means to protect yourself. You think it's natural for the police to arrest people, and you can't resist as a common man. You think that you are poor and you have to take care of your parents. You think that you are not a match against those people and you think I'm far away from you and may be unable to protect you… Do you still feel like a lost daughter of a father who opens a roadside stall and a full time mother who only stays at home?”

The aggressive words made Li Jingjing dumbfounded.

But Yang Chen didn't stop there, he suddenly took a step forward, slapped Li Jingjing's left cheek hard!