Although he didn't use much strength, he was strong enough to slap Li Jingjing hard, and immediately a red surface appeared on her fair face.

At this moment, compared to the physical pain, it was as if a cone of ice pierced into her heart, and her fragile soul was about to be broken anytime.

The woman covered half of her face, turning her head over in a bitter, angry, puzzled and painful manner, and finally clenched her teeth, meeting Yang Chen’s eyes fiercely.

But when Li Jingjing saw Yang Chen's eyes, her anger disappeared.

Because at that moment, in addition to anger, Yang Chen's eyes also had endless pity and distress.

He was the one who was in pain after hitting her...

Yang Chen ignored the astonishment of Jiang Xiaobai and others around, walked to Director Zhou, grabbed the baton, and then placed it in front of Li Jingjing.

"Hold it," Yang Chen said with an indifferent face.

Li Jingjing didn't know what it meant and stared at the man blankly.

"Hold it!!" Yang Chen's tone intensified and he shouted loudly.

Li Jingjing shivered and went to grab it immediately, for fear that Yang Chen would slap herself again.

Yang Chen pointed at the woman in uniform who was standing still afraid to move, and said, "Break the hand that she used to hit you just now.”

"Huh?" Li Jingjing was surprised and her mouth widened.

Jiang Xiaobai frowned, hesitating to persuade him.

Director Zhou and the woman on the side were in a hurry. Director Zhou hurriedly stepped forward and said with a smile, "Mr. Yang, we’ll let her go."

Yang Chen suddenly reached out and grabbed Director Zhou’s  neck and his entire body was lifted high!

In Yang Chen's hands, despite struggling in midair, Director Zhou's body was as light as a feather.

"Li Jingjing, I am telling you one more time, I'll choke this guy to death now if you don’t beat her... I will kill someone if you don’t beat someone."

Yang Chen's eyes were already murderous, and he was as though a sword was about to leave its sheath!

Jiang Xiaobai was sweating and couldn't help but step forward, "Mr. Yang, I'm afraid this is not good. If you kill someone, it will cause a lot of trouble. If the upper management traces down..."

Yang Chen turned his head and said coldly, “Do you want to die as well?"


The rest of Jiang Xiaobai's words got stuck in his throat. He could feel that the murder being mentioned was not a joke. In fact, Jiang Xiaobai didn't think that Yang Chen was someone who really takes murder seriously.

In his experience, this kind of person was the most difficult to deal with, because they don't care about the consequences. Just kill the person if he or she provoked them!

The woman was so scared that her legs and feet were weakened, she knelt down and begged, "Young master! Forgive me! I'm just a small character... I have children to raise... Forgive me! I won’t do this again!!”

Yang Chen ignored her and continued to say to Li Jingjing, “Go, either someone gets disabled or someone dies, you choose yourself.”

Li Jingjing held the baton in both hands, constantly shaking her head and hands, "Brother Yang...Don't...don't force me, you can't do this..."

At this moment, the woman, as if returning to when she was a college student, was so helpless and hesitated, referring to the man as her elder brother.

Yang Chen didn't listen at all, he slowly increased the strength in his hand, and Director Zhou gradually made a hoarse sound, as if he was about to suffocate at any time!

Jiang Xiaobai on the side was as anxious as ants on a hot pot. He didn't understand that Yang Chen had spent so much effort here to save people, yet he was still making a scene here!

Li Jingjing finally couldn't stand the oppression of this kind of soul, for fear that Director Zhou died on the spot, it seemed like she was the one who killed him.

She gritted her teeth and walked toward the woman.

At this time, the woman was anxious to stand up and run away, but even the Director was unable to move. If she stood up, she could be killed directly, how would she dare to get up?

Li Jingjing could hear her heartbeat and her heavy breathing. She raised the baton and hit the woman's right arm!

However, at the moment of hitting, she seemed weak and gentle and she didn’t actually hit the woman with any force.

Not only that, she almost closed her eyes as if she didn't dare to look.

Yang Chen suddenly threw Director Zhou to the ground!


Director Zhou screamed. Although he fell on the mud, he still felt that his bones were about to be shattered, and there was a foot next to his neck that slammed him down!

Yang Chen stepped on his neck with a cold face, and said, "Li Jingjing, you don’t seem to understand what I said. I asked you to mutilate her hand, not tickle her. If you continue to act like this, I’ll crush his neck with my feet.”

Director Zhou almost peed in his pants, and suddenly cried, “Miss!! Just hit her!! I don’t want to die!!” 

How could he still bother about anything else right now, it's justified to save his own life first.

"Why are you hesitating? You won't be the first person beaten by her, but maybe the last one. If you let her go today, she will beat people who come here in the future.She is very skilled in doing all those. Obviously in this place, god knows how many suspects she had abused, and even many of them were just people being brought here by the ‘big characters’. Evil officials are sometimes more terrifying than corrupted officials because they have no bottom line at all. In other words, they spread their anger on others, do you think she deserves your sympathy?" Yang Chen sneered.

Li Jingjing’s mind was a mess, and she was about to collapse. Seeing Director Zhou's face flushed, she finally slammed the stick and smashed it on the woman's right arm!


The woman screamed, hugging her right arm, and fell to the ground like a splash.

"My arm is broken! Ah! It hurts..."

How could such a play deceive Yang Chen? He then sneered, "She is acting, continue hitting until it breaks.”

Li Jingjing’s eyes were red, her tears rolling but she didn't bother too much and continued to hold the stick and smashed it at the woman's right arm!

Although she didn't use her internal energy, after so many elixirs and her inner cultivation strength improved, her physique was far better than that of ordinary people. In fact, it was really effortless and powerful enough to fight.

The woman tried to block her, but she got hit even more by Li Jingjing.

Within ten seconds, the woman had bruises all over her body, screaming continuously, and crying loudly.

Jiang Xiaobai was frowning, but when he looked at Yang Chen, he didn't feel any waves of expression at all.

Li Jingjing was beating her continuously, she gradually seemed to be unable to control it, and sprayed out the anger in her heart, and the strength in her hand became stronger and stronger!


A cracking sound came through, the woman's right arm was finally discounted by Li Jingjing. The woman was in extreme pain and passed out!

Li Jingjing's body stiffened, and after realizing that she had completed her task, the baton in her hand slipped instantly. Staggering and taking a step backwards, her face went pale and she broke into cold sweat, as if she couldn’t believe whatever she did just now.

Yang Chen released Director Zhou and walked slowly to the woman, holding her delicate shoulders with both hands, letting her look at herself.

Li Jingjing turned her head and looked at Yang Chen timidly. At this time, the man gave her a sense of fear and strangeness.

"Do you see it now? As long as you pick up the stick and hit her, some seemingly vicious people are actually so weak and incompetent."

Li Jingjing sobbed, speechless.

Yang Chen suddenly lowered his head, and deeply kissed the woman's thin lips that were still cold and carrying tears.

Li Jingjing opened her eyes wide, and felt the man's hot sniff, and the domineering tongue entered and stirred, making her feel a fiery affection in shame and anger.

This kind of love and affection made her cold body gradually warm up, the tremor of her body was also relieved, and her heart finally settled down.

After a deep kiss that lasted for two or three minutes, Yang Chen let go of the woman, and Li Jingjing was already flushed at this time.

Yang Chen gently stroked her messy hair with his hand, holding the woman’s beautiful face, and said in a complex and deep emotion, "Li Jingjing, being my woman is not that simple. You must learn to arm yourself, you must be more fierce than an enemy who tries to hurt you! Remember, when a person understands what real resistance is, no matter how ordinary his identity is and how small his strength is, he is no longer a humble one!"