Li Jingjing's eyes gradually brightened and glowed with brilliance, as if a door was quietly opening.

As if understanding something, the woman nodded resolutely meekly yet thoughtfully.

And Jiang Xiaobai, who was standing at the back, showed a touched expression. Looking at Yang Chen's back, as if being enlightened a little, he also put on a serious expression. 

He knew that there was a mess to clean up right now. He needed to suppress Director Zhou using his connections, seal that woman’s mouth and give an explanation to Zhao Baoguo for him to handle the Meng Family.

However, he somehow felt that this "task" was worthwhile, and that he had also benefited a lot.

After Li Jingjing finished changing her clothes, Yang Chen took the woman away from the labor camp, and told Old Li and his wife that their daughter was okay, so that they could feel relieved.

Jiang Xiaobai made a few phone calls and the matter was roughly settled. However, he knew that the Meng family’s affairs would not be resolved easily and Yang Chen obviously had the intention of investigating further, so he went back to the city with him and talked about the matter in a quiet teahouse. 

As it was still the Spring Festival, the teahouse was also deserted, and after the waiter served the tea with some dried fruits, the atmosphere calmed down.

Li Jingjing learned that this was the Deputy Chief of the police station and was sent by a friend of Yang Chen, and immediately thanked Jiang Xiaobai very seriously. Her mood had stabilized and she was sober.

Yang Chen gulped down a few sips of tea, and threw a few cashews into his mouth, completely disappearing from the hostility just now, making him look like a flat-headed common man.

This violent contrast made Jiang Xiaobai a little startled.

"Well, tell me, who did this?" Yang Chen asked.

Jiang Xiaobai glanced at Li Jingjing, sorted out his thoughts, and described the matter in general. It was basically Zhang Ling who secretly used her position in the Meng family to arrest Li Jingjing in revenge.

Li Jingjing heard the name Zhang Ling and said with shame and anger, "Isn't she the mother of Deputy Chief Meng? I have nothing to do with him, why does she believe that I seduced her son?"

Jiang Xiaobai smiled embarrassingly and said, "I am not sure about this as well. I only know that Zhang Ling is the second wife of Meng Qin, the Director of the Environmental Protection Bureau and not Meng Zhexin’s biological mother."

"A Director of the Environmental Protection Bureau won’t be enough for the National Security Bureau to expose your identity as an undercover agent. The Meng Family should have more ability than this,” Yang Chen assumed.

Jiang Xiaobai nodded, finally we are reaching this part. He looked around to make sure there were no people around, then said solemnly, "The Meng family has a long history, dating back to the Qing Dynasty. It was a gang family that branched out  from the Caoyun Gang at the time. The Meng family is now one of the largest gangs in China. The Southern China Gang’s leading family, and the boss of the gang Meng Kaiyuan, is the father of Meng Qin. Meng Qin has a brother, Meng Que, who is the second child. The gang has been fighting to enter the political industry over the years and he is their representative figure. Meng Zhexin is the second son of Meng Qin and a younger generation involved in the political industry. His wife, Zhang Ling, is also not simple, she is the head of the Golden Jade Group under the South China Gang, Zhang Yun’s daughter, so even if she married Meng Qin, her status is still over the top. From the late Qing Dynasty to the present, the Meng family has gone through several generations and has been entrenched in the four provinces of the Central Plains for more than a hundred years. Be it economically or politically, they have a huge amount of connections, so the central government dare not act rashly against them. In recent years, the chiefs have been giving them a gentle policy treatment. The Meng family also knew that they are definitely not as overbearing as our state machinery, so they have been behaving and didn’t do anything extraordinary. The largest industry that the Meng Family is involved in Central China is being taken care of well. They donated large sums of money during floods, droughts and earthquakes in recent years, and they even sent its logistics companies to deliver the materials so they have excellent reputations everywhere. I heard that Meng Kaiyuan and the military generals of the great power factions in the Central Plains are also irresistible. Because their ancestors have had friendships since the revolutionary years, and these are things that people like my level won’t know much…”

Yang Chen groaned for a moment without changing his face, "I am not too familiar with the domestic gangs. So, compared with Beijing’s Green Dragon Society and Zhonghai’s Red Thorns Society, to what extent is this South China Gang?"

Jiang Xiaobai smiled bitterly, "Mr. Yang, to be frank, they aren’t comparable with each other at all..."


"Be it the Green Dragon Society or the Red Thorns Society, they are only in the form of a gang organization. Although they have a good influence in Beijing and Zhonghai, it is only for the stability of the country that they have been allowed to dominate for a few years. It will take only a day or two to send troops to razor the residences of the main figures. But the Southern China Gang, not to mention the members being placed in the government, there are many more supported by the military representatives. The influence of the region has been intertwined, and the whole body is affected. This kind of old-style gang is not just a mob, they have strict discipline, and even the rules are much stricter than the military. If any of the main figures are being moved, the backlash caused could be local financial losses, the destruction of underground forces, the paralysis of the functions of government agencies, etc....This is a loss for the country, so...the chiefs above would not agree."

Yang Chen smiled sarcastically, "It's not that they disagree, it’s just that they are being dragged around by the Southern China Gang and no one has the courage to take up this responsibility. After all, whoever is going against the Southern China Gang will be the enemy of a large group of officials from there and there is a possibility of being killed by their secret partners."

Jiang Xiaobai said embarrassingly, "Well, no matter what, the overall situation is more important. The underground forces in the four provinces of the Central Plains will be more peaceful given the presence of the Southern China Gang."

"Bullshit! If this is to be put in ancient times, it’s called the rebellion of the Kings! They are building another nation within the nation!? It’s just a matter of time and no one has the guts to touch the tiger's whiskers," Yang Chen said with disdain.

Jiang Xiaobai wanted to argue, but he felt embarrassed and got choked on his words. Indeed, self-deception was useless. Anyone in power couldn’t stand sharing the land below their feet with others.

After sighing, Jiang Xiaobai smiled bitterly, "Mr. Yang, with all due respect, I know you are the young master of the Yang family. But, the Yang family's influence is mainly in the military, and the troops in the four provinces of the Central Plains aren’t exactly related to the Yang Family. The Yang family is indeed good among the four big families in Beijing, but even a strong dragon can’t beat the local snakes. The Meng family of the Southern China Gang is only the leader, and several others such as the Zhang family also have good influence and they won’t be afraid of the Yang Family if they work together.”

Because Yang Chen’s overseas status was not something that an ordinary National Security personnel could have access to, that’s why Jiang Xiaobai didn’t know about his other strengths. He only acknowledged him as the young master of the Yang Family.

Yang Chen obviously didn't take this seriously. In his opinion, the country didn’t want to touch the Southern China Gang purely because they didn’t want to harm themselves as well, instead of being really afraid and unwilling.

"Can you contact that… Zhang Ling? Tell the woman to bring her turtle son Meng Zhexin to my door and kowtow to Jingjing as an apology. I shall spare them if they do, otherwise, I will burn the shit out of the Meng Family!”

Yang Chen waved his hand as if he had made up his mind. 

Jiang Xiaobai almost fell off his chair on the butt. Is this really the young master of the Yang family? Or a bandit who came down from the hill!?

"Young Master Yang...this..."

“Just do as I say. What is it? Do I have to go and talk to them in person?" Yang Chen said impatiently.

Jiang Xiaobai was almost crying. This was too overbearing, how was he supposed to survive this? If he talked to the Meng Family like this, would he still come back out alive?

Thinking of Li Dun's instructions in helping Yang Chen with affairs in order to keep himself safe, Jiang Xiaobai felt that it was almost the same as "sending himself to hell".

But Yang Chen didn't want to discuss further, so he pulled Li Jingjing up and walked out. He also turned around and told Jiang Xiaobai not to forget to pay for the tea.

No matter how courageous Jiang Xiaobai was, he couldn’t really just listen to Yang Chen's words and touch the Meng Family? A hundred lives wouldn’t even be enough for him to spare.

Thinking about it, Jiang Xiaobai still took out his cell phone and dialed Li Dun's number. He didn't dare to contact his boss frequently before, but this time he was really skeptical about making decisions.

After the call was connected, there were a few sounds of a woman groaning from Li Dun’s side, but it stopped shortly. Li Dun on the other hand started cursing, "What the f***Jiang Xiaobai, are you kidding me? Are you not afraid that this call might make me… uhm, leak my masculinity!?”

Jiang Xiaobai didn't even bother to think about what the Deputy Minister was doing, and immediately reported what Yang Chen had asked to do.

This time, Li Dun became serious and said calmly, "Okay, I'll go ask for instructions, and call you when I'm done..."