When he hung up, Li Dun tossed the phone away, turned over from the bed, and started looking for his pants to put on.

On the big bed in the bedroom, Tang Xin, with disheveled clothes and flushed face, sat up with a bit of resentment on her face. She was just reaching her climax with him and they were interrupted by this ghost call.

"Honey, is it urgent?"

Li Dun apologized with a smile and stretched out his hand to pinch the soft flesh on his wife's chest, "Xin'Er, I am sorry. This matter is more difficult and I have to talk to the old man, otherwise I am worried that something will happen."

Tang Xin was from a big family after all. She nodded and graciously got up to dress her husband.

It was not easy for the young couple to come to this day, that’s why they were so affectionate towards each other. 

Because it was during the Chinese New Year, Li Dun was quite free. Initially he drank with some of his comrades on the battlefield and came back home to play with his wife, but after the call came in, he immediately lost interest. 

After getting dressed, Li Dun turned around and kissed Tang Xin, "I’ll pick you and our son up tonight before going to the Tang’s Residence. Just tell the housekeeper what to bring, there is plenty of stuff in the storeroom.”

Tang Xin nodded with a sweet smile, she used to have an intense relationship with her family because of Yan Buwen, and she was cast aside by the others.

But after marrying into the Li family, she didn’t receive the same treatment like what she did in the Tang Family. On the contrary, Li Moshen and the other elderly in the family treated them very well, not to mention Li Dun's responsiveness.

Since then, Tang Xin's status in the Tang family has also risen. She would always be proud and confident while going back to the Tang Family so of course she would be more than willing to go back. 

After Li Dun went out, he drove his military Hummer straight to the office of Li Moshen of the Security Bureau.

Although it was Chinese New Year, Li Moshen would still handle some work after the party. When he learned that Li Dun was coming to see him, the old man was a little confused. His grandson would never appear unless something was up, even when there was work, he would need to call him intentionally.

After Li Dun entered the door, without saying anything, he showed a look of panic, and shouted, "Old man! Oops! Yang Chen is going to make trouble!"

Li Moshen was sitting on an office chair with his reading glasses on. He put down the book in his hand, frowned and said, "What kind of tricks are you playing, speak properly."

"How can I calm down? This matter is going to cause havoc in the world," Li Dun said dejectedly.

“You were talking about… the kid Yang Chen?" Li Moshen raised his eyebrows and said, "Didn't he have a quarrel with Ning Guangyao’s daughter? He should be back in Zhonghai now to save the fire, what happened?”

Li Dun then realized how experienced this old man was. Sitting in the office all day yet still knowing everything, he really deserved to be the commander-in-chief of all the intelligence agents of the Li family.

It didn't take long for Li Jingjing's incident to happen. It was estimated that by the end of the night, the old man would know about it immediately.

"Initially it shouldn’t provoke him, it was because a shrew was blind and bullied his woman..."

Li Dun sighed, and briefly mentioned what happened.

Li Moshen heard from behind, he slapped the table suddenly and reprimanded, "You bastard! How bold of you! Who gave you the permission to touch the secret pile of Zhonghai!?Jiang Xiaobai was originally going to be promoted to the Standing Committee of Zhonghai, now that you got him exposed, all these years of training have gone down the drain! Do you know that!?”

Li Dun shrank his head, "What's the big deal... Just make Zhao Baoguo shut up and the rest won’t know.”

"Hmph, easy for you to say," Li Moshen cursed a few times, but didn't speak further. He squinted his eyes and said, "You didn’t report to me beforehand and started the game huh. How brave of you to let Yang Chen go up against the Meng Family.”

"Hehe, old man, you have always said that I am bold yet not smart enough, how about this trick? The Meng family is a big trouble of the central, and they are also the ally of the Ning Family. If this can make Yang Chen act for us and cripple the Meng family, we’ve always been with the Yang family, so won’t we get a share of the pie? The Meng Family is a big fish in the coal industry," Li Dun was not ashamed that his plans were exposed and said proudly.

Li Moshen laughed sarcastically, "You think you are very smart? You also know that the Meng family is involved with the Ning family, how can they get bullied by you in such an easy manner? For so many years, any leader of the past has been tolerant to the Meng family. They didn’t dare to remove this malignant tumor of China because the gains are not worth the loss. Removing gang-like families such as the Meng family will not necessarily benefit the country and the people.”

"It is not possible for two tigers to stay in the same mountain, if they continue being like this, the political lifeblood of the central government will really be gone. I don't believe that the upper management can tolerate it," Li Dun said with disdain, "It's rare that there is someone like Yang Chen who is not afraid of death and is tough enough to resolve things through violence. With him acting as a blade, cutting down that centipede Meng Family wouldn’t be too difficult.”

Li Moshen tapped on the desk lightly with his hand, as if weighing something. After thinking for a while, he suddenly got up, walked to the hanger, picked up a black coat, and walked out of the office.

"Old man, where are you going?" Li Dun wondered.

"Tell Jiang Xiaobai to play with the mud for a while but don’t get involved in the actual fight. I’ll need to go to Southern Zhonghai..." Li Mo walked without looking back.

Li Dun gulped, looking at the old man’s back and finally couldn’t help but shouted, “Let me follow along? I haven’t really seen the boss up close yet!”

Li Moshen stood still. He turned to his grandson and glanced at him, "You kid? Nah, you aren’t qualified yet…”

Li Dun was stunned and didn’t know what to say. Then again, the only ones who could directly go to the boss’s office without requesting permission, except for the high-ranking Premier Ning and the only marshal in the Yang family, he was the only one left. Even Tang Zhechen who had passed, he would not see him without good reason.

Him? Unless he was summoned, or else he would never get to see anyone...



After coming out of the teahouse, Yang Chen took Li Jingjing all the way back to the apartment building.

The journey took about 10 minutes and Li Jingjing kept quiet and lowered her head all along.

Yang Chen could see the girl's constantly changing eyes from the side, the struggling and unpredictable color, which showed her uneasy mood.

"What is it? Trying to retaliate after being slapped?" Yang Chen joked.

Li Jingjing immediately shook her head and said with a smile, "I know you are right, and it woke me up.”

"Then I will send you to the one named Zhang Ling and let you beat the woman again,” Yang Chen smiled evilly.

"No, I still don't like hitting people," Li Jingjing pursed her lips, and suddenly said with gleaming eyes, "Big Brother Yang, can I call you that from now on?”

"Huh?" Yang Chen didn't understand what it meant and grinned "I will be happier if you call me a good brother."

"No," Li Jingjing's eyes seemed strangely intoxicated, "I feel more secure by calling you Big Brother Yang.”

Yang Chen smiled helplessly while shaking his head, "Your call."

Li Jingjing happily grabbed Yang Chen's right hand and pleaded somewhat, "Big Brother Yang, I want to change my job."

Yang Chen became more confused, wondering if this woman was overly stimulated, "Why so suddenly? Are you trying to avoid Meng Zhexin? Don’t worry, he won’t be having fun for long.”

"No," Li Jingjing said seriously, "I want to be a big officer, I want to be in politics!"

Yang Chen laughed strangely, "Why do you suddenly think so?”

"I have thought about it. I have been giving you trouble, and I can't help you at all. In fact, I'm so incompetent. I feel that if I keep going like this, you will definitely dislike me and leave me," Li Jingjing said with a grudge.

"Jingjing, I never requested my woman to do anything for me," Yang Chen confessed.

"I know you may not care about this, but I have had enough of this powerless resistance and being treated with contempt. Thinking about it, I can’t do business and Sister Ruoxi and An Xin’s business is pretty much well developed. I am not as good as Sister Cai Ning and the rest in cultivation so I can only perform in politics and public relations. If I can become an official instead of a normal clerk, I can help more people, not just you, but also the other sisters. Some things are easier this way rather than using violence.”

Yang Chen nodded in understanding that Li Jingjing's learning ability is actually very strong, and that she is also a kind and gentle person. She has good qualities to go into politics, but he still persuaded her, "But you should also think that politics is no better than others. Even if you have a background, you need political achievements, and have to slowly climb to a level where you can help me, while being feared by the world. I am afraid it will take many, many years."

Li Jingjing smiled shyly and shook Yang Chen's arm. She then said softly “There’s you, Big Brother Yang. You are so powerful so there must be a way to let me go through the back door and climb to a high position in a short time! Right?"

Yang Chen finally understood why the woman had to hold his hand, she was trying to act cute.

“My dear Jingjing, don’t act cute with me in the car now. What if I couldn’t hold myself back? Besides, you are asking me to open the backdoor for you now, is this still the girl I know?” Yang Chen teased.

"You’ve seen me worse anyway, what else is there to cover up? I’ve finally thought it through as well. Why should I suffer when I have so many resources and a powerful man to rely on? That man became the Deputy Director with connections. I ain’t stupid and I graduated from a prestigious American university. My qualifications are nothing worse than the diploma he bought. All these came from my hard work and I came here step by step on my own. Why should I be looked down upon by these second generation rich kids who sit back and enjoy it?" Li Jingjing said angrily.

Yang Chen almost mistakenly thought that the person in front of him was the "Wen Tao" who was still in the Demon Realm. How could Li Jingjing become cynical like an angry young man?

But what Li Jingjing was saying was true. It was no accident that she was born in such a poor family, yet was able to enter a national key university, and relied on her work performance to enter the United States to obtain a double master's degree, and furthermore, she was also appreciated by those doctoral supervisors.

The point was that Li Jingjing didn’t rely on her beauty to win these opportunities.

As a fresh and talented girl in the academic school for more than 20 years, her sudden decision to be the most cunning politician changed her image completely!

Yang Chen began to think, relying on his own ability, in fact, there was really a way to help Li Jingjing enter the upper-class political arena in a short time.

Moreover, the Yang family was strong in the military but not political. In order to take over the Yang family, cultivating their own political power in China would also be of great benefit.

Thinking carefully, there were many ways to do it, but this must be done with the help of someone above, and Li Jingjing must also be given a certain degree of safety, and it was best if someone can guide her from the side.