Although she was rampant and vicious, she still had the consciousness to know what not to meddle with, but this time she really didn’t expect this small character to be the woman of Young Master Yang of Beijing.

In fact, if she had revealed to Meng Zhexin what she wanted to do to Li Jingjing in advance, Meng Zhexin, who knew about Yang Chen's background, would definitely stop her, but it was a pity that she was "too concealed".

After trying hard to calm down, Zhang Ling whispered, "Since Yang Chen has taken Li Jingjing away, it means that there is nothing wrong with that bitch, this matter should be over."

Jiang Xiaobai smiled privately, this woman ain’t that stupid huh, she does know the graveness of this matter.

"Ms. Zhang, Mr. Yang doesn’t plan to just let it go. He said that... unless you bring Deputy Chief Meng to his house and give Miss Li a kowtow apology, he shall…”

Zhang Ling's eyes were full of flames when she heard this and she said, "What will he do?!”

"He will turn the Meng family into flames..."

 Zhang Ling was taken aback at first, but couldn't help laughing right after.

"Oh my… Has he lost his mind or something? Did you tell him about the background of our Meng family and the Southern China Gang?!" Zhang Ling felt that Yang Chen was a fool at the moment.

In fact, Jiang Xiaobai also thought that Yang Chen was being boastful, he literally sounded like he was spitting out words from his mouth without thinking. Anyways, he still said earnestly: "I’ve told him, but Mr. Yang insists on saying this so I can only tell the truth. Ms. Zhang, I think he is just too angry, why don’t you just resolve this in a good manner? I will lead the conversation to talk with Mr Yang first and you two shall meet each other to reconcile when both of you are calm.”

"Do you think it’s possible? Hmph...I’m not really afraid of him anyways. Wait till the elders in his family tell him what kind of family he said he will burn, he naturally wouldn't dare," Zhang Ling said proudly, "It's the Chinese New Year, I will give him a few red envelopes at most. It’s just the Yang Family of Beijing, Liang Shengchuan of the Liang Family was going to rebel and no one will tolerate him. Our Meng family abides by the law and spends a lot of money for the country every year. What can he do to us?”

Jiang Xiaobai also knew that the Liang family couldn’t be compared with the Meng family. After all, the nature and composition of the personnel were different. But now, he just wanted to prevent conflicts from erupting as much as possible, at least before the upper management gave orders.

Zhang Ling's words were also very clear. If Yang Chen was willing to accept the gift, she would send someone and provide a considerable amount. If he didn’t accept it, then she was not afraid as well, she didn’t believe that he would touch her.

She was not stupid because she knew that if she repeats what Yang Chen said, even if the elders blame her, they would still protect her for the sake of the family’s dignity.

Of course, she wasn’t smart enough to know about Yang Chen’s complete background, she just thought about it subjectively.

After Jiang Xiaobai finished the call, he hesitated tif he should explain to Yang Chen and it was at that moment, his personal mobile phone rang.

Jiang Xiaobai saw that it was Li Dun's call. He carefully confirmed that there was no one outside the office before picking it up.

"Deputy Minister, are there new orders given?”

Li Dun pretended to cough a few times before saying, "Our old man has said that you shouldn’t favor any party, but don't offend any of them as well. If something happens, you don't need to stay behind the shadows, just mobilize the local armed police and special personnel to protect the people’s property and personal safety at the first time, don’t make a big mess and don’t involve any innocent people..."

"This..." Jiang Xiaobai was dumbfounded in his brain and asked, "Does that mean we are touching the Meng Family?”

"Nonsense! The chief asked you to wait and observe, what do you mean by touching the Meng Family?”

Jiang Xiaobai was about to cry. He didn't know how to execute such an ambiguous order. He did so. Didn’t it mean offending both sides at the same time?

But the military order was as heavy as a mountain, so he had to obey it and respectfully comply with it.

That being said, Jiang Xiaobai arranged his thoughts before calling Yang Chen.

In Mo Qianni's house, Wang Ma and Xiao Zhiqing had also arrived. Xiao Zhiqing heard that Lanlan was back, so she actually bought a PS3 directly from overseas and brought it back to play games with her.

This was the first time that Lanlan had come into contact with this kind of game console, watching the dazzling picture, her eyes widened, showing great interest. 

Perhaps it was because of all kinds of knowledge about computers, Xiao Zhiqing was also good at games and immediately shared a hobby with the chubby little girl.

Lanlan's learning ability was very strong. As long as Xiao Zhiqing said it once, she would immediately remember it. Soon, the two began to play a fighting game, shouting constantly while fighting back and forth.

Yang Chen found that a person like himself who only played computer games seemed a little out of touch with the times, but he didn't have much interest in learning from women, a man’s dignity.

But seeing Xiao Zhiqing having a good time with Lanlan, he was relieved. Originally, he thought Lanlan would be depressed and crying because of Lin Ruoxi’s departure, but there was a woman like Xiao Zhiqing who can play with children, it seemed that it would be easier to take care of the child.

Wang Ma was used to her own daughter being addicted to games and smiled helplessly, she didn’t have such an interest.

She wanted to help Mo Qianni with some kitchen work, but she was quick in her work, even Minjuan was not too involved. She could cook fast and brilliantly, even Wang Ma was amazed.

In terms of housework performance, she felt that Mo Qianni was indeed a natural good wife and mother-like woman. No wonder Lin Ruoxi was under pressure to learn how to cook, but a lot of things actually depended on talent. Lin Ruoxi had a good hand in business but not housework, it had always felt like something was missing.

By the end of the night, Mo Qianni had already cooked a large table of food, not to mention the fragrance was overflowing, and it was mouth watering.

The chubby little girl couldn't wait to take her seat, and ate a spring roll in one hand.

"Yang Lanlan, how did the kindergarten teacher teach you, don't you know how to wash your hands before eating? Are you using your hands directly after touching the game console?" Xiao Zhiqing pretended to teach her.

Although Lanlan was more afraid of Lin Ruoxi, she wasn’t afraid of the other aunties. She arguably said, "Lanlan is very strong and I won’t get a bad tummy."

"How can a girl say that she is strong," Xiao Zhiqing smiled, turned around and asked Yang Chen, "Honey, would you like to drink something? I know sister Qianni has the authentic wine produced by the excellent Chateau Margaux here!"

As one of the five largest wineries in Bordeaux, France, the wine produced by Chateau Margaux was warm and delicate, elegant and pleasant, which was a rare treasure.

Yang Chen naturally had no objection, and nodded in agreement. In fact, he hadn't drank some high-end wine for a long time.

Xiao Zhiqing jumped up happily out of a sudden and ran to Mo Qianni triumphantly, "Sister Qianni, you heard that right? Honey wants to drink too, I'll go take it out."

Mo Qianni smiled helplessly, feigning complained to Yang Chen, "Qing'Er has been thinking about the crate of wine for a long time. I said that it was a collection of the Chateau Margaux brought back by a college friend from abroad which has been aged for 15 years. I’ve never let her drink it casually and now she finally gets her chance by vaing you as a condition.”

Yang Chen couldn’t help but laugh, “Isn’t it just the Chateau Margaux of fifteen years? There is something better in my castle than this, and I will let you bathe in wine someday.”

Mo Qianni's eyes lit up. She really wanted to go to Yang Chen's "home" in the Mediterranean, but she never had the time to get out due to her busy schedule. "I have your words honey, I will arrange my work someday and you’d have to bring me over.”

Yang Chen actually wanted to go back to The Forgotten Realm. Perhaps it would be safer to go abroad since he couldn’t use his cultivation base currently. Then again, Lin Ruoxi’s affairs had not been handled properly, and he didn’t want to leave yet.

Soon, Xiao Zhiqing had taken three bottles of aged wine worth tens of thousands and walked out, happily pouring the wine into the decanter and serving it for everyone.

As a woman who used to be a female scammer in the United States, she treasured all kinds of luxury goods in the world so she naturally had the palette for good wine.

With good wine and food, as well as active women and children, Yang Chen felt that this dinner was much happier than yesterday's New Year's Eve dinner, his depressed emotions also went away at that point.

Just as Yang Chen drank two sips of savory wine, Jiang Xiaobai called.

Yang Chen picked it up and asked, "What is it? Is that crazy woman going to bring that little white face to kowtow?"

Jiang Xiaobai smiled embarrassedly, "Mr. Yang, Ms. Zhang Ling said that she is willing to compensate you and Miss Li with a certain number of gifts, or red envelopes, to ask for a lucky New Year. As for kowtow, people from the Meng family can’t do it..."