"She thinks that I won’t be daring enough to burn their place right?” Yang Chen grinned and sneered.

If she were to refuse sternly and declare war on him, he would still be able to see them nicely. But, Zhang Ling actually planned to use a few red envelopes to dismiss herself, this made him feel as if it was a disdainful humiliation.

Since she knew part of his background, she should know that he was not short of money, why would he want her red envelopes?

At the dinner table, Yang Chen didn’t avoid the women’s presence, Xiao Zhiqing and Mo Qianni looked over when they heard the word ‘burn’. 

Yang Chen didn't treat them as outsiders either and mentioned everything without concealing anything. Why would he be bothered about burning a place when he already killed so many people?

Jiang Xiaobai smiled awkwardly, "I am not sure about this. After all, I am a member of the country and from my perspective, I don't want the two families to be unhappy. Although I also know that I can’t stop Mr Yang myself, I still hope that you won’t involve innocent people. Performing arson is still...inappropriate.”

"Okay, I’ll hang up now since there’s nothing else, “Yang Chen didn’t mean to consult him anyways.

Seizing the opportunity, Mo Qianni asked with concern, "Honey, is something big happening?"

Yang Chen didn't hide it, and talked about the treatment Li Jingjing had been given. The whole story made the women angry, even though she was one of their love rival suspects, she was still considered one of them, not to mention Zhang Ling's behavior was too nasty.

"Honey, are you going to burn the Meng Residence? Do you want me to help you?" Xiao Zhiqing suddenly smiled slyly.

Yang Chen was taken aback, and smiled bitterly, "Qing'Er, don't tease me, you can't cultivate, and setting fire with me won't help."

"I didn’t say that I want to burn the place with you. Do you even know where their compound is? I can use hacking technology to help you invade the databases of various parties and find all the properties of the Meng family. There are always the most symbolic old houses in every gang family like this," Xiao Zhiqing said.

Yang Chen was still thinking about how to get the information of the Meng family. He forgot that there was a computer expert around him, and he was overjoyed. He looked into Xiao Zhiqing's eyes and burst out a strange spark of evil thoughts.

Wang Ma coughed twice and frowned, "Qing'Er, you should persuade the young master not to set a fire, how can you endorse him more?”

"Mom, that’s incorrect. I won’t be able to persuade him anyways, of course I will follow the man I love,” Xiao Zhiqing said carelessly. She was not afraid of death, no matter how powerful the Meng family was, why would she care about being an arsonist accomplice?

Yang Chen felt that her words were very appetizing to him. If every woman was so "obedient", he would be much more relaxed.

After dinner, they watched TV for a while and Wang Ma cleaned up the place then went back to rest. Xiao Zhiqing promised Yang Chen to check the information of the Meng Family and said that she would go back later.

Lanlan had a lot of food so she went upstairs to take a bath and went to bed. With Minjuan with her, Yang Chen was also relieved.

Mo Qianni arranged Rose’s bedroom for Yang Chen, which contained all kinds of electronic equipment, so Xiao Zhiqing didn't need to get her laptop.

In the dead of night, there were only a few lights left in the Xijiao Villas.

In the bedroom where the faint fragrance of Rose still remained, Yang Chen sat on the big bed and watched the woman in front of the computer quickly tapping on the keyboard with her fingers, typing in instructions that he didn't understand. Gradually, something appeared, it was the website backend of the national department.

Xiao Zhiqing obviously did not do this less often and was very proficient, and it didn't take long to find a detailed report on the assets of the Meng family.

The national security department naturally needed to investigate the general situation of the Meng family frequently, so the Meng family’s property directory was also a major focus.

"Honey, this Meng family is indeed not some ordinary family, look... this whole page is densely packed, all of these are their strongholds, some of which are relatively well-known five-star hotels, resorts, and villas," Xiao Zhiqing said.

Yang Chen frowned and looked at it a few times, "Just look for the Meng family's ancestral house, where is it?"

Xiao Zhiqing looked it up for a while, pointed to a compound called "Meng Family Shrine", and said, "It's in Hanzhong City. Although the old city is not very prosperous, the houses are very dense...The surrounding area seems to be a protected area of ​​buildings in the Republic of China that has not been made public to tourists."

"It's hidden deep, and it's hard to set a fire without being noticed. THere’s a high chance that you’ll get caught before even lighting up anything,” Yang Chen pursed his lips.

Xiao Zhiqing blinked in wonder, "How could it happen? Honey, you just need to set off a Nanming Li Fire, even if they want to extinguish the fire, they can't, it’s a heavenly fire. Once the Meng family's ancestral house is burned out, use your Kui Water to extinguish it, that’s all.

Yang Chen scratched his hair in anguish, "Qing'Er, I’ve asked you over to tell you something as well.”


"I can't use any cultivation skills now," Yang Chen sounded helpless.

Xiao Zhiqing first widened her eyes in surprise, and then when she saw that Yang Chen didn't seem to be joking, she asked worriedly, "What… how did this happen?”

Yang Chen then told her his experience and current condition briefly.

"Tomorrow Jane will come to Zhonghai. She wants to ask you for some information that she finds useful. I don't want other people to know about this right away so I can only ask you and Jane to help me figure out a solution," Yang Chen said.

Xiao Zhiqing walked to Yang Chen and sat down, hugging him sideways, and kissing the man's face, "Don't worry honey, according to your statement, you just need a decisive force to break the balance. Indeed the Chaos is a combination of Yin and Yang, the messy products of the five elements, the most special ancient fierce beast. In fact, it should have been invulnerable, but because of its cruelty, the beast soul is full of violent aura, which is against the harmony of nature. As long as we can find enough spirit treasures or practices that are peaceful and stable, maybe you can suppress it. I'm not absolutely sure, but I can think of a way with Jane. We are a combination of East and West, we are invincible!”

Although knowing that she was comforting himself, how would it be so easy to find treasures that could withstand the Chaos’s spiritual aura, but he still had some hope in them.

Hugging the woman's tender body in his arms, he patted her fragrant shoulders, smiled and said, "Qing'Er baby, aren’t you afraid that you man won’t be able to protect you because he can’t use his cultivation base now?”

“Why would I? If it wasn’t for you, I would have died in a foreign land because of the cold poison. Honey, you have done enough for me, and I want to do something for you,” Xiao Zhiqing said gently.

"Really? Your tone sounded like how you spoke back in the states,” Yang Chen said with a strange smile.

Xiao Zhiqing took it seriously, and said anxiously, "I am serious, I’ve stopped doing those things long ago! Although I was a scammer before, I’ll never lie to the person I love.”

"Then I want you to do something for me now, would you?”

"What is it?" Xiao Zhiqing asked seriously.

Yang Chen pretended to cling to her ears and whispered a few words...

She heard the man's cheeky request and a red glow suddenly appeared on her beautiful face. She gave him a seductive eye roll, knowing that he was teasing her.

"Why my dear Qing’Er, don't you dare?" Yang Chen smiled evilly.

Xiao Zhiqing kept quiet but bent down silently. A bare hand was quietly stretched between Yang Chen's legs, and after feeling the bulging towering lightly, she gently and slowly pulled down the zip.

When Yang Chen saw it, he couldn't help but laugh, "Qing'Er, I was playing with you, not forcing you to do this work for me."

Xiao Zhiqing raised her head up and said with annoyance, "Too late for that I'm going to bite this bad guy off.”

That being said,  the woman bowed her head, stroked her drooping hair, and began to show her young and immature tongue skills...

Of course Xiao Zhiqing was joking, she wouldn't be willing to hurt the big guy that she loved and hated.

Yang Chen felt the warmth, moist, matte and smooth underneath, but because his capital was too strong, Xiao Zhiqing was a typical delicate beauty, she couldn't do much in-depth skills, she could only rely on some basic imitation through those scenes in the films.

Even so, Yang Chen was still quite satisfied, raising his head and letting out a comfortable sound.

He had many women around him, but due to his family education and status, he couldn’t bring himself to be completely open during these situations. Moreover, he cherished these confidantes and dared not do a lot of fancy work, such a pity.

Gradually, his huge hand held the back of Xiao Zhiqing's head, subconsciously wanting to advance into the warmth of the woman...