After Xiao Zhiqing realized something, she had no choice but to open her cherry lips, pushing her mouth to the maximum, barely letting her teeth touch that evil thing..

This feeling of being controlled by a man's dominance, Xiao Zhiqing felt shy and happy at the same time. This was probably the magic of love. If it was a man who she didn’t love enough, she would definitely be annoyed by such an action.

But at this moment, she actually had a strange sense of happiness from being bullied by a man! This made her blush.

The feeling of fulfillment, the sweetness of occupying every inch of the woman, made Yang Chen more comfortable, while Xiao Zhiqing inevitably made a small soft groan, gentle and harmonious.

Just when both of them were a little bit selfless, the bedroom door was knocked from the outside.

Yang Chen was taken aback, because he was relaxed and his divine sense was no longer there, he didn't notice anyone approaching.

"Honey, Qing’Er is..."

The woman who came in was Mo Qianni. She had finished her bath and came to confirm if Xiao Zhiqing was still here so she could lock the door.

However, when the woman opened the door without much thought, a scene greeted her, her cheeks were flushed and stood there without even finishing her words.

Yang Chen looked at Mo Qianni with a bit of embarrassment, and below, Xiao Zhiqing, who was still leaping between his legs with the huge thing in her mouth, was so tempted to just pass out immediately.

"I don't seem to have come at the right time"...

Mo Qianni's heart was throbbing, and she didn't remember whether she had done such a thing for Yang Chen.

The two had been together for quite some time, and they had done things to each other many times. There were times where it went up to the extent that they had forgotten about everything else. Maybe they had done this way before, but certainly not many times.

Mo Qianni tried to pretend not to look at Xiao Zhiqing, but she couldn't help but take a few more glances before turning around to close the door.

"Little Qianqian, where do you think you are going?" After Yang Chen came back to his consciousness, he looked at the woman's amorous purple lace semi-transparent nightdress, and said with a smirk, "What a coincidence today, you always like to say that I bully you right? Since Qing’Er is here today, it’ll be easier for you too.”

Mo Qianni and Xiao Zhiqing then realized that this bad guy actually asked them to sleep with him together. Mo Qianni had done it with Rose before, so she wasn’t too reluctant against it. But it was the first time doing it with Xiao Zhiqing and she was extremely nervous!

"Don't try to escape, look at how well Qing’Er is behaving. If you dare to escape, I will go to your room and drag you over," Yang Chen didn't give the woman any choices.

Mo Qianni thought, I ain’t afraid of you. She locked the door while blushing, anyways there won’t be thieves coming in, so why not?

She walked gently and came to the bed, looking at Xiao Zhiqing jokingly, "Qing'Er, this is challenging for you huh, your saliva is dripping on the bed.”

Xiao Zhiqing was so embarrassed that she raised her head to wipe her moist cherry lips. She gasped, "Then Sister Qianni, why don’t you teach me?"

"Well, that is a good suggestion. I think you both should come together," said Yang Chen, pulling Mo Qianni to his side with one hand. Hugging on the woman’s soft waist, he smiled and said, "Little Qianqian, Qing'Er is still waiting to see you demonstrate."

Mo Qianni looked down at the majestic big guy, her face flushed and rolled her eyes at him, “You are enjoying it huh…”

That being said, she bent down like Xiao Zhiqing... 

Both of them weren’t timid and soon began to use their strength together. When the two pink and tender tongues started serving Yang Chen, the latter naturally felt that he was about to ascend to heaven.

Xiao Zhiqing became bolder, in order to match up to Mo Qianni she also gently rubbed two key parts with her hands, and from time to time she bit with her teeth...


Yang Chen gasped, it was so comfortable. He then thought embarrassingly, he was someone who couldn’t resist the temptation. How could he give up such a life surrounded by women and be loyal to one ice lotus flower...

Women were generally selfish about feelings, and men were also selfish about physical enjoyment. One seemed noble and the other seemed vulgar, but in fact they were all the same.

That night, Yang Chen worked hard on the two women, enjoying the feeling of passion and intimacy. It was not until the latter half of the night that he took a hot bath then hugged two beauties who were already limp into sleep.

The next morning, Yang Chen took Xiao Zhiqing to the airport, and picked Jane up who arrived  in a casual outfit.

Xiao Zhiqing had already established a good friendship with Jane before, but now that Jane had formally established a relationship with Yang Chen, they got even closer. The two talked and laughed in a mix of Mandarin and English.

Yang Chen planned to let Jane live with Xiao Zhiqing during her days in Zhonghai. It wasn’t because of some evil thoughts such as thinking of trying the ‘East meets West’ kind of sleeping activity, after all Jane hadn’t even reached the Xiantian Stage, he didn’t want to break her foundation.

It's just that Xiao Zhiqing often goes to Zhonghai University, and the laboratory for Jane to use was also there so it would be more convenient for the two women to be together.

After settling down with Jane, this tireless woman immediately proposed to head to campus with Xiao Zhiqing. She was still used to going to the laboratory for brainstorming and communication. 

Wang Ma, who saved money for half of her lifetime, finally spent it and bought a big red BMW 760 for her daughter. She was really spoiling her daughter by spending 2 million without hesitating and Xiao Zhiqing drove Jane to campus happily.

That being said, Yang Chen immediately ran to his original home a little nervously, wanting to see if Lin Ruoxi had come back.

But Yang Chen was disappointed to find that only Wang Ma was at home, and Lin Ruoxi was still nowhere to be seen, no one knew how long it would take for her to return.

Shaking his head a bit sadly, Yang Chen knew that he had other things to do, so he didn't think much about it and drove to the beach.

He wasn’t looking for someone else, but Liu Mingyu's father, Liu Qingshan, his gangster father-in-law.

Since Liu Qingshan's ancestral home was in Zhonghai, he only later developed into Beijing, now that he had aged, he also wanted to come back to his birthplace. In fact, he also visited some relatives and friends near Zhonghai during the Chinese New Year.

Coupled with the fact that Xu Ying, his woman in Beijing, was dead, now Liu Qingshan and Liu Mingyu's mother were back together and were particularly at peace.

When he came to the Seaview Villa, Liu Qingshan was holding a newspaper and reading the news there, while Mother Liu was peeling oranges and watching soap operas on TV.

Seeing Yang Chen coming in, the couple was not surprised, because Yang Chen had already spoken on the phone.

Mother Liu was happily making sugar water for Yang Chen as this was considered a custom. Yang Chen said a few auspicious words, drank a bowl of sugar water, and sat down on the sofa.

"Huh, you didn’t even bring any gifts when coming to your father-in-law’s house? This son-in-law is really arrogant, no wonder you’re from such a big family," Liu Qingshan was a little unhappy, after all, this was regarded as respect for him.

"Oh, we don't lack anything in our house. There are a lot of messy things that your subordinates send. What can Yang Chen give us?" Mother Liu was cooling him off.

Yang Chen chuckled lightly, looked around, and asked, "Where’s Mingyu? Is she not here?"

“Thanks to your main lady, President Lin. How is she even that busy and had to bring a team out for inspection during Chinese New Year. Mingyu had no choice but to cooperate in the company and had to go to work these two days," Liu Qingshan said with disdain.

Yang Chen nodded uneasily, wondering if Liu Mingyu understood the situation, and whether he would be embarrassed to see Lin Ruoxi in the future.

"What are you dazing about? You called early in the morning and asked us to wait at home. Are we just going to see you daydreaming?" Liu Qingshan frowned and asked.

Yang Chen shrugged, "Of course I am here to give gifts for the Spring Festival.”

"What gift?" Liu Qingshan asked curiously.

Yang Chen smiled slightly, and uttered clearly, "Southern, China, Gang."

The newspaper in Liu Qingshan's hand shook slightly. Although it was very subtle, it was still caught by Yang Chen's eyes.

The man in his fifties raised his head, his slightly wrinkled face still had some charming demeanor. His eyes were deep as he looked into Yang Chen, with a hint of doubt in his complexity.

"Are you sure you are not joking?"

Yang Chen shook his head and said, "I don't need to drag my father-in-law back to my hometown for a joke."

Liu Qingshan coughed twice, and his eyes motioned to Mother Liu who was full of puzzled faces.

Although she was a little unhappy, it was not the first time she saw her husband's eyes. She knew that they were talking about something she was not allowed to touch, and told herself to avoid it, so she got up and walked to the second floor.

After his wife left, Liu Qingshan said solemnly, "You kid, are you saying that you are the young master of the Yang Family so that you can touch anyone as you wish? The Meng Family...ain’t a playhouse…”