"Are you afraid?" Yang Chen asked calmly.

Liu Qingshan squinted his eyes, "Your tactic is useless to me, I only believe what I know for sure. If you have a full understanding of the Meng Family and the Southern China Gang, you should know that they are not at the same level as us… My Green Dragon Society can be unified in Beijing because its state temporarily needs us to maintain order. The Red Thorns Society of Zhonghai also goes by this principle, I believe you know that. We cannibalized the forces in the Su and Jiang province and are also within the red line drawn by the country, rather than expanding randomly. But the Southern China Gang is different, they are like mini emperors, they do not rely on the state to throw a piece of meat for them to survive, but on the steel knife in their hands. They cut off a piece of territory and confronted the country to the present, forming a strange situation. Instead of calling them a gang, might as well say they are an alliance of similar interests.” 

Yang Chen reached out and took the orange on the coffee table, peeled it, and delivered it to his mouth.

"Father-in-law, you know that I have always lived by a principle of not offending people unless they’ve offended me first. If they hadn’t provoked me in the first place, I wouldn't have even known who they are. It’s just that this time the other party was crossing over the line and I am not someone who is afraid to take action. It feels annoying when your words are humiliated and ignored.”

"Why wouldt the Meng family have any beef with you for no reason?" Liu Qingshan wondered.

Yang Chen briefly said the ins and outs of the matter, “If it was your woman who got smashed in the car for no reason, and sent to the labor camp during Chinese New Year, could you let it go?”

Liu Qingshan snorted slightly, as if feeling disdain towards Yang Chen doing all these for other women. Then again, he didn’t deny that it was hard to swallow this kind of anger for those who work in the dark side.

"You don’t have to go against the entire Southern China Gang now, do you? Isn't it just a shrew?" Liu Qingshan said, "If you are wronged, you should confront the main subject involved, then you are a real man. But if you lead the rest who followed you to suffer because of one woman, then you are going against the principles and morals of the world.”

Yang Chen didn't take it too seriously, he didn't care about morality or principles, but Liu Qingshan reminded him that if he were to burn the Meng Family Ancestral Hall, it wouldn’t hurt Zhang Ling much so maybe he should just put his focus solely on that woman. 

"Father-in-law, I didn’t come here to ask for your assistance. I can handle this by myself, but I’m thinking that the Southern China Gang also wants to retain their reputation. After all, Zhang Ling is the daughter-in-law of the Meng family. It’s normal for the Meng family to help her if she gets into trouble, otherwise how can they still stand in this society? So it’s logical for me to destroy the Meng family when the time comes. But when the Meng family is destroyed, the Southern China Gang will have no leader, which  will affect the stability of the four provinces. In order to settle this mess, I hope it is someone from my family who takes over... As the saying goes, benefits should always be given to one of our own. Originally, the Red Thorns Society will have a deeper relationship with me, but now Rose is no longer managing it, so the Green Dragon Society will be a better alternative.” 

Yang Chen said with a smile, as the cake that he drew out was extremely tempting.

China would not allow Yang Chen to send his people into the country and take control of the underground world managed by the Southern China Gang. Therefore, the country would compromise only if the local underground forces take over.

The Green Dragon Society could unify the underground world of Beijing mainly because their working style was still in line with the appetite of the country's leaders, so taking over the Southern China Gang might be relatively easier.

But Liu Qingshan still felt that Yang Chen was taking it too easily, "Hey kid, you sound a little too arrogant. Do you really think that the Southern China Gang is just some cockroach that you could simply trample to death at any time?”

This old man is being so cautious, Yang Chen waved his hand and said, "Like I said, I am just letting you know so that you can get ready and send people over by then, you don’t have to fight with me.”

Liu Qingshan couldn't help but laugh, "You came to tell me about ‘the pie that fell from the sky'? This red envelope is indeed huge huh. I’ve never eaten such a huge feast throughout my life.”

“There are conditions of course, I am here today mainly because I hope to get some forbidden items through the Green Dragon Society’s channels…”

Liu Qingshan’s heart thumped and he frowned, “You mean, weapons?”

"Hey, I can’t take a lighter and burn the Meng’s Residence, can I?” Yang Chen touched his head, a little embarrassed.

In fact, Yang Chen could also ask Makedon to import some into China from foreign channels, but China's inspection process was too strict, and the management was Cai Yuncheng, one of his in-laws, it wouldn't be good for him to cause trouble.

Therefore, Liu Qingshan, who had channels in China, was the best choice.

"Don't worry, father-in-law, you should know that I am not an idiot. I’ll not do something that I ain’t confident at and I will not bring you risks," Yang Chen said again.

Liu Qingshan frowned, stood up and pondered for a while, seeming to have a headache. He picked up a pack of red pandas on the coffee table, took one out and lit it for himself.

He didn’t smoke much at home, but because the things Yang Chen brought to him were too brain-intensive, he couldn’t help but take one.

By providing weapons, their relationship would definitely get investigated no matter what. If Yang Chen could really finish the Meng Family, then the Green Dragon Society would rise, otherwise, the backlash might be huge!

He had to consider not only his family, but also thousands of brothers following him.

At least, Liu Qingshan hadn't even thought of touching the Southern China gang before. Hitting the rocks with pebbles was never a good idea.

Upon finishing his cigarette, Liu Qingshan asked with blinking eyes, "Have you told the old man in your family about this?”

Yang Chen shook his head and said without hesitation, "There’s no need for that, no one can oppose me in this. I've always been a dictator for certain things."

Liu Qingshan was stunned. This kid was too arrogant and boastful. In ancient times, he would either be a hero or a tyrant, nothing else.

However, he still favored him.

Thinking of the futurem Liu Qingshan laughed dumbly, and said, "I can only provide you the weapons but the rest is for you to handle yourself. I will not lend even one subordinate to you. If you succeed, of course I’ll be happy, but if you fail, don’t blame me for being unsympathetic. After all, I am responsible for more than just myself.”

Yang Chen was just waiting for his words. What a joke! Even if there weren't any weapons, it wasn’t too much of a problem for him. How could he, one of the gods, be incapable of dealing with a gang in China, wouldn’t it be too pathetic?

"So, what kind of weapons do you want? I can’t help you if it’s too high-end, we can’t compare with the forein countries anyway, but I can send them to any province you need.”

Yang Chen thought for a while, and a wicked smile appeared on the corner of his mouth...


Half an hour later, after talking about everything, Yang Chen returned home from Liu Qingshan’s place. Upon entering the house, he could already smell the delicious lunch. 

Mo Qianni arranged her work as far as possible so that she could control them remotely and rushed home after two meetings. Cooking for her beloved man was a more meaningful thing.

What made Yang Chen a little surprised and happy was that An Xin who he hadn't seen for a while was also there, sitting on the sofa with Lanlan and playing PS3.

Her light brown jacket was matched with a red short skirt and a purple silk scarf. The woman still looked young and charming during this chilly season.

When she saw Yang Chen entering the door, she only glanced at him and called him ‘honey’ vaguely, and immediately turned around and continued to fight Lanlan.

Yang Chen looked tangled, did he just lose his charm to a game?

"Auntie An Xin is stupid! Lanlan is going to win again!" The chubby little girl pouted her lips unhappily, and the fighting character she controlled had already knocked An Xin down.

As if her opponent was too weak, Lanlan proudly threw the remote control, "I’ll wait for Aunt Zhiqing to play again, Aunt Anxin is too stupid!"

An Xin put down the handle aggrievedly, as if losing to a kindergarten girl was very shameful, "That's because I rarely play.”

“Lanlan didn't learn it until yesterday,” the chubby little girl fired another shot at the woman.

An Xin was speechless, ran to Yang Chen griefly, grabbed his waist and said softly, "Honey, even Lanlan dislikes me now, I am so sad…”

Yang Chen knew that the woman was joking and was about to tease her, but he then saw the chubby little girl suddenly jump up from the sofa to him.

He quickly got rid of An Xin and went to catch his daughter. Although he knew that it would be fine if she fell, he still felt distressed.

"My little ancestor, how many times has daddy told you that if you can walk, don't jump. Do you think that everyone can catch you," Yang Chen said depressed.

Lanlan hugged Yang Chen's neck, and said softly, "Daddy needs to hug Lanlan first before hugging others.

Is my daughter getting jealous? Yang Chen laughed and triumphantly raised his eyebrows at An Xin, "My dear An Xin, I don't think you can get along with children. Look how much Lanlan likes me.”

An Xin clenched her teeth and thought inside, how can I compare with you,her biological father? She then smiled at Lanlan, "Little Lanlan, Aunt An Xin will take you to the playground in two days, okay?"

Lanlan immediately broke free of Yang Chen, ran to An Xin and hugged her slender legs, rubbing her chubby cheeks at them,"Aunt Anxin is really nice..."